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Room Mate Interview Questions

Updated on April 9, 2015

Interview For A Room Mate And Student Accommodation.

Off to university or college for your studies and looking for a home?Have a flat and want to share with a flatmate? If you are you may need to prepare for roommate interview questions.

My nephew is hoping to be going off to University in the Autumn(Fall) and he was asking me about accommodation. He is concerned if he does not get into Halls Of Residence that he will be looking for a student flat to share. We started talking about what he needed to look for in student accommodation, what roommate questions he might be asked and questions he should ask himself as a potential new flat or room mate.

This page is a product of that conversation about preparing for roomate interview questions. I hope whether you are a seasoned student or a brand new "Fresher" it will help people who are starting out with flat or room sharing accommodation.

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What Are Your Concerns About Looking For Student Accommodation? - Share your concerns about student accommodation and see what others think as well.

What is your greatest concern about looking for student accommodation

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Your Room Mate Interview:First Impressions.

Making A Good Impression At Your Interview For A Room.

Your interviewers are unlikely to be professional or even particularly experienced interviewers but they will unconsciously take note of your body language.

Most people make up their minds about someone in the first few seconds.

Ever heard the expression "there are no second chances to make a first impression"?

Be on Time!

If you want to make a good first impression then get there on time, you may be only one of many being interviewed that day. If you are late , you may not get an interview.

Wear comfortable smart casual clothing you are comfortable in. Although this is not an interview for a job or a place at a University, you still need to look like you care.

Smoking/Drinking-probably best not to do either. If you are offered a cup of coffee then you could accept but steer clear of alcohol.

Smile! It goes a long way :)

Try to have relaxed open body languague so sit with your legs relaxed or just crossed loosly, your hands and arms relaxed and NOT crossed over your body.

Just be who you are. Remember no matter how much you need the accommodation you are going to have to live with these people in this flat 24/7 so make sure YOU like them/it as well!

Do not just try to fit in so you will get the place. You wont be able to keep up the facade and will soon be looking for somewhere else so just be honest and upfront from the off.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.


Have Your Say About Student Accommodation!

What were/are your experiences of student accommodation?

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Student Housing Rights Guide

Student Housing Rights Guide
Student Housing Rights Guide

It is of vital importance that you know your rights and your responsibilities when going in to any accommodation. It can be very different if you have always up until now lived with your family. Do take some time to know what your housing rights are. NB Things may vary a lot between countries so do check for your country.


Room mate Interview:Questions You Should Ask.

Ask Questions About The Student House.

You need to know if you will be comfortable living in the house in the area and living with the other students there.

1. Ask to meet the other students in the house. Which courses are they doing? What are their interests too?

2. How will bills be paid?

3.How is the cooking/cleaning etc shared?

4.Is there any parking? (if you have a car)

5.Will I have to share a room?

6.Is there a code for holding parties etc?

7.What are the security arrangements in the house eg door keys

8. Is there a rota for tasks?

9. Are pets allowed?

10.Is there internet access/WII FI? If so in which rooms?

11.Can friends sleep over?

12. If there is a dispute over bills(or anything else) how is this settled?

13. What is the landlord/landlady like?

14. Who does the garden? (if there is one)

15. Are repairs dealt with quickly?

16. Who buys the TV licence? (UK)

17. Are bikes allowed in the house? If not where do you store them?

18. What insurance is there for accidental damage?

19. Does each person get a copy of the accommodation agreement?

20.Is my deposit helds in a secure account and how do I have it returned to me?

21.Is there a penalty if I leave early? You need to consider that if you do not complete your course or do not like living there.

22. What is the minimum/maximum rental period?

So what do you think of Student Life...

What do you /did you think of your student days?

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Room Mate Interview:Questions You May Be Asked

The room mate or flat mate interview process.

Sometimes you will be interviewed by the landlord/lady and it may be owned by them but not be their home.

Sometimes a student/worker may be the landlord/lady and you will be living in their home with them.

They may be very close in age to you or older.

These are some possible questions that may come up.

1.What course are you doing?

2.Why did you choose ths city/town?

3.Have you roomed before?

4.What music do you like?

5.Would you be willing to share a room?

6.Are you Ok with (list of pets they might have....)

7.Do you like to have your friends over?

8.Have you got a car?

9.Do you drink?

10.Do you smoke?

11.Do you do drugs?

12.When are you looking to move into a flat?

13.What are you interested in?

14.Can you provide any references?(You should have at least 2 people who you have asked and have agreed to be a referee for your student house hunting)

15.Will you want/need to stay over the holidays? (While many students do go home or go travelling in the holidays, you may have a part time job to help with expenses that you want to continue doing over at least some of the holidays)

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it.

Danny Kaye

Interview Practice Makes Perfect.

Practice your roommate interview.

Like most things practice them and you get better and more familiar with them. Same goes for being interviewed for a room mate.

When you have drawn up a likely list of questions you might be asked, prepare your answers for them. Then ask someone else- a friend, your sister, your dad etc to ask the questions in no particular order.

Choosing Student Housing.

Making Choices About Where You Live.

It can be daunting moving to a new city or state and looking for a student flat or house. Here are a few things to bear in mind.

*Is the house on a public transport route?

*How much will it cost travelling to and from your University?

*Do you have any additional needs you want to bear in mind when choosing accommodation ie accessibility.

*What is the area like-during the day/at night?

*What is there to do in the area?

*What are the local amenities like e.g. shopping/laundry/bars/pubs/eating places?

*Does the area feel safe to you ?

*How clean is the flat/house? Check for any undesirable room mates-like rodents!

*Is the area recommended by previous students/the student union?

Check out the facilities near to your accommodation...

Check out the facilities near to your accommodation...
Check out the facilities near to your accommodation... | Source

A FInal Check On Your Student Accommodation.

Check up on the owner of the house.

Check with the student union/student body if there have been any complaints against the landlord of the flat you are thinking of sharing.

This can save a lot of heartache...

STUDENT UNION LINKS - A few student union links to get you started.

I have chosen a few links to get you started.

It is particularly worthwhile looking at the accommodation sections of any student union website. Most universities will have one.

What were your experiences as a student looking for accommodation?

Are you looking now? Do you have any concerns or things to share?

I do read all comments and would love to hear from you.

If you found this useful please bookmark and tell your friends.

Thank you

© 2008 RaintreeAnnie

What are your experiences or concerns of student life, student housing and accommodation?

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    • Jennifer Einstein profile image

      Jennifer Einstein 

      6 years ago from New York City

      You and I are the only two lenses on Squidoo with the tag "roommate questions" so I thought I would check you out. Very nice. Much more comprehensive than mine.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Excellent tips for students looking for a room.

    • JJNW profile image


      8 years ago from USA

      *** Blessed by a SquidAngel *** Very nice! GOOD questions! A+ for you!

    • annetteghallowe1 profile image


      10 years ago

      Great lens! 5* and thanks for the lensroll to my dorm room decorating lens. I have lensrolled this onto all three of my college related lenses!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      great lens.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      good and informative lens 5 stars :)


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