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Oil Spill Clean Up

Updated on June 12, 2010

Natural Solutions Are Best

Millions of people around the world are fearing the worst as yet another man made disaster threatens to destroy wildlife and habitat as well as having possible long term health effects on humans.

Oil spills are becoming too common and their effects can be devastating. Millions of dollars are being wasted by people trying to come up with fancy ways to solve the problem. Yet the solution already exists and as is often the case, the natural solution is the best.

The natural solutions below are quick, easy, cheap and are ready to be implemented - so why isn't Congress acting on them???

Bioremediation With Microbes - Please help spread the word about this process!

If journalists were actually doing their jobs this would be front page news. Unfortunately news media outlets are now nothing but fronts - they all push an agenda, not the facts. We need to spread the would about bioremediation for cleaning up oil spills. Microbes can do the job faster and safer than any current technology or process. Save our oceans, wetlands and wildlife - please call your Congress Critter and ask that they put this into action NOW! Please also sign the petition at

Using Mushrooms To Save The World - Mushrooms can clean up oil spills? YES!

Simply amazing! This is a MUST WATCH video for anyone who cares about the planet. Mother Nature always has a way to heal herself. The ability to clean up oil spills naturally is something that the United States should be acting on right now!!!

Hair Mats - Don't laugh - they work!

There is another video on YouTube where these hair mats are combined with the mushroom method above but the video owner has disabled the ability to embed it on other sites. You can watch it at

Oil Spill Clean Up With Hay And Straw - Another natural solution

Hay and straw are readily available natural resources that have the potential to aid in oil spill clean ups. They are renewable resources and non-toxic. I'm sure the mushrooms could also be used to break down and purify oil residue in the hay and straw.

OttiMat - Allows for oil recovery

Seems very labor intensive but if it works...

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