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Omens and superstitions of plants F

Updated on August 2, 2014

Omens and superstition F

This article will describe some omens and superstitions on plant species starting with the letter F.

You will find information on following items:



Four-leaved clover


The review of all existing pages on plant omens and superstitions is given at the end of the article.



Ferns, hung in the house will protect it from thunder and lightning.

If a fir tree be touched, withered or burned with lightning, it is a warning to the house that the master or mistress thereof will shortly die.

If one cuts or burns ferns they will bring on rain (England).

If you tread on the plant you will become confused and lose your way (England)

The spores of the fern have curative properties.

Carrying spores of ferns in your pocket will make you invisible.



Flowers planted during a new moon will bloom best.

Giving flowers to people brings good luck.

Sunflowers in the garden bring good luck.

Take a flower from a dining table with you, wipe your lips with it after you drunk wine. Give the flower to your lover for assuring his/her undying love.

Never bring flowers that have bloomed out of season in the house, they bring misfortune.

Never take a flower from a grave. The place where you will throw it away becomes haunted.

If you imagine that you can smell flowers, it is an omen of death.

Wreaths of red and white flowers hung up on Ascension Day over stable doors, safeguard

the stables against lightning. (Swabia, Germany)

Giving flowers to an ill person

Never give white flowers to an ill person; red flowers (as a symbol of blood and life) are better. Never give a bunch of the two together.

Violet flowers will show your goodwill. Yellow or orange flowers will always be appreciated by the sick person (symbol of the sun).

Never place the flowers on the bed of the sick person.

Your lucky flower according to your month of birth:

January: carnation, snowdrop

February: primrose

March: daffodil

May: lilies of the valley

June: rose

July: water lily

August: gladioli

September: asters

October: dahlia

November: chrysanthemum

December: holly

four leaved clover
four leaved clover

Four-leaved clover

It is lucky to find a four-leaved clover (Europe), especially if it be sewn inside the clothes. (Silesia)


Plucking fruits after nightfall disturbs the rest of the spirits living in the trees. (India.)

Fruits and bread are thrown into the water as a peace-offering to the Nixies (Teutonian water spirits) in Westphalia and Bohemia (Germany).

On Christmas Eve, South Slavonian and Bulgarian peasants swing an axe threateningly against a barren fruit tree. This is done thrice, and then another man intercedes. After that the frightened tree will certainly bear fruit next year.

The Malays have a similar mode of horticulture.

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      Flowers carry great powers!

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