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Positioning yourself to win

Updated on August 30, 2017

Positioning yourself to win

Another new year has arrived and many people are making resolutions to make changes in their life for the good. One of the problems could possibly be looking at everything from the external instead of beginning from the internal. By this I mean that every person is a tri-part being which consist of spirit, soul (mind will emotions), and body. Passion and motivation are the inward forces that are needed to drive a person forward in whatever endeavor they choose to pursue. To pursue any goal or challenge without having the passion for those things may only end in disappointment and frustration. I know, we here it all of the time, proven plans that are guaranteed to work, but the problem is not the plan, but the person implementing the plan. Everyone is not motivated the same and what may work for one may not for another even though there's a proven plan. When a person begins to know who they are they will then position themselves to win by pursuing goals that are related to their gifts, abilities and talents. Imagine a NBA basketball star giving up basketball to pursue golf. To the spectator it would seem funny because the proven talent and ability has already been proven with basketball. This same principle holds true for people who pursue goals without the inward passion needed to sustain them while under the pressure's of life relating to those goals.

Positioning begins with knowing who you are by knowing your gifts,talents and abilities weaknesses and strengths

What about football?

The Super Bowl is fast approaching with two teams about to come to the forefront to battle. These teams got to center stage by positioning themselves to win. Each player in the game of life must also be in their proper position that they are best gifted at and focus in on how to build on and improve in that position. It must also be understood that enemies come to sabotage and keep one from positioning themselves in the best possible place to win. For example a quarterback must study defenses and blitzes which are two enemies designed to stop the quarterbacks success. What or who are your enemies that are trying to stop you from your 2010 endeavors? is it that small voice on the inside of you saying I give up in spite of all the work accomplished? or is it procrastination which can really be fear? You must identify your enemies and strategically battle against them until you reach the best possible position for scoring a life touchdown!!

Identitfy what you are good at

Tip: 1. It will be something that you are passionate about.

2. Time will not be a factor / for example have you ever engaged in your hobby longer than expected? time is not a factor when you are doing what you love to do.

3. What you are good at is what people compliment you on.

4. You are confident in what you are good at.

Enhance and perfect what you are good at until it becomes excellent

Don't waste time on what you are not passionate about

Educate yourself

Ask questions to qualified individuals (those who have been where you are trying to go)

Find a Mentor

Be persistent

Identify what it is that trys to hinder and stop your progress and srategically stop it from stopping you

Never give up

Refuse to continually hang out with people who always look to you because you will never learn from those you are smarter than.

Stop negative self talk

Don't set goals too high for you to accomplish

Don't ignore the obvious or remain in denial / deal promptly with what needs to be dealt with

Don't become impatient but always place yourself in the best possible place to win

Movement with a purpose

Move with purpose / Anyone can be busy, but if there is no purpose to the movement, there will be weariness and an eagerness to run to the sideline of life. Every play in a game has a purpose. Maybe to just get a first down,or make a pass down field, but it all adds up to positioning in the best possible place to score.

You will need a coach!!

Mentors are important because for the most part they have been where a person is trying to go!

Be careful of premature celebration

Some of the greatest comebacks in football have been by teams who refused to give up while on the other side there was premature celebration. No matter where you are in life remember it is not over until it's over. There is a big difference in scoring in the first quarter than scoring in the 4th quarter with two minutes left. It is OK to enjoy your temporary successes, but just remember the game is not over until you win. Goals and objectives define the difference between temporary successes and a victory.

Superbowl debate

Who do you think is going to win the Superbowl this year?

Imagine a person getting into a car and driving without knowing where they were going. How would they know when they had arrived if there was no destination? Many people in life are like that. They have given up on their passion because they actually have arrived at a destination, but did not know it , and they continued to drive and drive until they were on empty, because there were no goals. 3% of all millionaires in the US have written goals.

Do you have goals for 2010? if so how have they helped you so far?

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