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storm chasing

Updated on December 31, 2013

Only the Brave (with good car insurance)

Storm Chasing is a hobby, but a dangerous one and having a show on the Discovery Channel is growing this hobby. I have always been fascinated by the weather and took meteorology, aviation meteorology and climatology courses in college and did get to take part in a professional storm chase once. I also helped work on Vortex 1 data long ago but luckily Vortex 2 happened this year. There were reports amateur storm chasers kind of got in the way of the researchers.

Storm Chasing on TV

The Discovery channel has the great program Storm Chasers but it looks like the participants have changed. I'll keep watching to see if the Doppler on Wheels and Josh show up this season. I worked as a student at the National Center for Atmospheric Research while Josh was also working there. He adds the scientific perspective to the show compared to the other storm chasers.

Storm Chasing Resources

Know what you might be facing as you prepare for your chase.

Storm Chaser Poll

Have you chased?

Have you ever chased a storm/tornado/server storm?

See results

Tornado Science

Storm chasing is a hobby but it is a serious field for scientific research.

Weather Stations

Get a heads up on an approaching storm by having a weather station.

Great Stuff on Amazon

The USA Today Weather Book: An Easy-to-Understand Guide to the USA's Weather
The USA Today Weather Book: An Easy-to-Understand Guide to the USA's Weather

USA Today produces some of the best graphical representations of weather and I love this book.


Please pass along any weather or storm chasing information I should add to improve this lens.



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