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The Scope, Importance and Objectives of Psychology

Updated on April 2, 2012
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

Generally, the definition of psychology emphasizes the study of human behavior. This meaning can be expounded as to the scope and objectives in relation to following sequence of academic study as to understand ,describe, predict and control of certain behavioral phenomenon along the conditions and situations within a given environment.

1. It provides understanding of the behavioral actions through the cause - effect relationship in order to gain specific insight of the situation

This is a subjective analysis as to the observable relations derived from the specific cause of behavioral actions that may respond to certain degree of effect to stimuli. The reason why we study psychology is at least we learn to understand the response of an individual when expose to certain behavioral action and act accordingly in rational manner.

The psychological implication here is to know and discover the behavioral action on certain situations and conditions. Let us take as an example in the understanding the behavioral facts of the negative response of the stimuli that may deprive your human dignity and integrity.

For example, the behavioral responses on the human stimuli on conditions that deprive the esteem and self-concept such embarrassment, humiliation, indignation, disgrace and other negative feedback mechanisms. Of course you understand that the response may not be positive response to the psychological reflexes. But supposing in that situation they are smiling, laughing, , smirking, and sneering instead they are crying, weeping and other forms of negative behavior.

Beyond that line you may say they are insane but the behavioral projection to understand the reversible side of psychology to show a positive response. This is done to professional who would counter act on the insult and don’t mind at all the humiliation and embarrassmentbeing done to them. Obviously, this behavior action is a defense mechanism to sustain the human dignity and integrity.

However, there are worst scenarios beyond the rational explanation of man about those who are really mentally ill that would not respond to the sane action in the society. These are the result of psychological imbalances for the mentally ill patient. So psychology has the basis to understand a given behavioral action that can be predicted for the sanity level of the individual.

2. It describes the human behavior on given situation or condition

The human condition and situation may be described according to behavioral qualities on specific actions in the environment. These are even the examples on the importance of Psychology along the description of human behavior :

a) The descriptive measurement on the intelligence level of the individual that can be tested through psychological measurement to classify the level of intelligence particularly the students. This is to find out the mental activity and the intelligence quotient of the student.

b) The mental state and emotional stability in relation to the psychological disorders affected by the individual whether hereditary or environmental factors. Of course, the most common environmental factors are the financial problems, work-related problems, family problems, and others. This may cause stress and depression or may possibly cause major emotional problems that need the assistance of psychiatrist.

c) The physical pain and abuse as may lead to inferiority human deprivation of dignity, esteem and integrity which would result to abnormal psychological behavior. It may cause compulsive behavior, erratic behavior, anti-social behavior, split personality, psycho-maniacs and other psychological problems. The environmental situation arising the consequence of juvenile delinquency, child abuse, battered children including women, sexual experiences such as rape, sexual harassment and molestation, constant embarrassment and humiliation, and even being poor may have profound effect to the socially accepted behavior of the society.

d) The dilemma on personal vices that may lead to drug and alcoholic dependence may cause so much trouble in the society. The psychological imbalance as to the effect of constant use of drug triggers psychological hallucinations no longer in touch with the rational way to think in the environment. While alcoholic dependence may lead to psychological depression and stress, easily irritated and behaviorally irresponsive to certain standard action in the society.

3. It provides mechanism to facilitate the prediction of the behavior of individual in the cause-effect relationship as to the standard action on a given response of the individual

What is exciting in the study of psychology is the ability to predict the future events once understood by the cause-effect relationship of the behavioral action. The personal action and commitment is the best predictor to understand the future action and path in the society. Let us take the case on social stature as trying to predict the kind of human behavior that can be predicted in the society.

The social interaction of the human society can be predicted by certain behavioral action as to the psychological response of the basic needs such as education, health, clothing, shelter and other biological needs. The psychological response for those with high income group is particularly interested to study in elite schools, high class hospitals, fashioned clothing with signature brand, shopping, luxury residential houses and other secondary vices.

The high income group has the psychological tendency to be autocrat, elitist, business minded, ego-centric, materially conscious and act according to stature. Certainly, there is great effect to children pampered by wealth and fashion to follow the same psychological desires and wants. There are some instances, these might be true because of the intervening set of variables on their human experiences to be humane, humble, compassionate, loving and always share the resources to the poor.

There is usually a connection of student behavior on the ability to pass the examination, high grades, top in the class, and respected by the teachers. So this case applies the predictability of human behavior through the concept of diligence, commitment to study and learn in the class. While you can predict that those students who are frequently absent in the class, not doing the assignment, not interested in class discussion, always late in the class, and never committed to do about learning activities in the school may result to failed exams and grades, retention of class, low grades , drop out and expulsion in the school.

4. It provides the control mechanism to change the behavioral of the individual.

In this behavioral process of understanding, describing and predicting the cause-effect relationship may find solution to control the behavior as you can already predict the condition and situation. There are varied forms to study psychology to prevent certain emotional imbalances and remedy positive action to the occurrences on a given situation. Of course, we have to classify the psychological disorders whether it is hereditary or environmental in nature to provide the best way to control the behavioral occurrences.

After understanding and predicting a certain complex behavior, the next thing to know is how to control or change a given behavior from the situation being presented. From aforementioned situations and examples such as psychological disorders and treatments to other forms of insanity may now treat specific psychological disorders. It can be in form of psychological therapy and medication which is given to patient. This will reduce and control the psychological imbalances. It is in this reason that we need psychiatrist and psychologist to treat related psychological disorders that we get whether it is hereditary or environmental in nature.


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