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Importance of Personality Tests

Updated on October 2, 2013

Need For Assessment?

In today's competitive world, we are running day in & day out to achieve success.

In order to accomplish our targets, we forget the driving force within ourselves which enables us to achieve the impossible.

Personality Tests help us to assess our Personality through different observatory patterns.

  • For all of us, choosing the Right Career is not easy.
  • We often get confused figuring out things like what we want to do, what are the Best things relevant to our talent.
  • What in-born talents we actually possess & how we can use those talents.If you are thinking on the same lines, then don't worry.

All of us encounter these strange thoughts at least once in our lives.

So, I feel taking Personality Assessment is best option in determining your Interests.

  • After giving such tests, you will be able to know which Career Paths are right according to your Skills.
  • These Tests determine your personality, values, interests and skills.
  • Generally, they are used to assess the type of person you are & to determine your Mental Aptitude for a certain type of occupation or career which allows to select right career options.

When I was working in Corporate Sector, many employees used to bully me for various issues. I had a simple approach towards life & work but people generally have rivals at workplace.

Who is playing against us & who is in our favor is very important in work place. I used to observe people, their personalities & these observations helped me a great deal in determining the people who think good for me.

Different people have different opinions regarding the observation mechanism but this approach really helped me in improving my individuality score & giving me a better thought process compared to others.

Reference Video

Types of Assessment

As you already know, Personality Tests, Quiz are used to determine your personality & to assess your aptitude for a particular job profile.

There are various categories of such judgmental questionnaires.

Lets go through these divisions one by one.

Aptitude Level

These Tests measure your ability to do a specific type of work. Generally, these tests are conducted by Employers to screen candidates for the purpose of selection.

These are mostly self assessment tests & can be given online free of cost too.

You can select the topic of your choice & then go ahead with your assessment for that particular interest. Tests relevant to your Job Interests are created & are a good indicator whether you can succeed in a particular Job Level.

Career Level

These Tests are used to assess which job profiles might interest you & which Career Option is suitable for your Aptitude Level.

A quick test can be given online and you get prompt results or you can take more extensive Professional Tests for better Career Guidance.

Intelligence Level

I Q Tests judges your intellectual level i.e. how Smart you are as an Individual.

These Tests are prepared with a sole aim of assessing Mental Level of an individual.

After the Tests is given by the individual, then I Q quotient is calculated using specific formulas keeping in mind Age & other related factors.

Inventory Level

These Tests are in Checklists Format & generally used to check your interests which you like & interests which are not in your liking zone.

These Tests measure how your interests match with people working in different work profiles.

Certain specific tests are created to assess individual's interest in a particular job profile.

Individual Tests

These Tests specifically assess your Personal Characteristics, your mental stability & your all-round development.

Professional Career Counselors use these Tests to measure the
Personality Traits of an individual & helps in screening right Career Path for applicants.

Fun Level

These Tests are sort of Fun Questionnaires & can be used to assess any particular topic like you can measure your Health Status or your Job Satisfaction.

Personality Tests can be of different types & most of the times they help us in assessing right regarding a particular scope. These Tests become necessity for all of us whenever we are confused regarding Career Decisions or Jumbled up Family Decisions.

There are lots of categories in which these tests can be grouped but mainly the above cited categories constitute the grouping.

Different Terms

Few terms that reflect human behavior.
Few terms that reflect human behavior.

Personality Tests - Are they Important?

Do you think these Tests are necessary for Assessment?

See results

Different Personality Traits

Which one is your style.
Which one is your style.

My Thoughts

Over the years, I have seen many people getting confused about taking decisions in life & hesitant to take a bold step which can do wonders.

  • The reason why most of us are not able to take important decisions is the fear of being accepted. This is where self assessment comes into the picture.
  • Once you have a good idea of yourself, certain decisions in our day to day lives become easy as we are in a better position to judge our limits, potentials.
  • If you fully understand yourself, there is nothing in this world that can stop you from being innovative.

In the end, I will wrap us with this thought "No harm in having a personal insight as it can help us in taking important decisions daily".


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