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Pencil Grips

Updated on February 24, 2014

How to hold your pencil for proper penmanship!

Pencil Grips help children hold their pens and pencils at the proper angle. Pencils grips now come in exciting shapes and characters. Children love having a choice as to which pencil grip to use so offer them variety.

Pencil Grips help children hold their pencils with a proper grip which will lead to better handwriting.

Slide a pencil grip on your pen or pencil and begin practicing cursive with perfect form.

Photo Credit: Proper Pencil Grip by lloydcrew

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Pencil Grip and Fine Motor Skills

How to improve Pencil Grip

Some children have difficulty learning to write because the muscles in their fingers have not been developed enough to hold a pencil or pen. Just like other muscles, exercise improves their strength. There are dozens of fun activities from craft projects to turning nuts on screws that amuse children as their fingers get stronger and stronger.

When children play with play dough, sew with a needle and thread, twist pipe cleaners into flowers or squeeze and twist balloons into animals they are working the muscles in their fingers, strengthening them resulting in more control over their pencils or pens when writing.

Come play and strengthen fine motor muscles ...

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Holding your pencil in the correction position is important for good handwriting. In order to write correctly and with ease you must hold your pen or pencil properly.

A pencil grip slides over your pen or pencil to help position your hand. Once your hand has learned the correct position, you will no longer need to use a pencil grip.

While you are learning cursive, however, using a pencil grip can make the difference between learning the correct hand position and poor or sloppy handwriting.

Vote for your favorite pencil grip! - Choosing a Pencil Grip

Pencil grips hold a child's fingers in the proper position to improve handwriting. Good penmanship can be difficult to achieve when a child develops poor hand posture. Pencil grips can correct that problem and can be fun for children to use. Which pencil grip would you choose?

Below you will find several of our favorite pencil grips. Some have glitter embedded in them. Others are plain. Giving your child a choice can make it easier for your child to accept the need to use a pencil grip and can help him or her to practice proper hand position.

Scribble Handwriting Center - Scribbling with Pencil Grips

Scribble Writing
Scribble Writing

Sometimes it is fun to just scribble. Put your pencil grip on your pen and start scribbling. By using the pencil grip, even when you are just scribbling you can be practicing proper positioning of your writing utensil. So scribble away. Have fun. Improve your handwriting.

Do you know of anyone who has trouble holding their pen or pencil properly? Have you ever tried to correct a student's grip on pens or pencil? How is your penmanship?

Have you tried using pencil grips? Have you tried to constantly remind someone of where to place their fingers on pens?

Tell us about the activities that have helped you most to make your handwriting more legible...

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