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Saint Patrick's Day Unit Study

Updated on January 18, 2013

A Saint Patrick's Day Celebration of Learning!

It's so much fun to teach and learn using thematic unit studies! I love taking a theme such as a holiday or special topic and relating it to many curricula areas! Even as children go from one subject to another, some of the same concepts are carrying through, reinforcing what they've learned in one subject and relating it to another subject. Instead of dry isolated facts being presented, hopefully in a unit study the objectives will carry more meaning as the students see the "whole picture" of a topic through it's music, art, language, history, and more!

This is the "homepage" of a huge month long unit study based around the holiday of Saint Patrick's Day! Find links below for several pages with units and suggestions for teaching during this season, Bible lessons, physical education activities, and links to other parts of this same unit for science, social studies, language arts, mathematics, cooking, art, and music. Pick a little or use much, I know you will find something you like for teaching your students and children!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Border Graphics Thanks to GRSites

~ Bear Graphic Credit to Photobucket

I bind myself today ...

The power of God

to hold and lead

His eye to watch

His might to stay

His ear to hearken

to my need

The wisdom of my God

to teach

His hand to guide

His shield to ward

The word of God

to give me speech

His Heavenly Host

to be my guard.

~ Prayer attributed to

Saint Patrick

Why do you celebrate Saint Patrick's Day?

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Clover Border Thanks to Pastiche!
Clover Border Thanks to Pastiche!

The Bible and Saint Patrick

The Trinity:

~ The shamrock has been known to be a symbol of the Trinity ~ Father, Son, & Holy Ghost. See the three hearts on one stem?

~ Little Blots of Faith has shamrock crafts related to the Trinity ~ Bible Verse Cards, "Shamrock Hearts", Shamrock Craft, and a Shamrock Activity.

Mission Work:

~ Patrick worked as a missionary to spread the Word of God. Discuss what missionaries do, who they help, where they go, how they prepare to go on the mission field, and most importantly, why missionaries do what they do. Find out what missions and missionaries your church, school, or group supports. Research their jobs and locations. Read any literature you may have about their particular mission. Find their location on a map. If possible, meet people who have done mission work and talk with them, or send letters (emails) to them.

~ Annie's St. Patrick's Day Page has several Bible passages related to the holiday, information about missionaries, and more about the Trinity.


~ God's Rainbow from Annie talks about an awesome rainbow to follow!

~ A Noah's Ark Lapbook may be found at Lapbook Lessons to go with the rainbow theme.

~ The Pot of Gold - Biblical Treasures of the Heart ~ page by Annie talks about "For where you treasure is, there where your heart be also" from Matthew 6:21.

Clover Border Thanks to Pastiche!
Clover Border Thanks to Pastiche!
Gold at the end of the Rainbow!
Gold at the end of the Rainbow!

Multi-Curricular Units for the Holiday

Lots of great stuff here!

`A Saint Patrick's Day Unit Study for several subject areas is found at Easy Fun School.

**Annie's St. Patrick's Day Welcome Page" will take you to numerous pages about the holiday for Christian teachers, parents, and children!!

St. Patrick's Day Activities of all sorts may be found at DLTK!

~ About St. Patrick & His Special Day

~ Coloring Pages

~ Crafts

~ Games

~ Poems & Songs

~ Printables

~ Recipes

~ Worksheets

~ Links

Ireland Activities for Kids from DKTK contains the following.

~ About Ireland

~ Ireland (Facts) Coloring Pages

~ Ireland (Folklore) Coloring Pages

~ Irish Recipes

~ St. Patrick's Day has numerous materials for learning about Saint Patrick's Day! Resources include videos and articles about the history of the holiday, Saint Patrick himself, Irish foods, symbols and traditions, parades, recipes, Irish writers, musicians, and others from Ireland, and a quiz to see what you know.

Happy St. Patrick's Day ~

~ Saint Patrick

~ The Shamrock

~ St. Patrick's Day in America

~ The Shield of St. Patrick

~ Irish Blessings

~ Irish Songs

~ Recipes

~ Irish and Celtic Proverbs

At Irish Genealogy Toolkit, read about the history and legends of Saint Patrick, Crafts, Irish Names, Symbols, and Recipes.

Easy Fun School has several lesson plans for Saint Patrick's Day.

~ Rainbow Theme, Growing Shamrocks, Lucky Math

~ Irish Dancing, Irish Geography, Suggested Reading

~ Irish Legends & Myths, The Real Saint Patrick, Who Was St. Patrick?

~ Delicious Green Shake, Green Jello Fluff, Irish Potato Candy, St. Paddy's Popcorn, Rainbow Cake

Mr. Donn has a multitude of resources for teachers and kids to explore about Saint Patrick's Day.

Clover Border Thanks to Pastiche!
Clover Border Thanks to Pastiche!

May the dreams you hold dearest,

Be those which come true;

The kindness you spread,

Keep returning to you.

May the friendships you make,

Be those which endure;

And all of your grey clouds

Be small ones for sure.

And trusting in Him

To Whom we all pray;

May a song fill your heart,

Every step of the way.

~ Grace E. Easley ~

Clover Border Thanks to Pastiche!
Clover Border Thanks to Pastiche!

Irish Dancing - Physical Education

If you have a chance to see a live performance of Irish step dancing in your area, I would recommend it. The energy of the dancers and music is contagious! If you do not have that opportunity, perhaps watch a performance DVD of some! In one class I co-taught we had a young lady do a demonstration for the class and teach them a few easy steps. We had so much fun, but it was obvious that she practiced rather hard to get as good as she was!! Give this dance a try!

Learn Irish Dancing with Jean Butler!

Jean Butler's Irish Dance Master Class
Jean Butler's Irish Dance Master Class

Taught by one of the original stars of Riverdance, Jean Butler will lead you through Irish dancing techniques, exercises, and routines!

Clover Border Thanks to Pastiche!
Clover Border Thanks to Pastiche!

Learn How to Dance!

Look at the "related videos" on the right side to find more free instructional videos!

Riverdance: Live from Radio City Music Hall (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)
Riverdance: Live from Radio City Music Hall (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)

"Riverdance, the Irish hard-shoe sensation that took PBS viewers by storm, underwent its second incarnation with Live from New York City, a 1996 performance filmed at Radio City Music Hall. While most of the attributes from 1995's Riverdance: The Show remain - the dazzling ensemble choreography, Bill Whelan's energetic score, and the New Age-y view of Celtic mythology - this is about a half-hour longer than the 1995 original, Live from New York City expands upon the second act's theme of the Irish leaving their homeland for other parts of the world." from Amazon


Games for Fun!

Play "Hot Potato"!

"Shamrock, Shamrock, Leprechaun" Game (Play like "Duck, Duck, Goose".)

Shamrock Hunting ~ While exercising outside, search for some four leaf clovers!

Saint Patrick's Day Parade ~ Have children dress up with hats and streamers and march around in a celebration parade.

Uhhm ... interesting ...

Clover Border Thanks to Pastiche!
Clover Border Thanks to Pastiche!

May the road rise to meet you.

May the wind be always at your back,

The sun shine warm upon your face,

The rain fall soft upon your fields.

And until we meet again,

May God hold you

in the hollow of His hand.

~ Traditional Irish Blessing ~

Are you Irish?

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Clover Border Thanks to Pastiche!
Clover Border Thanks to Pastiche!

Wishing you a fabulous St. Patrick's Day!

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      What a fabulous lens! I will be featuring it on The HomeSchool Club Next week. I invite you to come by and make use of the free resources (everything on the site is free) and contribute links to your own favorite online educational resources. I don't want to spam so the link is in my profile. And btw, blessings from a homeschooling squid angel!

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      this lens is beyond beautiful

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      Donnette Davis 6 years ago from South Africa

      this lens is beyond beautiful

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      have a blessed holiday everyone! cheers

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      My teenage stepson was just asking me about St. Patrick's Day, so I'm sending him to your lenses. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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      Happy St. Patrick's day! Leprechaun blessings to you!

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      Thanks for visiting my African Birds lens. Happy St.Patrick's Day from the heart of the Emerald Isle itself. Lensrolled this to my St.Patrick's Day of Irish Craic lens.

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      What a fantastic treasure trove of ideas! I love unit studies :-)

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      @GonnaFly: I do, too! They are so much fun! Thanks for visiting!

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      Happy St. Patrick's Day! Thank you for sharing your resources on Celebrating Teachable Moments.