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Study Abroad

Updated on March 12, 2016

Chinese Student in America

My name is Wenhan Xia(Arwin), 24 years old. I am Chinese and this year I am applying for a master degree in some business schools. However, now I have graduated from University of Colorado, Denver and my major was economics with a minor of math. I was attending an exchange program between China Agricultural University and the University of Colorado, Denver, so I have spent almost couple years time in the U.S for both studying and traveling.

I come from a middle class family, my father is an executive director of a company that is doing property management and hotel management. My mother is an accountant from a Chinese herb medical corporation. They were keeping trying to let me expand my eyesight, for example: I traveled to Japan when I was in the middle school, I learnt a lot from a developed country and found so many differences between different culture. Furthermore, since then, I had my preference for exploring more foreign countries. So my parents supported me to go to the UK when I was in senior high. This time, I stayed for nearly a month in UK and got more sense about English and abroad culture. To travel abroad, can give you a totally new view for the world and change your old opinion entirely. The more and more exciting sites are waiting for you to discover for yourselves.

Studying in America. To study in America is an interesting thing for both native and international students. The course is diversified and you can choose any class and teacher you want to enroll. In the class, there will have some exams and quizzes but the presentations and group projects can make you feel interested. In the project and presentation, you can choose whatever you like to convey.

Living in America. Besides the studying there, we still have a lot time for free. Usually, we always hang out for parties or find some good places to eat. About the food, you can find any food you can image there, china town, Indian street or some special area for Korean and Thai food as well. Even if you are in the schools dinning hall, you must find diversified food from at least four different places at once.

Travel in America. Like me, I like to travel a lot. And I chose 3 online courses in one semester in my senior year since I can travel more places. In that semester, I did so many road trips. Because I enjoy to drive in America, I drove from Boston to NYC, from Boston to Rhode Island and to Connecticut. If you can have a car there, you can find more fun on the road.
In July, 2016, I will go America for my master degree. I will continue my explore in the U.S. I need to seek out more interesting places and things there besides my studying.



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