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The power of "Silence"!

Updated on December 26, 2016

The most wonderful personality trait valued in a person is silence and to speak the right words at the right time. These people invariably go to the top in their field of work. They are most respected and relied upon in decision making. People who blab never get the trust of the people. They tend to get cheated more often as they cheat others themselves. Manipulative people are good in talking "double talk". They are good at convincing people by hook or crook. This is also true that the best cheaters are also most cheated. So it's better to be on truthful side, as being honest can go a long way in building your reputation.

Most people tend to believe that money comes to those who talk the most. But the facts are money comes to those who are the most silent of all. For example, the tycoons around the world, the owners of big company's dont waste their time and efforts in talking. They hire other people to do that job for them. But when thy were young and struggling for reputaion they focused on not the talk but the output, the core values which they followed. They were never the best of talkers and so were successfull. So if you are good at talking even then you should talk less as your body language tend to convince more than the words that you speak.

I recall a true incident happening with my friend. He was a property dealer. Her used to buy and sell plots. He bought a plot for 16 lakh rupees, he wanted to sell the plot now for a profit. A buyer came to see the plot and he asked about the price. Instead of saying a definite amount my friend remained silent, although he had in mind 20 lakhs. The buyer quickly said that he would not give a rupee less than 25 lakhs. But now my friend started bargaining for 28 laks and in the end the deal was done at 26 lakh rupees. So my friend earned a profit of rupees 10 lakhs for just being quiet. This is the power of silence!

Spiritually silence is very important in being centered. Silence conserves energy. Yes, the amount of energy that you spend in chatting can infact be conserved and used to do some productive work. It's foolishness to know about other people, what they are doing, rather than concentrate on your own life. People tend to value other people's lives more than their own and tend to suffer. Yes, it's important to have friends and have healthy conservation but backchatting about others, needless arguments, pointless discussions and useless talks can suck your energy. The more silent a person is the more is the awareness levels. The more clear mind he gets. The more better decisions he can take. So silence is one of the method of being happy.

Except the newsreaders, correspondents, call center workers and teaching professionals most don't need to talk much. But in my school days the best teachers were those who talked least. Thier body language made them the best and not the talks. Actions speak louder than words is true. People tend to catch manipulators quickly, they tend to catch the vibrations a person is sending. So unless you were born manipulator one should refrain from doing this art to succeed. It's better to be truthful as untruthfullness comes from the mind while the heart never lies.


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