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International Schools Against Public Schools

Updated on October 27, 2020
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private school, online learning
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International Schools

International schools and public schools both have huge gaps that can be corrected by offering new services. For instance, International schools are more open and free, individuals appreciate going to class and learning new things particularly at a youthful age. The problem with private schools is that they are not affordable for everyone and the bill of the schools differs depending on the opportunity given in the future and inside elements. International schools sometimes are phony and they are not right to their representatives and students who pay such a great amount to arrive. During summer I met several students from an American school and they adored the school. These two students came from a strict public school which made them really enjoy and want to get better in the school. The teachers in the American school are paid to support students and make them develop in our hard world. Teachers try to give the opportunity to their students to find the best future for them, also if they do help them tough students never feel obligated to do what the teacher encourages them to do in the future. Furthermore, private schools offer a huge opportunity in participating in clubs and after school, sports and activities which make students enjoy time in a safe environment with friends and also offer them the capacity to learn new things. The gap in the non-public schools is that people think everybody in the school is rich and all the time by offering gifts and shows, they attempt to bring in cash from them. The two students I interviewed told me that their school offered a huge amount of food but it wasn't cheap and especially with coronavirus the food cost increased wisely. International schools normally make or offer the students laptops so during the pandemics students from middle school above had correct distance learning lessons. According to the students I interviewed, distance learning as a middle schooler was relaxing but laborious while as an elementary student the school offered video clips of just 10 minutes for each lesson which made distance learning with a lot of playtimes. The kid loved playtime but he realized how much time he wasted. The last gap I would like to talk about is an important argument that I am going to elaborate also in the public schools' sector, this girl told me that her school each year made her change classes, and going up to high school all her class had different people in them which she didn't really like because many of her friends were in those classes. In the first place, she didn't comprehend why the school did that, however, she didn't generally mind; when I asked the inquiry, she understood for what good reason the school was doing that. So to offer the opportunity to meet new friends also if the relationship with them wouldn't have been as good. The international school tries to work on making people know about new cultures, languages, and habits. This develops critical thinking and doesn't make stereotypes or biases. To finish I would like to add that also with their mistakes international school is a wonderful habit were to let your children grow independently.

Public Schools

Public schools are a huge mess that tons of people like. Public schools offer you the opportunity to be like everyone else in the world and to learn like everyone else. These schools don't teach you the basic understanding of how to leave life but they still try to make you an independent student that turns in homework on time, study, and collaborates in classes. The difference between public schools and international schools is that they are way more strict and want more that students can give them. The fact of trying to keep the students independent is great but sometimes it is too much. People start smoking and not respecting rules at a young age until then in the future or ruin themselves or regret those decisions. The food is not great either but you have to get used to it. The good aspects of public school are a diversity of amounts of money range and as I mentioned above relationships. Diversity offers a bunch of people from different ranges of education which makes school more stable and less relatable to rich nor poor students. Everyone in that school has a possibility of showing his or her capacity without being at an advantage because of money. Public schools going up are always getting stricter also because they expect more from their students. In the school one of my helpers got too, they were really strict, they gave thousand of homework which can be good or bad. I think homework is good to get but they don't need to overexaggerate which leads students to complete on time and hate school. Lastly and most importantly is RELATIONSHIPS which provides a safe and protected environment with a strong connection with other people in the class. In fact, the public school makes you stay for an amount of three or more years with the same person that also if you don't like needs to support. You can enjoy a lot of times with friends that most of the time end up being your best friends or really important friends. Finishing up public school proposes you an independent and maybe safe environment where to get the same opportunity as others of having success in life.

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