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our solar system by Nitish

Updated on October 11, 2013

The Sun

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Solar system

Which planet rotates fast on it's orbit ?


Which planet rotates slow on it's orbit ?


Which planet is known as morning and evening star ?


which is the brightness planet of solar system ?


Which is the hottest planet of solar system ?


Which is the coldest planet fo solar system ?


The neighbor of earth ?

♦Venus and mars

Which planet is known as Red star in solar system ?


Which planet is known as sister of earth in solar system ?


Which is the beautiful planet in solar system ?


Which is the largest spotted planet in solar system ?


Which planet is known as blue planet in solar system ?


Which planet is known as sleeping planet in solar system ?


Which planets are known as twins in solar system ?

♦Earth and Venus

Which two planets rotates from east to west ?

♦Venus and Uranus

How much time takes to come the light of sun and moon on the earth ?

♦8 min and 1.25sec.

In comparison of all planet which is big and which is small in solar system ?

♦Jupiter and Mercury

Which planet are near and far from sun ?

♦Mercury and Pluto

The nearest star from earth is sun and after sun prosima century is that star, Now how much time takes to come the light of prosima century on the earth ?

♦4.5 years

Which is the brightest star of cosmos ?

♦Dog star(Cyprus)

In One calender year, How many eclipse can occur ?


In one calender year, maximum how many solar eclipse can occur ?


Which planets rotates more in solar system ?


Which planet rotates less in solar system ?


Which is said as ordinary star ?

-The sun

What is diameter of sun?

- 1,390,000 km

What is the Mass of sun?

-1.989e30 kg

What is the temperature of sun?

-5800 K (surface)

-15,600,000 K (core)

Which is said as ordinary star ?

-The Sun

What is called Sun in Greek?


What is called sun in Romans?


What is the temperature and pressure of Sun?

-15.6 million Kelvin and the pressure is 250 billion atmospheres.

What is the surface of sun is Called?


The sun

-In each second about 700,000,000 tons of hydrogen are converted to about 695,000,000 tons of helium.

-The Sun is, at present, about 70% hydrogen and 28% helium by mass everything else amounts to less than 2%.

-The Sun is by far the largest object in the solar system. It contains more than 99.8% of the total mass of the Solar System (Jupiter contains most of the rest).


-The smallest planet of our Solar System.

-The nearest planet from The Sun.

-Nearly 5 crore 76 lakhs KM. distance from Sun.

-Mercury takes 87.9 day to move around the Sun.

-The maximum temperature of Mercury is 4200 centigrate and mimimum is 1200 centigrate.

- The speed of Mercury palnet to rotate the sun is 48km/s

- The one day of Mercury is equal to 90 days of earth.


The 6th biggest planet of our Solar system, it is 10 crore 57 lakh km away from Sun.

- After Mercury Venus is the nearest planet to Sun.

-Venus takes 224.7 days to orbit the Sun.

-Venus takes 243 earth days to move on it's Axis

- The speed of Venus to rotate the Sun is 35 km/s

- The maximum temperature of Venus is 4000 centigrate.

- Venus is also known as sister of Earth.

- Venus is also known as "Evening Star" and "Morning Star" .

- Venus is also known as clone of Earth.


- The third nearest planet from the Sun.

- Earth is fifth biggest planet of our solar system.

- Earth has only one Natural satelite of Earth.

- The light of moon takes 1.3 sec. to reach on the Earth.

- Earth takes 365 days 5 hours 48 min. and 48.51sec to orbit the Sun.

- Earth takes 23 hrs 56min and 4.09 sec to rotate on it's axis.

- The time taken to move Earth on it's axis is called solar days.

- Moon takes 27 days 7 hours 43min 11.47 sec to orbit the Earth.

- The speed of Earth to orbit the sun is 30 km/s.

- The way to move around the sun is called orbit.

- When day and night is equal is called Equinox.

- on 21 March and 23 September the day and night are equal.

- 23 March is also known as winter Equinox.

- The longest day is 21 June.

- The smallest day is 22 December.

- The one and only human living planet is Earth.


- The forth Nearest planet to Sun.

- The seventh biggest planet to our Solar System.

- Mars is 22 crore and 56 lakhs km far away from sun.

- Mars takes 686.98 days to orbit the Sun.

- The speed of Mars to orbit the Sun is 24km/s.

- Mars takes 24 hrs 37min 22 sec to move on it's axis.

- Mars is also known as Red Planet.

- Mars have two Satelite called Phobos and Dimos

- The maximum temperature of Mars ground is 300 centigrate and in night it becomes 380 centigrate.


- Jupiter is the biggest Planet of Our Solar System.

- Jupiter is 77 crore 72 lakh far away from Sun.

- Jupiter takes 11.86 years to orbit the sun.

- The speed of Jupiter to orbit the sun is 13km/s.

- Jupiter takes 9 hrs 55min 30 sec to move on it's orbit.

- Jupiter is also called the king of the planet.

- jupiter ground temperature is 1800centigrate.

- The biggest satelite of Jupite is Ganimed.

- Jupiter is almost 318 times bigger than Earth.


- The second largest planet (after Jupiter) in our Solar system.

- Saturn is six place in Distance.

- Saturn is 1,62,94,00,000 km far away from Sun.

- Saturn takes 29.46 years to orbit the Sun.

- The speed of Saturn to rotate the Sun is 10km/s.

- Saturn takes 10 hrs 14 min to move on it's orbit.

- Saturn is also known as "Yellow Planet".

- Saturn biggest satelite is "Titan" and smallest is "fobe".

- Gyaliliyo has find Saturn Planet.


- The third largest Planet of our Solar System.

- The Uranus is 7 place in distance form the Sun.

- Uranus is 2,87,50,00,000km far away from Sun.

- Uranus takes 84 years to orbit the Sun.

- The speed of Uranus to orbit the Sun is 6.4km/s.

- Uranus takes 17 hrs and 14 min. to move on it's orbit.

- The color of Uranus is Green.

- Sir william hudson in 1781A.D. finded the Uranus Planet.

- The sun rises in west in Uranus Planet.

- The ground Temperature of Uranus is centigrade.


- Neptune is the farthest Planet of Our Solar System.

- Neptune is 4 Arab 49 crore 70 lakhs 70 thousand far away form Sun.

- The german johan ga has founded Neptune in 1846 A.D.

- The color of Neptune is light yellow.

- Neptune takes 164.9 years to orbit the Sun.

- The speed of Neptune Planet to Orbit the Sun is 5.6km/s.

- Neptune takes almost 16 hrs to move on it's axis.

- The ground temperature of Neptune is 1790 centigrade.


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    • profile image

      star projector steve 

      7 years ago

      This is a great collection of facts about the planets in our solar system and a useful resource for students. Very clearly presented.

    • profile image

      kizza@solar system 

      7 years ago

      This technological advance, however, may not be far away. Quantum dots are a form of nanotechnology that is being developed by numerous companies for solar system applications.

    • 2uesday profile image


      8 years ago

      Lots of information here about the planets in a well presented hub page.

    • compu-smart profile image


      8 years ago from London UK

      I could look into space forever! It has some amazing sights!!

    • Sherbet Penny profile image

      Sherbet Penny 

      8 years ago from Galway, Ireland.

      Nicely done and very informative.


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