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Penny for Your Thoughts; Dollar for Your Mind's Unwavering Gut Honest Truth

Updated on August 29, 2010

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology

Naked Truth
Naked Truth

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Lies, Lies and More Elaborate Lies

The majority of human beings believe they tell the truth, most of the time. Few will admit they lie, most of the time. And none will disclose just how often, when and how they twist the truth ‘a little’ to suit their needs. They convince themselves they are not really lying, when they know, distorted versions of the same story are, in fact, deceptive.

But, we are curious creatures. Adept at swindling ourselves to favor a certain idolized image we have created for/of ourselves. One that we must maintain consistently in as much as our sovereign power allows. Hah! How utterly ridiculous and futile are our attempts to portray an untruth so vividly transparent. We can’t hide from ourselves AND that’s who we live and die with.

It’s all a matter of unconscious perception; an awareness yawn would serve to do the trick of waking us up but we’re simply not interested. Especially if it involves ‘disturbing our self-indulgent illusions’; we want to continue to believe how wonderful, well-informed, funny, intelligent, attractive, spiritual, dedicated, hard-working, honest, caring, decent, involved and interested we are. We walk around as if we not only have an ace up our sleeve (an extra added edge), but can make it magically disappear and appear at will. We sincerely think no one can see through our considerately deceptively masked ‘what’s in it for me’ incognito personality.

These deceptively constructed guises are particularly prevalent, when we are entering into new relationships. That’s when we really ‘put on the dog’, or the cat, tiger, bird, bear, or raccoon. (Whatever fits our fancy, at the time) We come across so deliberately ‘put together’ and manicurely maintained. It matters not, if that ‘face of the hour’ is nowhere near the panoramic view of incalculable distortion occurring on the inside. We are on a personal quest; we want something. And, nothing short of a 33,000 pound road scraper will deter us from our conquest.

We convince ourselves, and the other, that we are the ones for the ‘decidedly blissful’ union that we alone can provide. Does it ever flitter into our fuzzy minds that we may have created and presented a delicately misappropriate view of ourselves and in so doing, gigantically disproportioned the other, as well? No, I’m afraid not.

So the little misleading lies began, lived, thrived and multiplied before we even kissed the potential mate. So much is hidden; so much left unsaid, yet we carry our baggage into the relationship as if it doesn’t stick out from every scarred hole. IF we can’t even bring to the surface those ghostly demented apparitions of entrusted ‘searing of the mind’ incidents to confront and resolve, how do we expect the other to deal with their untimely appearances? They will not be silenced, you know. They will have their day in romance court. But, the judge and jury (our partner) will unfortunately not have all the facts to suitably, fairly and unbiasedly deal with the evidence.

Yes, we lie. We all lie. If we didn’t, we might just turn loose of old imagined hurts, emotional loss, unforgivable betrayal, violations of trust, unbearable financial disasters, uncooperative circumstances in which it seemed as if we got the ‘short end of the stick,.’ not to mention the screeching unresolved mental torture of cataclysmic situations which left us marked for life. Bottom line; we are broken, or so we perceive the lack of some measure, and we need to be fixed.

Yet, we try to hide our helpless defenselessness under a guise of being able to tackle the world with its entire problems single handedly. The daunting load gets heavy, after a while. (Not the world with all of its insurmountable troubles) but the lies we tell ourselves regarding the responsibility we have for making it all right, better, more appetizing. We assume, it’s our place, duty, task to ‘step in and do what’s right’ for the other. [Never once do we realize, that our own greed and insecurity propel us to act in the first place]. Because we are so gifted at deceiving ourselves into believing we are so ‘special’ ‘irreplaceable’ and ‘unique’, we immediately set about to act in an improbable situation. Of course, how could it be otherwise than for US to save the day?

But, guess what? There is no real Mighty Mouse! What happens in all actuality is that we stagnate. Get jammed up. Mad at the other for not making it right for us, or better yet, not allowing us to make it right for them! {In as much as there is no day to save; we flounder in perplexity.} Proclamation alert: “Hear Ye! Hear Ye!” The day is perfect exactly and precisely how it unfolds, with all of its apparent imperfections. Now, what do we do with all of our grand delusions of self-mitigated triumph? Face ourselves and the fictitious lies we’ve generated in order to live up until this point. It’s called an ‘awareness yawn.’

Ready to fumble and crumble? Ready to accept the living truth that the indispensable meanings we have assigned to our lives and selves are no longer valid and appropriate (meaningful)? That the yearning nature of our dramatically expressed inner needs (soul) must be extrapolated and articulated without delay and resistance? Are we ready to venture from behind the tree in broad day light for the whole world to see and receive? [Just as we are without a plea} Can we humble ourselves to admit that we were, have been, are and will remain in the gutter of our own despair until we release the idea of supremacy from ourselves and others?

Will we be bold enough, brave enough, and unflinchingly sound enough to speak the truth and nothing but the truth so help me…



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    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 7 years ago

      Thank you for another lovely hub, Paula.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Very interesting points and thoughts followed through.