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Start The Day With A Smile

Updated on April 11, 2014


A smile is a medicine to alter our mood throughout the day in which we will undergo and through a variety of daily activities

Smile is a medicine to alter our mood throughout the day in which we will undergo and through variety of daily activities. How so that we can get a smile? Start by learning to give smile to others, namely the people around you, whether to give smile to people you already know or you’ve just met or even strangers. The more you give a smile to someone else, we actually expect that you also get the friendliness of others towards you. If you want to have a friendly attitude, then learn to start your day with a smile. With a smile, you will be assisted without consciously to reduce and relieve stress, not to mention to sharpen your toughness in life.

Every day our mood can be fickle. This can be caused by many factors and these factors certainly are due to a variety of activities we do and face every day such as getting good news or bad news, experience pleasant and unpleasant events, or because new things and routine activities that makes us bored.

Try to get up in the morning with positive thinking against the things that you will find around you. Smile is one of the most powerful and easy way to help you through the day with kindness and positive thinking. Give your smile to people you will meet to face the day with no distractions and think positive that you will be a better person if you did that. So, try to start your day with a smile.


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