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Kenyan Teachers Striking While the Iron Is Hot

Updated on February 8, 2021

In East Africa the third term which falls in between September and December is usually a significant period for most academic institutions. Most of all for students as it is this time exams to determine their eligibility to proceed to the next class take place. However, this year offers a rather different outlook. Showdown between the teachers and the government looms as the former is up in arms demanding for salary increase.

  • Striking while the iron is hot

The timing of the strike does not come as a surprise. After all if you want to harm somebody, hurt them where it hurts the most and in this case when. Primary and secondary teachers have downed their tools altogether leaving behind a picture of crippled and disarrayed learning institutions. They have taken to the streets and in the media to air out their grievances hoping for a result where their issues will be expedited. The tertiary level too has not been left out as lecturers have also followed suit. But for this group, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Social media

The social media especially twitter and facebook is abuzz with stories on this current event. As expected, there are varying views on this hot topic. Some are against the strike and feel there are better ways that this would have been handled. Others sympathize and have come out in support of the educators. Only time will tell if this healthy debate will pile pressure and result in a solution that is agreeable to both sides of the table.

  • The biggest losers

These wrangles are not new to education sectors worldwide. However, this should not be used as an excuse to tolerate them. For example, this time around in Kenya they were ‘expected’. ‘Everyone’s wish’ is that both stakeholders would have put enough measures to forestall this turn of events. While all this is going on, students waiting to sit for their final exams are paying the price. Parents who have met the fee obligations are being given a run for their money.

  • It isn't over till the fat lady sings

Whether directly or indirectly, one thing is clear: we are all affected. If there is such a similar situation in your country, you owe it to your nation and above all yourself to demand an end to these scenes we are treated to every now and then.


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