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Pow Wow Sharings

Updated on August 9, 2015

Native American Pow Wows are a Cultural Event Tradition

Pow Wow Shadings by Annlee

And: Native Culture Stories by Wha-O-Chee


I enjoy beading and crafts to display at the Pow Wows. Many of my creations are my own design: However, designs also are influenced by Pow Wow Regalia and other designs for the Circle from friends and people I meet along My Walk. None of my designs are copy protected so I invite any bead artist to enjoy making them if you desire. Native American Regalia is unique upon each individual, and some patterns are handed down family member to family member, and are displayed at the Pow Wows! If I see a bead pattern at a Pow Wow: I talk to the individual and get their permission to bead the pattern to the best of my ability: Before, simply just trying to copy it! That is the Native American Way!!

I also repair Regalia Items that may become damaged at a Pow Wow. In this regard I have had the Honor of repairing the Staff Eagle Feather, and other Eagle Feathers owned by members. This is a great honor!

At the Pow Wows' I also fix any Regalia item which needs repair for the Dancers such as fans, earrings,necklaces,clothing and beaded items.

The intro image is a Native American painting by Arkansas City, Kansas artist pabear48

Titled: "The View" and we hope you enjoy viewing this beautiful Original Art.

It has been stamped to prevent printing.


None of our hubs are monetized.

We share them because that is the thing to do and make nothing from our sharing.

Pow Wow True Sharings by Annlee

Kaw Nation Pow Wow Story by Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts

A sharing by Annlee Cakes of Arkansas City, Kansas

The Kaw Nation Native American Indian Pow Wow held every August is an event we attend as a vendor of Native American Jewelry, Crafts and Regalia.

Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts of Arkansas City, Kansas

A wonderful story shared!

Last year at the Kaw Nation Pow Wow a security officer dropped around the booth and asked me if I could craft a Special hat band for his hat. Of course I said yes.

He shared with me the colors he desired in the seed bead band. I asked about what pattern he desired? The response was simply: You decide

When would you like the band by I asked. Bring it with you next year he replied.


Over the Winter I kept thinking about the hat band. No pattern seemed to fit?

Then in January I had a vision. A pattern I saw! A story attached!

We arrived at the Kaw Nation Pow Wow early afternoon Friday and started setting up the booth. A few security officers dropped by and we asked about our special officer if he was around. Gleefully, we put out an APB capture request with all the LEO. And, they were having some fun with this also.

About an hour later our friend officer arrived at the booth laughing and talking about the APB from his fellow Officers. I showed him the crafted hat band, but did not tell him about the Vision or the Story at this time. He liked the band, and said he would bring his hat to the booth the next day.

Saturday arrived hot and humid! So did the security officer with a beautiful black Stetson in hand. He left it with me, and I was going to permanently attach this band to the hat because he lost his last one that was simply tied to the hat.

I finished the hat, and Bob groomed and cleaned the jet black Stetson until it shined as new as from the rack from where it came.

A bit later the officer arrived with others, and picked up the hat. Asked what do I owe you? My reply: I was honored to create this for you, and tradition tells me it is up to you to decide? For this was Native to Native! He stood silent and impressive in his shiny uniform and very tall and broad in his stance. I told him about how difficult the choice of pattern for the band, and that in January a gift of Vision arrived. I explained the entire pattern and the meaning of each symbol and how it spoke. He and others listened!

Away he drove off in the security golf cart with another Officer and stating he would be back. After that as the day passed onward he drove by a few times with not a word said. He stopped once and asked if we liked gator aid, and dropped off some. Not a word was exchanged about the band.

Later that night, long after the sun had set. My eye caught him walking over to me as I was sitting in a chair. Then he, half knelled down, fist clinching an item: He said, I do not wish to offend you! I am not sure what to do? I said, You shall not offend: But, do as your heart speaks!!

He pushed the item in his hand into mine. Kissed my cheek, said Thank you! I will treasure this for the rest of my life and then he cried. I also then cried.

To my Native Brother I say: Mugwa!

This exchange is what being a Native American Traditionalist is all about. Even a man well into his 40s had a new birth and an experience never known before. A growth and power he now has for sharing in all time to arrive as He walks his walk with Creator.

I share this story for one reason and one reason ONLY.

To know the Culture is to Share the Culture!

Much had happened in his life during the past year: And, that only he can share or discuss as he feels to do with others. As a Medicine Woman the seed of a Vision Gift had been passed, explained and shared.

I hope you enjoyed this true story, and maybe understand a tid-bit more about Our Heritage and the true meaning of Native Culture.

Thank you, Trulee WHA-O-CHA-NI-STANDING

We are on the internet:

Pow Wow Tradition

Tradition explains to us that Clans, Tribes and Nations did War against each other: Thus the War Parties!

Pow Wows were the Native American people's way of meeting together, to join in dancing, singing, visiting, renewing old friendships and to make new ones between the Clans, Tribes and Nations. At a Pow Wow no weapons of War were allowed save for the knife. Warriors were not allowed to fight in physical combat so they were used to heal old wounds between Warriors.

The Warriors Dance arrived as a challenge back and forth as a mocking war between all in the Circle ( a taunting ). This Tradition is Still with us Today: On many reservations the Warriors Dance is private to registered members of the Tribe and Special people they invite. NO CAMERAS are allowed for the Warriors Dance, and this must be respected by all attending.

A Pow Wow is a time to renew thought of the old ways and to preserve a rich heritage. It is a sharing of stories, items exchanged and the feeding of all attending from the hunt and prosperity of the Tribe holding the Pow Wow. Friend or foe all were always fed! Fires were lit and dotted the night skies! Stories were told and sharing of good hunts.


In the start of time upon this world there existed no fire. Cold penetrated to the bones of the animal people.

And the animal people were often cold on many days. Only the Thunders, who lived in the world beyond the sky arch, had fire. At last they sent Lightning down to an island.

Lightning put fire into the bottom of a great known hollow sycamore tree.

The animal people knew that the fire was there, because they could see smoke rising from the top of the tree. But they could not get to it on account of the water. So they held a grand council to decide what to do.

All those that could fly or could swim were very eager to go after the fire. Raven said, "Let me go. I am large and strong."

At that time Raven was white. He flew high and far across the water and reached the top of the sycamore tree. While he sat there wondering what to do, the heat scorched all his feathers black. The frightened Raven flew home without the fire, and his feathers have been black ever since. Then the council sent Screech Owl. He flew to the island. But while he was looking down into the hollow tree, a blast of hot air came up and nearly burned out his eyes. He flew home and to this day, Screech Owl's eyes are red.

Then Hooting Owl and Homed Owl were sent to the island together. But the smoke nearly blinded them, and the ashes carried up by the wind made white rings about their eyes. They had to come home, and were never able to get rid of the white rings.

Then Little Snake swam across to the island, crawled through the grass to the tree, and entered it through a small hole at the bottom. But the smoke and the heat were too much for him, too. He escaped alive, but his body had been scorched black. And it was so twisted that he doubled on his track as if always trying to escape from a small space.

Big Snake, the climber, offered to go for fire, but he fell into the burning stump and became as black as Little Snake. He has been the great blacksnake ever since.

At last Water Spider said that she would go. Water Spider has black downy hair and red stripes on her body. She could ran on top of water and she could dive to the bottom. She would have no trouble in getting to the island.

"But you are so little, how will you carry enough fire?" the council asked.

"I'll manage all right," answered Water Spider. "I can spin a web." so she spun a thread from her body and wove it into a little bowl and fastened the little bowl on her back. Then she crossed over to the island and through the grass. She put one little coal of fire into her bowl and brought it across to the people.

Every since, we have had fire. And the Water Spider still has her little bowl on her back. And make the fires anew in the honor with 7 woods of the Creator. Fire Rings are ceremonial to send sweet essence to Creator from the things of Mother Earth.

It is a gathering of rising of smoke and the sending of thoughts and prayers to the Great Spirit (oitchi manido ) The fire base is started: As the ceremony begins: A medicine man or woman adds 7 woods unto the fire and special gifts of the Earth like tobacco, sweet grass, acorns, pinecones, sage and flower petals, and even seeds. First the offering is held to each of the Winds of the Earth and then placed into the fire. The Fire Ring is now blessed and the people can send their personal gifts to ( Mide manido ) Grand Medicine spirit through the fire, and even the evils of the world they no longer desire to bare as they walk. Healing's and the gathering and sharing of the miracle of the smoke also are shared: The Fire Ring is a cleansing to the family and that is why family groups hold them also on a regular basis and are started by the families elder who add the 7 woods, and the special gifts to the Great Medicine Spirit. Greater Fire Rings held by Medicine Men are for all who desire to participate. It is a Ceremony! Many are also personally invited by the Medicine Man who asks of each one a special secret gift for the Fire Ring from each one invited that they must bring from Mother Earth to honor all their forefathers, and to make the Fire Ring personal upon their family so their thoughts and prayers arise in the smoke. Sadly, many have forgotten the tradition and Spiritual meaning and need of gwav-ah-ko mi-kA-nA>h and the Fire Ring for their self and their families. But, this also is now changing as Traditions return upon the People. As the Miracles are renewed and eyes open and ears once more hear the feet of the deer among the dried leaves. It is changing as One Blood once more holds the truth near.

So says: Wha-O Chee Medicine Man of the Bear Clan

Ioway Tribe Pow Wow

The Fall Encampment at White Cloud Sacred Site

Mugwa and Witsatdogi to all my readers.

That is to say Hello and Many Blessings!!

We just returned from the Fall Encampment of the Ioway Tribe at the Baxoje Pow Wow Grounds near White Cloud, Kansas. It was such a Wonderful Blessing as we pulled in to the grounds. Just to know we will be seeing Family and Friends and the enjoy the Spirits of the Elders as we gather together. This year the Ioway Tribe made an addition to the grounds, a New Community Activity Building. With a promise of more improvements in the coming years.

After we set up the booth and our camp we watched as one by one as arrived, fellow vendors and friends. First to arrive was Jackson. A good Man who enjoys life and spreads cheer to everyone he talks to. He is always a good source to go to for a spare bead, a needle or any aid when needed.

Then a surprise occurred. Our Friends that we met last year arrived. They were at the Teaching Drum in front of our booth last year and they said that they would not make it back this year: Lo and behold! There they were! Tony and Tracy, all the way from Alabama!! I was so excited! They camped near by and that just made it a double Blessing.

My sister and her boyfriend came with us this year. It was her first full Pow wow that she has ever attended. She was able to see the Regalia and the friendship of all that camped and shared Traditions.

The biggest Blessing was yet to come. I have always worn my regalia on the Saturday. I was asked to register and dance in the Grand Entrees. Such an Honor by request was unexpected and a great blessing.

The fried bread was delicious and as remembered how Grandmothers made it. I had a few!

I was also gifted with a new wing to make another Dance Fan and this was a very personal gift from a Warrior.

As the Pow Wow wound down we watched as everyone left, with well wishes and lots of hugs. Knowing that next year we will see them again.

Would have been nice if you all could have been there to.


2011 Fall Encampment

Was a great gathering except it rained the entire time. Our booth was in trouble from wind and rain? Until many warriors and others aiding a hand and from that was created a true Native American "Put together" of ropes, tarps, tents, canopies and anything they could find to add. It was so exciting and heartwarming that I am truly at a loose of words to describe this event happening.

Except, to say to all our brothers and sisters at White Cloud Pow Wow---------We "NOD" our head to you!

Pow Wow Updates:

The entire event was beautiful and fantastic.

A marvelous thing took place?

A Sharing:

Many things can occur at or during a pow wow celebration?

Sometimes, they can be a Blessing that is beyond just words? Beyond any idea and simply just happen! In this regard, we share the happening.

On Friday, the first start of Ceremonial dancing and just one hour from the time the Warriors start the pow wow. A great elder walked to our booths. He is the Tribal Shaman, which is one of the three types of Medicine Men. The Shaman is a Spiritual Head, a Holy Man: and then the Main Tribal Medicine Men whom reads the stars and talks with Mother Earth and gives names and makes the joining and the cleansing along with the blessings. The third type Medicine Man is the Healing Spirit that cannot give names nor do joining and may not ever enter the Great Circle in dancing. But, the Shaman is the guide to visions and the voices of the Spirits.

It was the elder Shaman that came upon us. In his hands very old and in need of repair Spiritual Shaman Regalia. He asked, can you repair all this so I may enter the dancing? Now dancing was under one hour away? Yes! We replied!

We made many temporary repairs enough so that he would be ready for the First Warrior Dance that begins every pow wow, and explained after that and in between the Warrior dances we would continue finishing the repairs. As events unfolded, he had his full foot to knee moccasin boots fully redone and had us add beaded items. New repairs and additions to his breastplates, He asked Bob to make and design a new headdress of furs coming from his forehead and back and down before the First Grand Entry event where ALL THE TRIBE enters the Great Circle and the Honor Guard. This to was completed in time!

During all there things it was revealed that this Great Man was the Tribal Shaman, whom at the time we did not know this for Shaman are very secretive. Nevertheless, it became known he had not entered the Circle and Danced for over 5 years. Due to health. And, in fact only near the end were we told he has brain cancer and had to take half a bottle of morphine to dance the First dance and has but days and maybe a few weeks to live. So this was his last pow wow and yes his last dancing.

After the Last dance and the Pow Wow ended?

He visited our booths once more! He went to Bob and asked, " May I trade for a Dream Catcher my wife has found?", Bob said of course!

As the trade was made and Bob had no idea what was to be traded.

Bob handed the Tribal Shaman the dream catcher he pointed out. Then the Shaman placed in Bob's hand his Shaman Fan which has been handed down for hundred of years. Bob is the new Tribal Shaman. And, the Warriors then came and gave Honor to my Bob.

I hope you enjoy this shared Blessing as we were Blessed...Annlee

Standing Bear Pow Wow

Held in Ponca, Oklahoma

A sharing by Annlee:

We had an interesting story for our crafts booth this year at Standing Bear Pow Wow.

We have been vending there for years-But, we did change our registered name. This change caused them to move us off the regulars listing for vendors to unlisted. We thought we had a booth space only to discover we did not and the waiting list was very long they informed us. After discussions with the Board Members the day before the Pow Wow: We were asked to send pictures of our booth: Instead we sent a video of our crafts! Bingo! We had our vending space once more under the new name change. They have a very warm heart and true caring to all in every respect, and we are so glad The Board allowed us the privilege of setting up Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts vending booth.

The Pow Wow had as we saw it around 2000 plus attending Friday Night, and about 1500 plus on Saturday. The food was delicious and the fellowship fantastic.

I did have a great blessing occur!

My granddaughter and my eldest daughter both joined me in the Dance Circle for the very First Time. Their first time in the Circle and that was my great blessing. While this blessing was fantastic? I had another! My sister Melodie entered the Circle for the her very First Time and we danced to the Drum in Joy!

If you can attend next year this event is worth the trip! You will find staff and dancers friendly, open and concerned enough to take special time to answer any questions you may have about the Pow Wow or Native American Traditions.


Warrior Full Wing dance fan created by Bob : Sold the first showing day!

Warrior Full Wing dance fan created by Bob : Sold the first showing day!
Warrior Full Wing dance fan created by Bob : Sold the first showing day!

Example of my crafts!

Example of my crafts!
Example of my crafts!
Prep time: 30 min
Cook time: 1 hour 40 min
Ready in: 2 hours 10 min
Yields: 4-6

Instructions for CORN BREAD

  1. 1/2 cup cornmeal..yellow 4 cups hot whole milk
  2. 1/2 cup maple syrup 1/4 cup molasses,light
  3. 2 eggs, slightly beaten 2 tb butter/mar/melted
  4. 1/3 cup sugar..brown pkd. 1 tsp salt
  5. 1/4 tsp cinnamon 3/4 tsp ginger
  6. 1/2 cup milk, whole/cold
  7. In a double boiler, slowly stir cornmeal into hot milk. Cook over boiling water, stirring occassionally--for 20 minutes....preheat oven to 300 f. slightly greese 2 quart baking dish (8 1/2 round).....In a small bowl, combine rest of ingredients...EXCEPT COLD MILK..stir into cornmeal mixture...mix well..turn into prepared dish..NOW pour the cold milk on top, without stirring...BAKE...uncovered...2 hours..or just until set but quivery on top. DO NOT OVERBAKE...
  9. Great with Ice Cream


One of favorite dishes when company is expected!

Cook time: 55 min
Ready in: 55 min
Yields: 4-5


  1. one cup wild rice (thoroughly washed under cold
  2. (water in a mesh strainer)
  3. 3- cups hot chicken broth 3 tbls. chopped onion
  4. 3 tbls chopped green pepper (red,green & yellow)
  5. 1/2 stick margarine
  6. Heat margarine in frying pan over low heat. Saute onions and peppers. Add rice and blend.
  7. cover and bake at 350 for 45 minutes or until liquid is absorbed.
  8. NOTES:
  9. Try other variations ; use chicken or turkey. chopped walnuts or cashews for holidays
  10. Use beef with beef broth .
  11. Or do a Pork roast with 3 cups of water and a couple strips of bacon.
  12. and use this as the main side dish.

Native American Traditions 2014

Annlees new book!

A sharing about Native American traditions, culture and pow wows and the Fire Ring stories.Sharing the etiquette and respect with the reasoning's and whys in a “Simple Fashion” from our Walk upon the pathways set before us each day.

The information is right on to Traditions, Culture and Ceremonies. And is detailed in Traditions which are thousands of years of heritage Culture of the Native American Indians.

Informational for all ages!

E-PDF Immediate Download for just $ 1.99

You can also print it out once you have the download if desired.

Our Informational Guide of Tradition

1. Wah-O-Cha-Ni Standing ( shares ) Aka Annlee

2. Dream Catchers “The Legend”

3. Medicine Earring Symbols shared

4. Picture Stones

5. Fire Rings and the Native Americans

6. Odds and Ends about Traditions

Stories from around the Fire Rings

Wisdom begins with an action: Learning by reading is an action.

Tradition needs a SEED to GROW---------Plant a seed in a young one today.


AND for Kindles, Nooks, i Pads, computers and even in PRINT.


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