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Top 10 Facts About Millipeds

Updated on November 11, 2013
black millipede non poisonous
black millipede non poisonous
Beautiful millipede with glazed skin
Beautiful millipede with glazed skin
Long millipede with hundreds of legs
Long millipede with hundreds of legs

Kids often get surprised to see Millipede that is very interesting creature in the world. According to fossil evidence, Millipedes were among the first animals that breathe air and travel from water to land. Pneumodesmus newmani is millipede fossil that revealed its existence almost 428 millions year ago. Now I’m going to shed light on top 10 facts about Millipedes

10. Animals with weak or no eyesight

Many studies reveal that millipedes have week eye-sight. Some millipedes have no eye-sight at all, instead they have tomosvary organs, special sensory organs, on their heads.

9. Millipedes don’t have 1000 legs

There is a common misconception among people that millipede than around 1000 legs while it is not true. Although milli means thousands and pede means legs but it doesn’t imply that this animal has 1000 legs. Normally, you can see 36 to 400 legs millipedes in the forests.

8. Millipedes have Special sex Legs “gonopods”

When a female get attracted toward male millipedes then he used gonopods to transfer spermatophore to her vulvae, which is found in the back of her second leg. If you want to differentiate between male and female millipedes then you just need to examine the body segment. You can find gonopods in the 7th segment of male body, that’s mean you may find short stump in 7th segment or there is a possibility that this segment doesn’t have no leg.

7. Millipedes have Defensive power

When they feel some danger, they normally coil their body into tight spiral. They are not very fast to hide themselves. Therefore, they coil just to protect their belly from the attack of predators.

6. Millipedes Can go for Chemical Fight

Millipedes are certainly harmless creature. They neither bite nor sting. However, it doesn’t mean that they don’t possess any strong defensive weapon. They have chemical weapon to be used for fight with their enemies. They normally secret chemical that has foul smell and taste. This chemical repels predators.

5. Male Millipedes Know how to Attract Female Millipedes

When a female millipede doesn’t like the attempt of male millipede then he uses a special plan to relax her. Either he provides her a gentle massage with his hundreds of legs or he creates some sound just to attract her. Some males also make the use of Pheromones, secretion of chemical that convey a message to mate, for arousing the interest of female partner in sex.

4. Millipedes are different from Centipedes

Sometimes, you may like to know the main difference between millipedes and centipede. So, it is good to check the legs in each segment. Millipedes have two pair of legs in each segment while centipedes have one pair of legs in each segment.

3. Colors of Millipedes

You are able to find different body colors of millipedes. Most commonly, you observe reddish, brown, or black body. The shape of body is cylindrical while head is round.

2. Millipedes walk slowly though they have hundred legs

Human can walk briskly by two legs but millipedes can’t walk quickly with their hundreds legs. They walk in a wave like motion.

1. Millipedes Need Humidity for Survival

Millipedes can survive in a place that has high amount of moisture and liquid. If you take them to a dry place then they may die in 1-2 days.


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      5 years ago

      its very scary and gross to see these kind of creatures but now that i know that they are harmless don't bite sting or anything like that im cool now buti still wont touch a millipede its very awkward to me what about you?


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