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Pest Tennis Racket is SHOCKINGly good

Updated on December 2, 2015
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My new favorite sport

It's that time of year again, get the bug spray out, the repel spray and don't forget this extremely awesome (not-so) tennis Racket! The first tog et 5 in a day wins!

A friend of mine in Connecticut had one of these at their house and I was having a blast with it.

Before They got me one of my own, I would use rolled up paper plates; now if there's something really being a pest, I just press the button to send 3000 volts (at least on mine) and just let the carcasses fall! 'Batter Up" on the bug world.

I wish I had this at the last house, my Landlord had flowers on the deck and the bees would be a pest. One day there was a bumble bee that just would not go away. I used a paper dish & whaked it. It flew away as if it were drunk, then a while later it came back still flying drunk! It learned it's lesson it wouldn't come near me anymore!

The Sales pitch

Would you get one?

Are you going to get yourself one now?

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The Review

This is not a toy

Leave it out of reach of children and DO NOT let them use it without eagle eye supervision. Let's not forget to keep all types of pets away from it as well.

I would say this would be a lot of fun for those that actually play tennis, can't wait to take mine to some BBQs & day trips.

You may need to keep a pair of tweezers on you as sometimes the buggers get stuck in the mesh, and be sure NOT to zap the stink bugs as if you, you'll find out the reason they are called such (in a way I am curious to try but at the same time I really don't want to learn the hard way, esp. if it's like a skunk's smell & might stick to ya.) You also need to be very careful around pets

There's a few varieties at varying prices I've also seen a few with a 2000 something voltage, makes me wish there was a big enough one for the entire New York Rangers team!

you will know when you've gotten the bug you'll hear and even see the pop or zap, heck you may see the critter 'jump'. Depending on the size of the bug you may have to hold the button down longer, just be sure if they have a thick body, to corner it between a wall and the racket.

Not for use on stink bugs

If you use it on a stink bug, you'll learn why they get the name.

Instead for a repellant for them mix

*Mint oil &

*water together

The serial killer

Bug Warrior Supreme ORANGE 4000V Fly Swatter Mosquito Gnats Zapper Racket Killer most power you can get in a bug zapper
Bug Warrior Supreme ORANGE 4000V Fly Swatter Mosquito Gnats Zapper Racket Killer most power you can get in a bug zapper

This is a better version than mine which I think is just 2000-3000 volts

This should kill any creepy crawlers no matter what size with one shock.


Watch it in action


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