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Not known myths!

Updated on March 17, 2015

Dagda's harp

In Irish mythology there is a myth about a high priest the people called the Dagda.He had the most beautiful and powerful harp in all the universe.During a war an enemy tribe stole the harp/weapon of mass destruction and hid it in an abandoned palace. The Dagda summoned the harp and struck some magical harmonies . First he played the Music of Tears which made everyone in the palace cry hopelessly.Next he played the Music or Mirth which led to all the people in the palace to snicker (laugh) very hard. And Finally The Dagda played the Music of Sleep which obviously resulted in all the Sinister villains in the palace to fall into a deep sleep.The Dagda then used this opportunity to escape.

Dagda's harp

The man who turned into a snake.

Have you ever heard the phrase "You are what you eat"? Well in this native american myth there is no doubt that it is true. Two young men where hunting when the more thoughtful of the two told his optimistic friend that the Old Indians had warned that if anyone who ate the brains of a male squirrel and of a gobbler would turn into a tie-snake. the optimistic one after a long lecture from the thoughtful one about not eating those specific things had secretly ate those exact things while the other was sleeping. the thoughtful one was then awoken by the optimistic one making sounds as if in misery the new tie snake then admitted what he had done and asked if the thoughtful one would look for water the thoughtful one returned and reported the only body of water he saw was a small pond. The tie snake then requested that he would be able to talk to his mother the thoughtful one had purposed that he would summon the snake by uttering four whoops. After the snakes (human) mother had reached the pond, the pond had expanded into a large lake and at the center was the snake who had grown large stag-like horns. the snake would not reply to his friend but he laid his head on his mothers lap. the snake the disappeared in the lake and the friend and the snakes mother simply walked on home...

The founding of Rome.

There is a myth that Rome was founded by twins,a she-wolf,and a woodpecker.Romulus and Remus who where the grandchildren of the rightful king of Alba (but he was deposed by his brother,who was the great uncle of Romulus and Remus). And they were children of The roman goddess and god Vesta and Mars (Ares). Romulus and Remus's great-uncle tried to have them killed by sending a servant to abandon the babies at the flooding river Tiber. But the babies were rescued by a she-wolf and a woodpecker who fed the babies but was later raised by a swineherd.When Romulus and Remus grew up they had successfully put their grandfather back on the throne.They both later left Alba to found their own city. They had chosen different locations and wanted to decide who had a better location by counting their omens. Remus had seen 6 vultures,but Romulus had claimed to see 12 even better. in a fit of anger Remus had done something very cruel to Romulus which lead Romulus being angry and killing Remus.Romulus then buried Remus but then continued on building his city. there was one problem... there were no women in the whole city.So....The Romans stole some girls from Sabine.

Statue of Romulus and Remus being fed by the she-wolf

The bean nighe

In scottish mythology there is a figure called the bean nighe who was said to foretell the deaths of mortals (she was from the otherworld where sprites,elves,ghosts,and fairies wander). She appears as a washerwoman who cleans the bloody clothes of those fated to die.If you ask politely she will tell you the name of those who will croak. if you are even more polite you can ask her three questions but only if you answer three questions.She is said to appear extremely ugly with webbed feet one tooth and one nostril and occasionally she appears as a beautiful woman .

A picture of the bean nighe

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In conclusion there are many myths that are actually good but we chose to look into the popular ones. These myths are actually better then some of the myths I grew up hearing.


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    • GrimRascal profile image

      GrimRascal 3 years ago from Overlord's Castle

      Well now I know. They're not "not known myths" anymore. Anyway, these were so interesting.

    • profile image

      Messi 3 years ago

      These myths seemed very unusual to me. Thank you so much for showing me these myths .maybe now i can give my little children real stories they can pass on to their children.