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How To Ace Your Exams - Revision Tips

Updated on May 22, 2011

Where Should I Study?

 Although people like revising in different ways, predominantly a quiet place is needed to revise properly. Even if you are a person who likes to listen to music when you are revising, preferably the music sound be non-lyrical and turned down very low as background music. Remember: If are listening to music when you are revising the main purpose of your time is to revise, not to pretend and simply listen to music with a book in front of you! On top of all this you should be in a place with sufficient lighting, perhaps fit your desk with a lamp to give you extra lighting even in the daytime. Revising is hard enough - don't make it harder for yourself by not being even to read the page; even superman can't remember what he can't see! Make sure you have everything you need before you start revising. Revising is a continuous learning process, consolidating what you have already learnt. Getting up to retrieve something you have forgotten not only disrupts the learning process, but also there is a big chance you will find something that distracts you on your way! Keeping focused is a major part of the revising process. Finally, make sure you have water with you when you revise to keep your body and brain hydrated. Remember as my PE teacher always used to say : 1% dehydration = 10% reduction in concentration!

How should I study?

Everyone has different learning styles. I'm you have all heard the lecture about audio, visual and kinesthetic learning, so I won't bother bore you with it here. Just remember combining two types of learning, such as reading and speaking in a testing situation, helps boost your learning dramatically. people have different attetion spans, so while having a short break every so often is necessary, don't use that as an excuse to have a break all the time!! make sure that you have acheived something before you reward yourself with a quick two-five minute break.

Don't leave things to the last minute....

Create an revision timetable. People revise better if they learn in little time slots or choose one topic to consolidate but do this every evening leading up to the exam. Beware! Sometimes, it is tempting to use the excuse of creating an revison timetable as a form of procrastination. As important as a timetable is to your revision planning, it doesn't need accessorizing with glitter and sequins. If your timetable is taking longer than 15-30 minutes to make, then you are taking too long and should probably get revising!!

For a template of a revision timetable, follow this link:

It is never too early to cover and consolidate topics. Remember, the more you do now, the less effort will be needed later which will dramatically reduce your stress levels leading up to the exam!

Stop procrastinating!

Stop putting it off! Stop reading this article! I am not even going to write anymore because you need to be getting on with revision. Time is ticking...


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    • fetty profile image

      fetty 6 years ago from South Jersey

      When studying you need to work smarter not harder. You need to review many weeks before a final exam. You have not fully developed your excellent topic, here. Write more.