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Native American Tales and Stories

Updated on August 9, 2015

Winter's Tales around the camp fires!

The traditional culture of the Native American Indians included the telling of tales and stories by the elders while everyone sat around the Winters fires for warmth as the cold winds blew and the snow flakes flew.

Many of the oldest stories were told for centuries and remarkably are like many of the stories of the written words of religion today. For example the natives shared a story about the world being flooded and the Bible shares the story about Noah and the Flood. The Bible spoke of giants living in the lands and taking wives of the people, as did the Native tale of the giant man called Man-a-Dingo.

Stories told by the Winter fires not only entertained but they carried a message of the connection of the First People with Creator, Creation and their life upon Mother Earth where all things have a Spirit of existence. People today are now understanding our stories coincide with many Christian writings in the Bible. We have the stories of the flood, and the visit upon Mother Earth of the Son, and thousands of stories more memorized and shared and were not written for we had no reason of a written language over the thousands of years of the First People. Moreover, the tales explained the creatures and the interaction of the people with the world around them.

Even today, there are great story tellers that still share the tales as they Walk this Earth.

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The photo is of a Native American painting by pabear48: The View Reflected

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A tale from around the Campfire told by pabear48

Tid-bit to history?

The Christian Bible refers to the Giants as do many writings from around the World: “And, there were giants among the men”. Clearly, the Native American Culture was telling a story about the giants among men and the tale of the giant:

Man-a-Dingo long before the Christian Bible was written?

Man-a-Dingo: The Tale!

Many moons ago when the sweet grass had not even started to grow and few animals were upon Mother Earth there was a giant of a man the First People saw walking among the Cedars growing along the Great Mountains and no arrow could bring him down. His jet black hair flowed like a river rushing upon his back when he started to run.

This giant of a man was named by the First People as "Man-a-dingo" which translates as "man-of-blood"

Man-a-Dingo enjoyed to kill all the humans of the First People and eat their flesh and drink their blood. Many Warriors had over the hundreds and hundreds of years tried to attack and kill Man-a-Dingo with sharp arrows of stone and some of great bone.

The people said: Unless we can kill and get rid of giant Man-a-Dingo soon none of us will be left alive to walk upon Mother Earth?

A great Council was called by the First People and came the Warriors of old and renown along with the wise-men of the many tribes: And, sat they did as the Nation of One for the very first time: A tale for another time?

One Warrior known as Wind of Trees stood up and spoke first:

I think I know the way to kill and rid our selves of Man-a-Dingo but this Council will have to trust me for I must go alone but for the Spirit of Mother Earth along my side? I know every one of my brothers here would lay their life to the ground as my friend and for the Nation we have created here this very day. Nor will I share the means or discuss the way I have visioned to kill the giant we call Man-a-Dingo this very day.

All elders nodded their heads in accepting the vision of the Warrior Wind of Trees as all other Warriors raised their bows and whooped and yelled to the Great Spirit to watch over the vision of their brother Wind-of-Trees.

Wind-of-Trees left the Council and went deep into the realm of the Great Cedars along the waters of the great lake where he knew from time to time even the great giant Man-a-Dingo must go for a drink. His bow he did not bring?

Wind-of-Trees found the pathway he sought and lay down while pretending to be dead.

Soon Man-a-Dingo came along and saw the warrior lying there as still as the morning dew upon a branch and said:

Why these people are making it easier for me now I see! For I do not need to run to catch them and kill them. Now they die right on my trail no doubt from just the fear of me.

The giant Man-a-Dingo reached out a great arm and touched the still body.

Why he is still warm and fresh feeling? His heart shall be my meal this day which I shall roast upon the fires.

Man-a-Dingo reached down and picked the mans body up and slung it over his right shoulder and the mans head drooped and hung as if dead.

Into his cave Man-a-Dingo brought the body and dropped it upon the dirt floor as would one drop a rabbit for the eating close the place of the fire. But, then the giant saw his wood pile was empty and he needed to go grab some firewood to roast the heart of this dead man.

Man-a-Dingo left the cave to go for firewood.

As soon as Man-a-Dingo had left, Wind-of-Trees got up and grabbed the giant's huge skinning knife laying across a great flat rock.

Just then the giant's son came in, bending low to enter the cave he did not: For he was still small as giants go and was named Min-a-mad-do.

Immediately, Wind-of Trees held the big knife to the boys throat.

Quick, tell me, where's your father's heart? Tell me or I'll slit your throat!"

Min-a-mad-do the giant's son was scared. He said:

My father's heart is in his right heel.

Suddenly, the giant Man-a-Dingo's right foot appeared in the entrance, and Wind-of-Trees swiftly plunged the knife into the right heel and ripped upward with all the strength a Warrior has!

Man-a-Dingo screamed as the thunders scream across the mountain tops when the black skies come to feed the waters. His son, Min-a-mad-do ran from the cave and was never seen of again.

The great giant called Man-a-Dingo was dead-man wounded and knew his blood ebbed to the point of death.

You must be a great Warrior of the First People and now you think it is over? For you have killed me and soon I will be dead: Even so, I am going to keep on eating you and every human upon this world for ever more!

Wind-of-Trees said so you think that shall be? I shall make sure you never eat and roast the hearts of the people again upon your fire?

Wind-of-Trees proceeded to cut the giants body into tiny little pieces and threw them into the fire pit and lit the fire with the wood Man-a-Dingo had gathered to roast the Warrior's Heart.

When the giant's entire body was burned black into but ashes:

Wind-of-Trees scrapped all the ashes unto an animal skin and threw them into the winds of the Earth to scatter them for ever more.

In an instant: Every partial began to fly? Wings were formed and they had turned into the Mosquito! The cloud of ashes instantly became a cloud of mosquito's and Wind-of-Trees heard once more the voice of the giant this time laughing and in the wind he heard:

Yes! It is done and I shall eat the people until the end of time!

Wind-of-Trees shared this at the Council and watched as every Warrior started scratching them self.

As told by Wha-O-Chee Medicine man of the Bear Clan

We are on the internet: Annlee Cakes

Arkansas City, Kansas author Robert William Vincent - Known on the internet as pabear48

Hray-Mah! The Earth is Gone? is the latest book released by Bob. It hit the market in August of 2011 and is now moving up on the charts. Bob now has 48 book creations and we are excited about this.

Pabear48 is an Author and an Artist

His art creations are infilled with his trade-mark ability to insert and hide wonderful items in every one of his paintings.

One painting titled " The Watcher" has thousands of people painted into it for the viewer to discover. Another creation which is a Wall Mural 10 feet by 12 feet in an Arkansas City home has 475 dolphins hidden in the art work for the viewer to discover. In fact, every masterpiece has hidden objects for the viewer to discover.

Bob has been a rather private artist over the years. He is now in his sixties!

His art has been on display in government buildings, and many businesses over the years.

Once his family talked him into sending 13 works to the Ramsey County Fair in Minnesota.

His art works took the Blue Ribbons. But, none were ever offered for sale to the public! Bob felt bad he took so many of the ribbons he thought should have gone to other artists in the displays and refused from that day to put any on public display showings. Only a few selected works were allowed to hang in government buildings.

In 2009 family and friends prompted Bob to offer his art creations for public sale! This was accepted by Bob and it started the Limited Special Prints and Very Limited Museum Quality Canvas Prints. Bob worked for weeks with our art printers company as they tested each print run and it had to pass Bob's eyes and perspective as HE sees his art creations. All prints do pass his review!

In 2009 the very First Public Art Show of 17 of his paintings and new prints was on display in Arkansas City, Kansas. Today, his art is on display and for sale in numerous Arkansas City Businesses. More Art shows were in 2010 and 2011.

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Hray-Mah! The Earth is Gone?
Hray-Mah! The Earth is Gone?
Sometimes, even as Christians we need to sit back and regroup our concepts and thoughts as we walk upon this Earth. Learning each day more about Our Lord and His Simple Gospel Message. As Christians today we face so many denominations and named churches each sharing the Good News from the pulpits: Yet! We as individuals have forgotten that we individually are called to learn for ourselves with the Comforter who is the Teacher of the Word of God and that God shared through writers inspired by the Spirit to write the scriptures and stories we now accept as inspired as the Bible. Throughout the world the Bible is in every language and many translations, and yet in every single one the Precept and Concept brought forth by the Indwelling Spirit to every writer and contributor, and to all versions upon the Earth: The Holy Word is always intact. No translation can change the Concept and the Precept as it was granted by the Father through the Spirit and revealed by the Son of God, whom is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. This is scriptural truth that the Spirit watches over the Precepts and the Concepts no matter how mankind translates and puts in print the Word. That is why side by side the translations printed into a Bible have and use many variations of printed words. One may say thee and another may print you for the word thee. Remember it is only the Precept and Concept protected by the Spirit. The Hray-Mah books guide you to find, discover and understand how to read and see and hear the Precepts and thee Concepts in your personal Bible Study. Jesus opened the simple pathway to know the Father which no one can close. I am amazed when so many know the Lord's Prayer Jesus gave us all to pray: And yet, so few have ever read or heard of the special prayers Jesus gave ONLY to those following him by personal choice. Nonetheless, these prayers are in the New Testament in every translation and language in the world. And, they are not spoken of from the pulpits? Why? Go read for yourself and then enter your prayer chamber with the Creator and ask what you were simply missing and why? For we were asked to pray them when gathered in His Name. These are the end days spoken of by the Lord, and we as Christians must be prepared and send out the Trumpets Sounding. Behold! Jesus Christ is Coming! Amen and Amen The "WORD" of God first comes from hearing. When one first hears they start pondering within. Trying inside to figure is this real or unreal? The Comforter is a "FREE GIFT" that comes from one Asking the Lord into their life as Savior: For He is the Way...The doorway to the Creator. We understand no other doorway exists for a human to Talk and Know their Creator. Theology is simply the individual studying of the Word and sharing what you have studied in its ground roots form. You can do this! Be a Good Shepard and Steward of the Word. Ask and you shall receive...Seek and you shall find...Knock and the door shall be opened unto you...Amen and Amen As a Christian and the Author of the Hray-Mah series of three books I ask myself every day how does an author explain his own books? Every professing Christian should read the HRAY-MAH series of books. You will be awakened to what is The Living Word. Do you know the SEVEN PRAYERS Jesus asked His followers to pray? And, I am not referring to the Lord's Prayer given to the Apostles as an example of how to pray. Publication Date:Aug 18 2011 ISBN/EAN13:1466224363 / 9781466224360 Page Count:674 Binding Type:US Trade Paper Trim Size:6.69" x 9.61" Language:English Color:Black and White Related Categories:Bibles / God's Word / Reference
Nine Months Plus One Day
Nine Months Plus One Day
A very humorous story as told by the developing baby from with Creator unto conception and then birth. The baby reveals the answers to age old questions: Like why do pregnant moms crave certain or odd foods? Fully illustrated making it a very useful instructional tool in aiding parents with growing children who ask questions? It will bring joy, tears and laughs to all genders. It explains the "magic wall" and the development within the womb. A baby's perspective of leaving the Creator, learning all of life: And then facing death and birth! Based on a true life story! Absolutely PRO-LIFE! A perfect book to read with the little ones asking those tough questions? The illustrations aid the parent and are safe for all ages. This is the one book every parent needs as a baby reference guide and a great story. Ladies please note you will need a box of Kleenex handy?

They kept attacking?

By pabear48

Let's sit right down..Have a picnic together, and share stories written by me:

I am Pabear48 and my stories are interesting and unusual at times. So let us begin with a picnic atmosphere around the campfire as the logs burning crackle and snap in the cool of the evening around the fire.


One wonders when this war had begun? It seems like ages ago when they first arrived and the war began. My thoughts now center on the injuries sustained while fighting off the last attacks. My hands are numb and full of tiny blisters itching and causing great discomfort. My eyes water and the tear ducts are as running rivers flowing briskly down my face. Blood oozing from the injuries reminds me they shall never give up the war they began, and yet I must win the race.

It was a peaceful sun filled morning before the war began. Birds were singing and squirrels playing with acorns across the land. Gentle winds turned and twisted the leaves which glistened in the sun as the morning dew began to dry. It was a beautiful morning for a picnic down by the Old Mill Stream.

With a basket filled with the wonders of deviled eggs and roasted chicken breasts. A jar of honey for the sweet breads freshly made in the cool of the evening yesterday. Oh..How yesterday seems so far away this moment. If I would have known then: What I know now..I would have stayed in bed and let the war pass by.

The first attack was foolish and unplanned as I sat unknowingly and unaware that war was soon at hand. It's as if from a daze I was awakened and knew war was at hand. I fought immediately in hand to hand combat. However their forces began to arrive in droves and luckily for me I had brought weapons along without thinking to use them at war. I smashed their heads with a furry never seen before. My hands moved like lightning in the wind protecting me from their blows. It was impossible to stop them as my strength was failing as they unceasingly kept attacking. I killed them. They lay at my feet and yet more kept coming. No end seemed in sight.

I was bleeding but was it only my blood? Certainly the enemy's blood was upon my hand, my arms and even splattered upon my face. I felt the pains which grew as their forces moved for the forth attack. I tried standing my ground once more. Yes! I tried but lost in the end. Mosquitoes are terrible at a picnic.

You are invited to come and explore and Visit Annlee Cakes

Will the Bear get you?

As told by pabear48: original author unknown..modified by Bob

Stories are passing down of wonders, entwined with the gift of thought, care and the enjoyment of expression.

May we all find something extra extra special while we share our stories here.


Bob and Annlee


There was a man who did not believe in God.

A small man who worked the forest for a living cutting down the trees without care or thought about planting new ones, or thinking about his actions on Mother Earth.

One day, the man who did not believe in God went for a walk in the nearby woods, and as he was walking along began enjoying the loveliness of all he saw. Suddenly, out of nowhere it seems his eyes caught a very large black bear. Before the man could react the bear took out after the man.

The man who did not believe in God was running as fast as he could. But, the bear was gaining. Just as the bear stretched out his big bear paw with claws gleaming in the sun: The man who did not believe in God..Yelled out: " Oh God"?.

All of a sudden! The wind stopped and not one leaf moved. The air was still. And the bear was like frozen in time, and stopped. Whereupon, out of the stillness and silence, a voice said to the man who did not believe in God: " Yes! What is it you want? For you have never believed in me and yet you call me now." The man said to God.."No! I do not believe in you. But, since You are here, would You ask, make this bear a Christian?": Immediately, the air started to move and the leaves rustled once again and the man felt safe. The man who did not believe in God looked around to see what had happened to the great black bear. In astonishment, the man who did not believe in God watched the big black bear on his knees with his great claws and paws folded under his chin: And the man heard the bear speaking: " Thank You God for this food I am about to receive.

No Man can tell another man what to do! But, can share advice when asked?

Native Cultural Truth!

Great Bear and Fire

AS told by Wha-O-Chee

Great Bear and Fire?

It is told by our forefathers a tale of fire and the great bear that once was given the power of fire before the ones that walked upon two legs.

Now Great Bear was brown and stood as high as twenty squirrels. And, had an appetite that was unending. In the beginning Mother Nature gave Great Bear the sacred fire and told him to listen to the fire and do what fire said to do. In this Great Bear obeyed!

For you see in the beginning the world was colder than it is now and sacred fire kept the bears warm while all others chilled and felt the sting of the cold unless they wore a Great Bear robe to keep warm from the cold and to do this they hunted the Great Bear that had the power of fire. Many upon two legs did die trying to get a warm robe of the bear.

One day many moons ago it was the appetite of the Great Bear that brought about the fate of the Sacred Fire. It is said, that Great Bear had a huge fire going and it got away and started the first forest fire upon the Earth. As the fire roared Great Bear heard popping sounds coming from the black ashes as fire moved upon the ground?

Great Bear roared to all the bears and they followed him upon the ashes to discover what was making the popping sounds. They discovered roasted acorns. And, they not only smelled good to all the bears, but Great Bear said they tasted very very good.

So all the bears of the Earth followed Great Bear into the forest ashes picking up and eating the roasted acorns. As they ate and ate they were moving further and further away from the sacred fire which was their duty to keep. But, the appetite of the bears was unending and they flourished with the roasted acorns. As they gleaned the ground of acorns they moved ever deeper into the burned out forest fire upon the ground. Appetite was the fate Mother Nature forgot to consider?

Now, came the two legged creatures hunting for bear robes to keep warm in the chill of the Earth.

One warrior named Kitchegoma was at the edge of what was the forest when he heard a voice from the ground: " Feed me!"

"Feed Me!" he heard again and looked upon the ground and saw a tiny flicker of light. Kictchegoma said, " I will feed you, but I do not know what you eat nor what you are?"

" I am know as fire and I eat twigs, leaves and branches of the trees. And, if you feed me and keep me sacred to all two legged creatures I will keep you warm and teach you to cook food unending for all your tribe and clans."

Kitchegoma placed a few twigs and leaves upon the tiny little flicker upon the ground and it grew immediately and Kitchgoma felt warm for the first time of memory and without a great bear robe wrapped around. " This is a good thing", he said.

Then fire spoke once more:

I am a part of the universe and a part of the sun in the sky. I belong to all people of every color and all things upon the Earth I can destroy or give a gift of warmth and making foods taste better. I am the Sacred Fire! Upon the four winds I travel and if honored will not harm. To those who honor me with food of the cedar, tobacco and sage I shall teach them how to pray to the Great Creator of all things and shall in my smoke carry their prayers to the beginning of the Universe where they shall be heard. If you will feed me! For all things are alive and have life of their own and a Spirit within and without.

Kitchegoma lowered his head and agreed to all these things and promised all his people would honor the Sacred Fire and share of the things he has been told for all time to come. And, to this very day all tribes and the entire Nation tender the Sacred Fire with honor and respect and feed it twigs, leaves and branches and sweeten it with sage, tobacco and cedar in memory of when Great Bear lost the right of fire over a roasted acorn.

By Story Keeper: Wha-O-Chee

Come now and take your seat around the light sharing and the warmth of Sacred Fire. Share your tales and stories with all sitting around. Send your prayers into the smoke and bring knowledge to all sharing the warmth of Sacred Fire and remember the Great Bear. And, honor the Spirit of all things for they have life of their own.

Annlee Cakes
Annlee Cakes

Tale of Life !

Copy Protected by Wha-O-Chee

Tale of Life !

Four thousand score ago and the passing of many moons. We are told the tale of Life. A beginning without end.

It was Wintertime and a Warrior named "Sac-Ado" was hunting along the base of the giant Cedar trees. The air still and no sounds as his moccasins grazed the needles and touched the ground.

Now Sac-Ado was among the many braves of the First Council, and they were the wise men of the Nation who listened and seldom spoke out loud for the younger spoke quickly and those starting to grow ever more slowly. But, it was the wise ones who knew silence.

In the far distance Sac-Ado heard the distinct snapping of twigs lying on the needles which filled the top of the Earth under the giant Cedar trees. He stopped.

His eyes began searching the distance. Always watching for telltale movement. Then he saw what he saw !

There it sat. The smallest turtle you ever did see. Sac-Ado approached and sat down near this wee tiny green-brown turtle.

Both sat in silence. Sac-Ado knew turtles were special spirits from Mother Earth and animals could still speak with man at this passage of time.

Gently, Sac-Ado laid down his bow, quiver and arrows. As he did this turtle spoke. " You have laid down your arms before me, and how do you know I will not now attack for I smell the corn you carry?"

Sac-Ado grinned from ear to ear for this was the smallest turtle he had ever seen. No doubt not even the size of most noses. Sac-Ado remained silent but now watched and listened ever more close.

Turtle said: " You laugh at me ? Yet, I am what I am, and you do not know me Sac-Ado. But, I do know you! "

Sac-Ado continued to listen in silence.

Two moons passed and they still sat near to each other, and nothing was said since the last word of the turtle was heard by Sac-Ado. Except, that now and then they shared a kernel of dried corn.

The air was crisp and cool winds moved the smell of Cedar all around. This chilly air brought Sac-Ado to make a small fire with Cedar, and turtle now watched Sac-Ado as he made this circle fire.

And, turtle grinned from ear to ear.

Sac-Ado broke his silence and said: " Now you laugh at me ? And, I am a Warrior of the Nation?"

Turtle looked up...eye to eye with Sac-Ado.

" I am what I am" and " I am the giver of life!"...I have known Sac-Ado when you were still but a whisper in the wind and a thought upon your Mother's belly. You are wise and have shown me kindness with your corn and your companionship even though you needed to hunt for your family and friends. You thought me small and tiny, and yet I Am the largest of my kind. But, still you sat and honored me! Now I give thee a gift of life. In a circle of Cedar your Spirit will live forever in the tales of the Nation as the Wisest of the Warriors who honored the smallest of the Earth. And, when you find my kind passed on you shall use the shell and fill it with dried corn and it will rattle when you dance in my memory around the Circle of Cedar. This will break the silence of the cold chilly air and the winds will carry this message to all with in the Great Circle. "Life is your greatest gift and use it with Honor."

Sac-Ado smiled...stood and brought the vision back to all the Nation.

To this day....We use Turtle Shell Rattles in the Great Cedar Circle.

Copy-Protected original by Wha-O-Chee (@2012)

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This is an item you make the day before you desire to serve with a meal as a side. The salad need the overnight time in the refridge to allow all the items to meld.

Pabear48 rates this a 10 on a scale of 1-10 and 10 being the best of the best.


  1. 1/2 cup oil 1 cup sugar
  2. 1 tsp salt 1 tsp paprika
  3. CHOP:
  4. 1 medium onion 1 bell pepper and 2 stalks celery....add to marinade.
  5. DRAIN: ADD one can Le Seur Peas
  6. 1 can white shoe peg corn
  7. 1 can french cut beans
  8. 1 small jar diced pimento
  9. Refriderate over night.
  10. Marinate overnight and serve cold:
  11. Pabear made it..10 stars..yum yum:
  12. (note: Made another with added )
  13. mild yellow peppers..yummy also

The Native Indian Sacred Pipe

The Pipe

The Native American Indian pipe is one of the most mysterious things known in the World.

One could call it the God of Peace and War? Or the connection of Spirit between the realms of Life and Death?

The sacred pipe is used to link the world of everyday existence with the spirit world through prayers. During the Traditional pipe ceremony it is believed that the person praying with the pipe becomes the connection to the sacred world of manifestation below and the sacred world of above. The pipe is symbolic and is the way to achieve the connection to both Realms.

When people pray with the pipe, it is their responsibility to pray for all the people both living and those passed on. For they are all joined together in the pipe as one Spirit. The smoke is offered in a prayer of gratitude for the gifts and Wisdom we have received from the Great Grandfather.

As the smoke rises, it is intended to carry the prayers to the Great Spirit and makes the Spiritual connection.

Within the pipe is placed a personal mixture of tobacco and others things of personal choice which creates what we call Kinnikinnic. One main additive is normally Bear Berry Leaves.

So how does a pipe itself become Sacred?

First cleansed and then used in a prayer...That simple.


Read more in my new book:


© 2011 Trulee Ann


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