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synergy means whole is greater than sum.

Updated on August 13, 2016

Sir Isaac Newton.


Elgar - Nimrod (from "Enigma variations")


Trying to hold papers together with a blunt office pin is painful to your thumb. For you to succeed in forcing the pin through the papers you have to use great force which hurts. Newton’s third law of motion states, Action and reaction are equal but opposite. What is happening here? The tip of the pin when blunt has a larger surface area than when sharp. For adequate pressure to be created at the tip, greater force is needed with a blunt pin than a sharp one. Pressure is equal to force divided by surface area. Synergy is as a result o great team work. The various talents of individual members result in a magnifying output if well blend. Synergy is synonymous to specialization, where everyone is only let to do what they are best at. When he various specialties are well blend together, the company results in high and quality output, making great profits.

African Elephant.


Application of pressure is equal to force divided by area.

To spread out the weight in heavy tracks, they are fitted with many wide wheels. This increases the area of contact, in the process decreasing the pressure exerted on the wheels. Nature also applies this law. Birds and animals that live in swampy regions have wide feet so as to minimize pressure with the soft ground. That is why ducks, frog and hippopotamus are able to walk easily on swamps without sinking. Elephants are able to walk on soft grounds despite their excessively heavy weight. The large lower part of their feet increases area of contact therefore decreasing the pressure exerted. A duck is able to walk on swamp dew to its wide feet. It exerts very little pressure onto the soft surface. This is also the case for the heavy hippopotamus which is more at home in soft swampy lands dew to its wide feet which exert little pressure onto the surface. A sheep on the contrary would sink into the swamp from large amount of pressure from its narrow feet.


The African three legged stool.

It is not on record when the first three legged African stool was made. This must have been way back and therefore it can be argued that this was amongst the first scientific discovery and application in the world. Total force exerted on the stool by the user is spread amongst the three stands of the stool. This in effect increases the area of contact between the stool and the ground in the process reducing the pressure exerted. In this way, a small stool is able to support the weight of a fairly heavy occupant without the risk of it giving way. One of the stands on its own would produce a pressure equivalent to three times what it would when the stool stands on three legs. There is a particular amount of weight that one of the stool’s legs would withstand on its own. If, as an example, one of the stands is able to withstand a force of four hundred newtons, it would be expected that the maximum force that three of the stands would withstand would be one point two kilo newtons. Synergy states that the whole is greater than the sum. This makes it possible for the stool to withstand a greater weight than envisaged. This means that the three legs working together would be able to withstand a force greater than one point two kilo newton.



Football and synergy.

A football team is composed of eleven players, some substitutes and the technical bench. Each and every of these people, especially the players and their coach are talented in their own way. The goalkeeper, strikers, midfielders, the backline and their coach might be the best in the trade. Assembling such a remarkable team is part of making a big, strong team. The coach has to train the players to play as a team. If this turns out well and they are able to play as a unit, then the result is a stream of wins. Their individual talents when correctly blend together result in an unfathomably huge collective talent. This is synergy at work. The whole is greater than the sum. The spectators also have their role in turning around a game. Their charged atmosphere re-energizes even a tiring player. A team with individual talents is an easy prey to a weaker team with well blended talents. Playing in an empty stadium dulls the game resulting in poor results. One of the important components is of a great game is lacking, resulting in decreased synergy for the remaining components of the team.

The footer, slogan, article and synergy.

The article should be well written and rich in keywords. The paragraphing and sub-paragraphing and also the spelling should be as perfect as possible. You must have an introduction and a conclusion paragraph included in the in the article for it to look well organized and for your readers to grasp your plot more easily. The title and sub-titles must be well thought and include relevant keywords. A good article will therefore on its own strength receive high raking on the search engine. The footer is there to promote your featured article so that forum readers are encouraged to link to your article. The slogan identifies the uniqueness of the author. Efficiency is the modern form of laziness, is an example of a slogan. Typing any title onto the browser most likely produces a stream of nearly similarly titled articles. The footer comes in handy to the web browser familiar with the slogan of the author. They are able to easily identify your article by connecting with your slogan. Over a period of time they have seen the title of your article many times as they read your forum articles. This title has come to stick into their minds courtesy of the slogan associated to it. Therefore each of the three; article, footer and the slogan helps increase traffic to your article in their own individual way. When the three are blended well together you will find that the traffic attained is greater than that associated to the sum of individual traffic each of the three. In other words blending the three in the correct way produces a synergy effect where the whole is greater than sum of the individual entities.

Chestnut Teal Anas castanea pair

Chestnut Teal Anas castanea pair at Coolart Wetlands, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia
Chestnut Teal Anas castanea pair at Coolart Wetlands, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia | Source


To experience good traffic to your articles apart from concentrating on the quality of the article take note of other factors too. The choice of your footer article in forum messages and the nature of the slogan chosen also affect traffic. The three entities individually will be responsible to a definite size of traffic. A good mix of the three however produces an effect where traffic attained is greater than the sum of traffic of the three. This is what is known as synergy which states that the total is greater than the sum.

Isaac Newton and the Laws of Motion

Effects of bad teamwork on synergy.

With bad teamwork it is possible for the whole being less than the sum.

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