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Essential Survival Fishing Kit Checklist

Updated on April 2, 2015
Keep a survival fishing kit with you when you're camping!
Keep a survival fishing kit with you when you're camping! | Source

During camping expeditions, life usually turns out to be tricky and people are forced to adapt to strict living tactics. Survival tips are very vital when it comes to such situations.

One thing you should always have on your camping checklist is a survival fishing kit. Even if you don't end up needing to use it, they are very essential just in case an emergency arises.

Imagine you're camping in a remote area and your food supply runs out before you planned. Because most camps are held in areas with water bodies or swamps many people will resort to fishing as a means of supplementing their food stock.

In such a case if you had carried the survival fishing kit with you, you can get out of the hard situation by simply trapping some fish for food.


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What to Things to Include:

There are different types of fishing basics that will be a great help when the going gets tough or when survival becomes hard during camping or expeditions.

The items on this list made it because we consider them essentials in a survival situation. If you're a recreational fisherman, this list would be much longer, but we're focusing on items that are small, lightweight, and mutli-purpose.

  • Hooks - Good survival fishing kits must have strong hooks, this will enable you catch both small and large fish without any trouble. Hooks don't require much space at all, so pack as many as you can, because odds are, you'll lose them quick.
  • Fishing Line - Strong fishing line is an important addition to any survival fishing checklist because its versatility gives it many more uses when you're in a survival situation.
  • Bobbers - One or two styrofoam bobbers are essential for any fisherman. A bobber will help you keep the hook and your bait floating in the water instead of sinking down to the bottom.
  • Fishing Jigs - It's good to keep at least two jigs in your fishing kit, so if you lose one, you'll have a backup. A necessity for most tackle boxes.
  • Multi-Purpose Tool - The king of survival tools. You'll need this for cutting line, scaling & filleting your catch, as well as many other things in camp. Make sure you get a quality one with many tools on it, including a pliers and a blade.
  • Rubber Bands - Rubber bands can easily be used in making artificial lures. They can be crafted in such a way that they look like live baits. They can also be used to tie together fiber or nylon materials which are then hooked on the bottom of the fishing line before it is lowered into the water.
  • Magnesium Fire Starter - Now that you've caught your fish, you need to cook it! Time to whip out that multi-purpose tool from your kit and use the blade to strike the fire starter. The sparks will help you build a toasty fire that will keep you warm and cook your dinner!
  • LED Flashlight - Fish will be attracted to the light when you need to fish at night. LED flashlights are bright, last longer, and won't eat up many batteries as those with incandescent bulbs.


Survival Trap Fishing

The good thing about the survival fishing kits is that you don’t have to be ever present at the fishing ground. You can simply set the traps and go on with other duties. All you will have to do is to come back and check if the trap has yielded. This happens most in areas where the fishing ground seems insecure or has other dangerous animals that might pose a threat to your life.

The fishing kit can be of great help in camping areas where the weather conditions are not favorable. For instance, when the rains are too much you can still do absentee fishing, just set up your trap and go away. You can as well set the traps overnight and check them back in the morning.

Carrying Your Survival Fishing Kit

Good survival fishing kits should be durable and be flexible, as well as lightweight for easy packing and carrying.

You'll need many of the items in your kit for things other than fishing, but keeping everything together in one durable and waterproof bag will keep you organized and efficient.


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    • profile image

      Edwin Brown 

      5 years ago from Oregon, USA

      Survival is too important to be unprepared for. One thing I have done is to set bank lines for bottom feeding fish like catfish. Tie your line to an overhanging tree branch. When you come back later, if the branch is moving by itself, you have a fish on.


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