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What Happened to the Good Ole Days?

Updated on April 13, 2013

What ever happened to the good ole days? As I sit here and think about what life used to be like when I was younger compared to today’s society I am asking myself what happened along the way to make this nation, and the world such a horrible place to live.

Years back people were able to get out at night and go see a movie and not be killed, raped or sodomised etc., today there is so much crime most people are afraid to go out in the evening unless you have a friend with you.

Again, I think ok there used to be more respect toward others, now day’s people will look at you, and if you say anything to them, they give you a strange look as if you are intruding on their lives or came from another planet, instead of what people back then used to do is stop talk, and be friendly and shake hands or hug one another.

People used to smile at one another and tip their hat, men would hold doors open for the ladies, there was more kindness and less fighting, people helped one another with no questions asked or donated funds and or materials etc. Not now days, people are too into themselves, their jobs, their own life and that is it. To me it seems as if people have lost the will to even be friendly to others. Now days it’s too much of a hassle to acknowledge others.

Years ago, also, people used to attend church services, not in today society; people again are too busy playing with boats, computers, water skies, flying planes, and other needless hobbies, not to mention doing other things in their lives and just have given up on Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. People in this nation and all over the world are unhappy with themselves as to what I see.

Have times changed that much to were our society has gotten mean and nasty, and don’t care for others anymore?

I look in the grocery stores, years back a pack of cigarettes were .50 now days they are almost four dollars, stamps used to be a quarter, now its .49 cents a stamp a little piece of paper with glue on them, automobiles used to be $300.00 now they are thousands of dollars. In addition, the list goes on. How come has this nation and the world gotten greedy to meet the demands of the Government or their own demands. Has satin got his grasp upon you all?

I ask myself were the simple way of life is, the folks who homesteaded to live and did chores to make ends meet instead of sitting on ipads, computers, notebooks and all the fancy gadgets.

People would also write snail mail letters, or go visit others, now day people think texting is the way to go that it pacifies others or calling them on the phone instead of seeing that person or loved one. When in reality people need to interact socially and in person or snail mail letters.

Why is our world changing? Is it changing for the better or is it changing for the worse? Life is way, way more complicated now days than it has ever been. Why? Life is supposed to be made simple to enjoy life not stress yourselves out with life.

It beats all I have ever seen. Here I am trying to go back to a simpler way of life, a simpler time. Do I have to move out of where I am now just go back to my home state, seclude myself from all of the malarkey and crap going on to simplify my own life. To cherish what I have by roughing it and living on nothing or as simple as can be.

I am a homesteader, I have learned via past generations (unheard of in todays society) in my family how to rough it, how to fend for myself without the gadgets that complicate my life and waste my money. I still do what is necessary to take myself back to homesteading; at times, here in the “Real world” it is hard because people treat you like an outcast. However, you know what. They want you to keep up with the Jones, which I hardly have any desire to do so.

Let them laugh and treat me that way. I am living the way God intended me to live. I would of never learnt by tradition of how to homestead, I eat healthier than most, I cut down and know how to reuse and repurpose items instead of throwing them away, Saving money, I know how to build things instead of acting like a wimp who is afraid to break their finger nails or get dirty. I am a homesteader, I am a farmer, and I lived the 1800 ways of life. Yet, people treat me as if I am stupid, dumb and an idiot.

What happened to the simple days of ole?


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