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Planning Ahead of Time

Updated on September 29, 2010

Time Management

How many times have you ever heard some people say “I don’t have time.”? Once? Twice? Several times?

My guess is that you might have even used that same statement today!

The question now is what can be done to enable you have that time as much as you want it?

The answer lies in planning ahead of time.

Planning ahead of time in my own view involves the setting aside of specific time and allotting it to specific events or activities. We all know that there is time for everything so let’s go ahead and implement it!

Such time management or allotments could be done manually in which case one painstakingly write down all the days’ activities as foreseen and carefully specifying the time each activity might take.

That’s a very nice approach to start with but due to my immense interest in memory and memory improvement, I would suggest that this time allotment should be done mentally because that is where the fun of the whole process lies!

Think about it how many times have you thought about waking up around 5 a.m. the next day and lo and behold 5 a.m. you are already up even without the use of alarms?

If you haven’t experienced that before then you just go ahead and experiment. You will find out it works. Don’t say I didn’t tell you!

It works simply because the subconscious mind supersedes and controls many internal human activities, reasoning and thinking, behaviour and most especially, timing to a very large extent unimaginable.

So go ahead and try it. Let your subconscious mind do the whole timing work for you. Work it up into your memory and subconscious mind, decide now beforehand how long you can (or cannot) stay at a particular place, event or activity. Keep it up and stay on course. In fact, make it look like a promise you have made to the most important person in this world – yourself.

Do I need to recount the numerous benefits in planning ahead of time? The peace of mind? The plenty time for leisure? The avoidance of unnecessarily getting worked up? The avoidance of making shifty and hasty arrangements? The escape from maintaining very low grades in school? The joy that comes from being a better organized person? The end of disturbing forgetfulness in your life? The ability to see the future?And so on!

But if you ask me, I’ll say the greatest benefit in planning ahead of time is the fact that you are aware that you are making the best use of one of the greatest resource you have, which is money, because time is money!


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    • profile image

      annonymous 5 years ago

      thanks is useful but can u tell me how to plan ahead for homework cause i have no time as i am doing homework all the time as i get 4 peices a night!

    • Emmyboy profile image

      Emmyboy 7 years ago from Nigeria

      Hublord, are you sure you are not a victim too?

    • Hublord profile image

      Hublord 7 years ago from Enugu

      great job. keep it up. it's true people complain about not having time. but you can't have time for something if you don't make out 1 for it.