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Updated on June 19, 2020

At this time of the year, college or university students are coping up the anxiety or stress so that they can survive their academic life easier.

Factually, university life might be dreamed as one of the beautiful lives, but when it comes to composing assignments in a night to meet the deadline or preparing yourself for the exam in a day, you will come to know, how hard this life is in actual. Besides, finding new friends, moving to the new place, exploring other cities or countries can bring you stress to cope with, as it’s quite challenging for many of the students.

Students are not capable of taking enough pressure until they learn to cope up with the situations that seem difficult to them. They also have to face many other new challenges like settling with a roommate, managing the workload, enhance your own identity, and so on. It is noticed, many of the students don’t make things hard for them, as they’re smart enough to find out the way. For instance, if they have the assignment to complete overnight, they seek assignment help UK based instead of compromising their sleep.

Moreover, being stressed is quite a natural phenomenon; you can be stressed or depressed about anything that you feel hard on yourself. What you should do is to design the way to cope with it in the best way. The challenging moments are not that bad, they make you learn new things, and if you make them positive, you would be able to fight them with strength. However, if you’re feeling quite low or stressed and don’t know how you can manage this pressure on you, it can lead to severe mental illness. Try to work things out on your own first, but if you can’t, then seek help. It can save you from having negative impacts on your academic career and performances.

Here we’ve listed some signs that you might have while being stressed:

Many signs can be noticed, but these are the basic ones:

  • Feel irritation in things you were asked to do.
  • Feel anxious and fear in whatever you do.
  • Don’t enjoy things that were once your pack of joy.
  • Think negatively about everything.
  • Feel alone even in a room full of people.
  • Create a panic situation for no reason.

Due to severity:

  • You might have a sleep problem or severe insomnia.
  • You might go through eating problems: a bunch of eating or not eating at all.
  • You might start biting your nails or grinding your teeth without voluntary control.
  • You start shivering at any time of the day or night.
  • You snag at people for no reason.
  • Feel short of breath.
  • Fast heartbeats.

To cope with academic stress, here are some good ways for students, which are quite helpful for them, let’s go through the list to read them out:

Find something creative to do:

It is said, playing with colours can help you reduce stress or things that you love like painting, sculpturing, and designing. Some people love cooking and washing their clothes, whereas some of them like to read a book with a cup of coffee in their beds. To reduce stress level, give yourself some time to do whatever you like. It is scientifically proven; washing dishes can help you reduce stress. Therefore, why don’t you try dishwashing in case if you’re feeling stressed? Also, not just dishes, but spending time with yourself or loved ones can also make you feel less stressed so that you can sleep well at night. Be your kind of beauty and trust yourself; you’d like things you do.

Drink plenty of water and eat well:

Is water really helpful? Yes, it’s quite obliging! When you drink plenty of water, your body might feel enough strengthen that help you cope with stress. Not only drinking plenty of water helps you reduce stress, but also eating good can be helpful. It is said, if you’re feeling stressed, try to eat some chocolates or anything sweet so that it can help you feel less stressed. How sweet can reduce stress? Well, it’s a good question, sweet releases the endorphin, which is our happy hormone. When it is released, we start feeling relaxed and happy as long as it stays in our blood. So, try something sugary, when things get into your nerves.

Do exercise daily:

It is another way to treat yourself so well; daily exercising can help you reduce stress and make you feel beautiful and strong every day. With each passing day, we are getting older, we know how are bones will get affected when there’s no vitamin D left in our body, so why not take some from the sun by 8’o clock. If you want to release yourself from a stressful cage, wake up early in the morning, and start going for a walk with your favourite pert or friend. It won’t only help to reduce your stress, but also keep you healthy enough to feel strengthened for every hard work you do.

Get enough sleep:

Why your sleep pattern is disturbed? As being a college student, you should sleep early to get up early in the morning. Avoid distractions by switching off your phone or internet, if you can’t do them both, then switch off your notifications for a peaceful sleep. To keep your brain away from mental illness, you must know the worth of sleeping for at least 7-8 hours a day. If in case, you’re not having a sound sleep, you might end up having problems with memorizing things and other mental disturbances so, why you’re hurting yourself when you know the pros and cons. Don’t just do it with yourself, or you’ll end up losing yourself.


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