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Sacred Germination Be Fruitful and Multiply Sowing and Reaping Our Sublime Innate Gifts

Updated on June 3, 2011

We are Walking Talking Breathing Moving Circular Expressions of Supreme Biological Divinity

A Celestial Host of Family and Friends
A Celestial Host of Family and Friends | Source

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analytic Assimilation Process Engaging Hallowed Patience

Nothing involved in the process of germinating life remains unspectacular. From the total number of spermatozoa man ejaculates, up to 150 million per milliliter, to the roughly 100 billion stars in our galaxy, we, as human beings, (inexorably entwined finite molecular gaseous portions) are part of something so vast it boggles the ever expanding mind. Second by second, we are afforded the ineffable experience of living, breathing and moving among a limitless realm of incomparable enormity we take for granted so casually. We forget who we really are and where we came from. But, more importantly, WHAT we are here to do. Our divine mission is to be "fruitful and multiply.”

The truth is: we all came into being from an unimaginable fertilization process from which one super-charged, determined, energetically excited sperm, one of the ejaculate of at least 40 million, made it to the goal line. Do you realize what enormous drive this little bit of testosterone possessed? The enormously potent thrust of that ‘wham bam’ is inconceivable! The celestially invigorated musical honing sound of ‘Eureka’ resounds all the way to the infinite reaches of the galaxies, each time another one makes it through the wall of the egg.

Not unlike a plant whose root makes its first appearance emerging from a seed, a fertilized ovum uses its small leg called ‘chorion’ to travel and embed itself in the lining of the uterus, a well-known process known as implantation. Just like the roots of seeds which bear down deep into the soil, in order to enable fruits, vegetables and flowers to sprout, so, too, does the human embryo implant itself securely in order to grow (change into what it will eventually be). We are all flowering aspects of incomparable grace, form and beauty.

In order for a seed to develop, however, it must leave what it was. RESIGN its former position, accepting its somewhat perilous journey as an unavoidable consequence. Similar to plants, (humans, too), when big enough vie for individual creative expression of something other than what it appears to be in the beginning. The plant bursts through the seed coating and emerges into the environment in the exact same way as the human fetus breaks through the bag of waters to journey through the birth canal. Both are yet-to-be-seen blossoming expressions of life.

After the stem of a plant has developed and emerged through the ground, it is somewhat bent in a hairpin shape, but when exposed to light, the fragile stem straightens out, adding strength and durability. A few primary leaves evolve to begin the process of photosynthesis for energy production. Humans are such an intricate part of that life-sustaining process. We engage in the process of the uptake of oxygen so that we may release carbon dioxide, vitally needed by the plants to survive. The miraculous circle of life continues unceasingly.

A new born child will turn to light immediately and instinctively, fostering and adjusting to its new found environment, as well. Reiterated, using the air to breath in oxygen, we nourish our blood while releasing carbon dioxide for plants to uptake as their life sustaining breath. How marvelous is that? Just how profusely unconcerned and demonstrably unaware, do we go about our days, never recognizing, appreciating or showing gratitude for the plants, trees and biologically enriched foliage which sustains us.

WE are intricately, intimately and inestimably connected to all of life’s unfathomable germinating, assimilating and manifesting processes. In fact, we could say we are continually involved in the circular lovemaking process of giving and receiving. Without relent, we maintain a continual orgasmic inhaling and exhaling. Because we exist, (IF we do) we go through the same three vitally important components of creative appearance as the plants and stars: germinating, assimilating, and bursting forth. Not one of these steps can be eliminated or diminished.

It is in the assimilating step of the natural process that I am most concerned with, today. Something as inconspicuous as a thought, takes its root in the germinating stage. Most often times, we are only partially aware when a seed has been planted, none the less, it is a time of great propulsion. A fabulously energetic, instinctively elevated time of deep and penetrating thrust pushes the thought deep into the soil of the mind.

No matter if the thought is positive or negative; the impersonal germinating process remains the same: implosive. In other words, it will collapse into something other than what it started out as. That’s the nature of a germinating. Like the seeds of plants, we, as human beings, are designed to be something not yet realized, (continuously shedding husks) as we push ourselves though the soil of our own environmental process of life.

There are those times in our lives, when we absolutely believe that nothing is happening. It appears as if we are at a standstill with no viable evidence of progress. And, if we allow our impatient natures to ‘rip the fragile plant from the soil’ before the germinating process has completed itself, we will kill the plant. Yanking on the roots will not accelerate growth.

Yet, we continue to try to make things happen before it is time. We insist that unless we ‘see something’ taking place, (according to our gauging measurements) the predetermined results we desire will not come to pass.

Wrong! It is at this crucial interim period that sublime assimilation is taking place. However, WE WILL NOT see measurable progress occurring, nor will we be able to gauge any measure of advancement. In fact, quite the contrary, we may even interpret the ‘stand still’ period as failure or, at the very least, disintegration. Not the case, at all. Sanctified assimilation is well underway.

Magnificent assimilating transpires as magically esoteric premise to the release of divine creative manifestation. We WILL NOT ever see the hidden process acting in ways and means we are not privy to. Just as a seed transforms itself beneath the ground in the dark, or as the human fetus grows inside a very dark womb, prior to bursting forth in fullness, the assimilating periods of our lives remain sublimely occult in nature. Latent talented potential veiled and concealed until the holy period of assimilation has passed.

IN other words, during the period when nothing seems to be taking place, the miraculous assimilating process proceeding manifestation works overtime. Do not be concerned, or fret and worry over how it will turn out. Rest assured: the result will far exceed any possible imaginative materialization you could have ever conceived. God (no matter how one interprets divinity), alone, stirs the assimilation mix and the only part you can ever see is the hind parts in operation, which are incalculable in discernment.

Our Ascension Depends Upon Our Sacred Roots

Sky Bound Aspirations
Sky Bound Aspirations | Source


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    • Paula Andrea, MA profile image

      Paula Andrea, MA 6 years ago from www.mode of cosmic

      With revered appreciation for reading and commenting...

    • NathanielZhu profile image

      Nathaniel Zhu 6 years ago from Virginia Beach

      Wow. I entered thinking this was going to be a religious rant, but instead I got a beautifully reasoned and beautifully written masterpiece.