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Updated on December 7, 2010


It is great to live in 21st century. Like never before in written history of humanity, new scientific researches support us and inspire us to become open to the completely new ways of thinking and perceiving reality thanks to the new theories related to the creation of Universe.

The way how universe is creating is directly influencing our lives, our perception of now and or perception of our future...More sophisticated theories about creation of Universe can certainly make us more tolerant and developed human beings, then we have been up till now.

Why is that:

Old hypothesis, scientific and religious were very determined, rigid, they did not allow people to expand. Scientific hypothesis of the past were to materialistic, while religious ones were usually based on knowledge of some sacred script written down many years ago, and due to that people did not have enough of scientific foundation neither courage to freely investigate new possibilities.

When theories about creation of universe are rigid, human mind becomes rigid as well.

Let us take few steps back in history in dark Middle age....


In the Middle age (16-17ct) two brilliant scientists - Nikolai Copernicus and later on Galileo Galilei (father of modern astronomy) had big problems with Catholic Inquisition because they observed that solar system is heliocentric, not geocentric like church tried to convince people. Galileo Galilei died with words "Eppur si muove" on his lips, what means 'nevertheless it moves' (referring to the Earth), what Catholic church centuries later finally accepted as truth.

In the period between Copernicus and Galilei, one another great man brought light of knowledge into the rigid Middle Age world: that was Italian Giordano Bruno.

Where Copernicus' and Galilei`s system was heliocentric, Giordano Bruno's was theocentric. God, he said, "is the inner principle of all movement, the one Identity which fills the all and enlightens the universe." He expressed his conviction that everything is contained in this One Principle, "for the Infinite has nothing which is external to Itself."

"Nature," he said, "is a living unity of living units, in each of which the power of the whole is present." Nature may appear to us in numberless forms, but it must always be considered as united in its fundamental principle. Nature, therefore, must never be conceived as a creation, but merely as a development of this First Principle. Where, then, should we look for God? "In the unchangeable laws of nature, in the light of the sun, in the beauty of all that springs from the bosom of mother earth, in the sight of unnumbered stars which shine in the skirts of space, and which live and feel and think and magnify the powers of this Universal Principle." Bruno declared that everything in the manifested universe is in the process of becoming. He also declared that Space is filled with a countless number of solar systems, each with its central sun and planets. These suns, he said, are self-luminous, while the planets shine by reflected light. "

Do I need to mention that he was imprisoned and killed as heretic by Catholic Church?


Today we are many steps forward from that time, and science is uniting with some spiritual / religious concepts in searching more realistic ideas which could help us to find out where do we come from, what is purpose of our life in universe and what is creation itself.

According to the new scientific hypothesis today we are able to talk and think about multidimensional realities of our universe, or many universes existing parallel to ours...


NASA, galaxy Andromeda, Hubble telescope
NASA, galaxy Andromeda, Hubble telescope

Parallel universes in multiverse


Over the past few decades, the idea that our universe could be one of many alternate universes within a giant multiverse has grown from a sci-fi fantasy into a legitimate theoretical possibility. Several theories of physics and astronomy have hypothesized the existence of a multiverse made of many parallel universes.

"Scientists believe there may be an infinite number of parallel universes, and we just happen to live in one of them. These other universes also contain space, time and certainly some type of matter. Scientists believe that these parallel universes exist less than one millimetre away from us. In fact, our gravity is just a weak signal leaking out of another universe into ours.

Greater dimensions

After Einstein´s theory of relativity, science just could not stay the same. It all started when superstring theory, hyperspace and dark matter made physicists realise that the three dimensions we thought described the Universe weren't enough. They assume that they actually 11 dimensions. They also came to the conclusion that our Universe is just one bubble among an infinite number of membranous bubbles which ripple as they wobble through the eleventh dimension." (BBC).

So it means that it is infinite number of  universes...and that new ones are created every moment, all the time. 

Below you can watch video clip where one of the very popular physicians, Michio Kaku is explaining multiuniverse hypothesis on BBC:


NASA, Hubble telescope
NASA, Hubble telescope

My own observations


Even before I heard about that theory, as a person who is very curious I started with my own explorations years ago...partially performed through various deep meditation states.

Of course I did not explore universe, but myself and life itself in connection with nature and while interacting with others.

Here are some of my conclusions:

1. Every one of us is living in individual universe, and is as the same time part of the whole. Existence of personal universe can be easily explained as uniqueness of life-experience and unique perception of each of us. Even when we communicate or live together, each of us perceives that on very unique way, while at the same time we do influence each other, according our intentions. Everyone of us is living according to very unique rules, there are not 2 completely same persons, who would believe in completely same things. So rules in each universe - differ.

Nobody can see this world with your eyes.

2. The way how we perceive our world creates new happenings in the life and that world itself. Our perception is our consciousness (thoughts, emotions, beliefs, intentions).

3, Through our allegedly "simple life experiences", something much more miraculous is happening all the time - through these experiences we do create new parts of universe, or even new universes . Each of us. Some people call that - reincarnation. But is even more then that.

4. Not only humans are involved in the process of conscious creation of the world (or universe). All living beings are part of creation, and part of divine intelligence.

5, We do create in our dreams as well, and there have touch with another dimensions... or parallel universes, as you wish.

6. Life is ceaseless, never ending, infinite experience. Death is just transfer to other dimension, or other universe, as you wish.

7. What we call "God" is conscious, loving intelligence in everything and everybody what exists.

8. That intelligence is unconditional love, which allows all of us unique expression of our individuality through various life-forms and life-experiences, according to our choice, because we are part of that magnificent intelligence. Like individuals we might seem imperfect, but we are part of the whole where everything is in perfect harmony and in continuous process of change.

9. We are able to consciously transcend time and space and come in touch with core of creation. On that way, we are able to influence our past and future and change our lives, if we choose so.

10. All parts of this world are multidimensional, each of us is multidimensional being as well.


It is nice to know that my individual research does not differ of quantum physics scientific observations.....

I would be glad that you share here your own experience, thoughts or observations, so please live the comment!



NASA, Hubble telescope
NASA, Hubble telescope
NASA, Hubble telescope
NASA, Hubble telescope
NASA; universe, Hubble telescope
NASA; universe, Hubble telescope

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