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Cosmic Race: The latinamericans

Updated on August 10, 2016

About Philosphy

What we'll talk about is philosophy, more specifically, philosophy in Mexico. The perspective of a mexican philosopher Jose Vasconcelos and his point of view about the essence of the mexican. Given the circumstances with the point of view of Donald Trump about building a wall between Mexico and the United States, we neeed to remind to all the people who is in favor of the republican candidate how important, no matter what, mexicans are.

Viva México!

"The Profecy of the Cosmic Race" from Arin Piña Mora
"The Profecy of the Cosmic Race" from Arin Piña Mora

Mexican Philosophy: Jose Vasconcelos

Utopy Cosmic Race

In this work Vasconcelos is based on the idea that the mythical Atlantis is the origin of the Hispano-American civilization, since this civilization thrived and declined in America.

Therefore, America will be the place where they will carry out the synthesis of the other races, America will be the place where "you will find the term dispersion; there will consume the unit by the triumph of the fruitful love, and the overcoming of all the species". That is to say, the fifth race or cosmic race will be the synthesis of the other races: the anglo-saxons, Africans, Asians and Hindus.

So, we are not beaners, we are a synthesis, of the other races, including the anglosaxons, aka white people.

The Latin American people, according to this utopia, have a very important task: they will be the future of humanity, they will be in charge of the aesthetic state, longer than other states like the intellectual, political, material or warrior state. Lets remember that this work is a utopia and only gives a proposal of how should be the reality for the Mexican.

You can understand this utopia as elitist and exclusionary, but actually it is just the opposite, Vasconcelos seeks to make the cosmic race the most select of these breeds.Instead of a exclusion is an inclusion, that invites other races to participate.

Where will be the future of the cosmic race take place? Vasconcelos added that it will be in Brazil, near the Amazon River, there will rise Universopolis, where the preachings and propaganda of the good new aircraft will be made. In the words of the Mexican philosopher, "If the fifth race takes over the axis of the future world, then planes and armies will go all over the planet, educating people for entry to the wisdom. Founded in the love of life will come to express themselves in forms of beauty".

After this short and utopic trip, we put our feet on the ground: the situation in Mexico was very deplorable (and it is even worse if you ask me) since they were living in a post-revolutionary era, where the society of Mexico was seeking its own identity, what iVasconcelos is planning, is to give an identity through the union of the people of Mexico and Latin America; he seeks to educateal the illiterate population in Mexico by bringing culture to the most marginalized areas of all Mexico, hence, he has been nicknamed "the master of America".

Maybe with more culture and education, like Vasconcelos tried to did in my country, instead of ignorance and violence the USA could be more open minded an less racist, that hermetic politics its making enemies.

Vasconcelos tried to be president of the country, their election campaigns were accepted in almost in all Mexico, when the elections happened, the people who he tried to educate with so much effort forgot him, so he chose to go to Europe. The defeat was intolerable, because he tried to educate all Mexico.

With this I finish this topic, I tried to give a broader perspective and deep analisis on what is the "being" of the mexican, beyond the stereotypes so remarked that you see in movies, television, and the current situation of migrant children; the people of Latin America has gone through periods of political and economic crisis, I have no doubt that the utopian vision of Vasconcelos is an idea somewhat overstated, but the fact of working together, we can have a better future for humanity.

"Ars Longa, vita brevis"

You can jump all the presentatios and check directly (only if you want) on the minute 14:50 and you will see the explanation of the Cosmic Race, and the mention of Vasconcelos.

Jose Vasconcelos Calderon

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From left to right, Vasconcelos is the second, the one with the moustacheThe picture represents the phrase of Vasconcelos and the cosmic race: "por mi raza hablará el espíritu" it means "By my race will speak the spirit"
From left to right, Vasconcelos is the second, the one with the moustache
From left to right, Vasconcelos is the second, the one with the moustache
The picture represents the phrase of Vasconcelos and the cosmic race: "por mi raza hablará el espíritu" it means "By my race will speak the spirit"
The picture represents the phrase of Vasconcelos and the cosmic race: "por mi raza hablará el espíritu" it means "By my race will speak the spirit"


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