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PSLE Maths Exam, Singapore

Updated on April 12, 2012

PSLE Maths Exam Format

I approached a good friend who is an expert in Math to ask about PSLE Maths Exam Format. Hopefully what is being shared here with me and also with you about PSLE Maths Format will help you guide your children who are taking PSLE in Singapore.

The ability to do extremely well in PSLE Math goes beyond just having complete mastery over the subject matter and its various associated topics. It also involves knowing what the exam format is, and the various strategies involved so as to enable the student to achieve good results for the subject.

Although most parents in Singapore are extremely concerned with their child's performance in PSLE Math, I have found (to my great surprise) that the majority of them do not even know what the PSLE Math format actually is.

As such, most parents are not able to help their child prepare for the PSLE Math Exam in an optimal way, even though they recognised the need for their child to have complete mastery of the subject in order to attain good grades.

The PSLE Math Exam consists mainly of two papers; namely Paper 1 and Paper 2. The description of the two papers are detailed below.

PSLE Maths Exam Paper 1

Paper 1 contributes a total of 40 marks to the entire PSLE Math Exam. No calculator is allowed for this paper.

This paper is made up of two booklets (Booklet A and Booklet B). Students are required to complete Paper 1 (i.e. both Booklets A and B) within 50 minutes.

Booklet A is made up of 15 Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs). Questions 1 to 10 are 1 mark each, and questions 11 to 15 are 2 marks each.

The maximum score for Booklet A is 20 marks.

Booklet B is made up of 15 Short, Direct Answer Questions. Questions 16 to 25 are 1 mark each, and questions 26 to 30 are 2 marks each.

The maximum score for Booklet B is 20 marks.

PSLE 2011 Preparation Workshop in School
PSLE 2011 Preparation Workshop in School

PSLE Maths Exam Paper 2

Paper 2 contributes a total of 60 marks to the entire PSLE Maths Examination. Use of calculator IS ALLOWED for this paper. 

This paper consists a total of 18 questions. Students are required to complete Paper 2 within 1 hour and 40 minutes. 

Questions 31 to 35 are 2 marks each. Questions 36 to 48 will be made up of a variety of 3 to 5 marks questions.

Preparation for PSLE Maths

Many seek help just months before PSLE when they receive not very good results for their assessments. Late intervention may help the child pick some extra marks to do a bit better than earlier results. There are some exceptional ones who can do extremely well, Many who do not do well, have rather poor foundation in Maths. Understanding Mathematical concepts begin from P3 and such concepts are like blocks that built on each other till P6. The earlier one starts to grasp the concepts well, the better the child is prepared for their PSLE exams.

PSLE Maths Tuition

Now that you are aware of the PSLE Maths exam format, the next thing is to know how to go about preparing for it in an optimal way. If you seeking a Maths Tutor, please email.


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