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Teaching Numbers 1 to 10

Updated on February 9, 2018
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I love to share lesson plans with other teachers and homeschooling parents.

Numbers 1 - 10

Numbers 1 - 10
Numbers 1 - 10

How to Teach Numbers to 10

Kids usually learn numbers 1 to 10 through song or rhyme first. "Ten Little Numbers" and "This Old Man" are traditional songs used to teach these numbers. After they've learned to say the numbers in sequence, kids learn to count objects. It's not uncommon for kids to count without assigning a number to each object. In other words, they may count to three, while counting only two objects. One-to-one correspondence is learning to count by assign each object a number value. Once children can count objects with meaning, they will have fun exploring these numbers by writing them and completing number worksheets. You will find plenty of opportunities for kids to practice their skills counting and writing numbers 1 to 10 below. There are videos at the bottom of this page to sing along to songs about numbers. There are also activities to practice counting and worksheets to practice writing numbers.

Numbers 1 to 10 Worksheets

Worksheet to Practice 1 through 10

The best FREE printable worksheets online for teaching numbers 1 to 10 ~ Trace the number and then count the objects at the bottom of the page. Fill in one block on the graph for each object to give each numeral meaning. You can print each of these number worksheets for tracing by visiting the link below.

Worksheets from

Number 1 Worksheet

Number one with a rabbit
Number one with a rabbit | Source

Number 2 Worksheet

Number two with pigs
Number two with pigs

Large Floor Train Puzzle to Put the Numbers in Order

Chenille Kraft Number Train Floor Puzzle
Chenille Kraft Number Train Floor Puzzle

More number sequencing practice in the form of a floor train. My boys love this puzzle.


Number 3 Worksheet

Number three with sheep
Number three with sheep | Source

Number 4 Worksheet

Number four with ducks
Number four with ducks | Source

Melissa and Doug Jumbo Numbers Wooden Puzzle

Melissa & Doug Jumbo Numbers Wooden Chunky Puzzle (20 pcs)
Melissa & Doug Jumbo Numbers Wooden Chunky Puzzle (20 pcs)

Practice sequencing numbers 1 to 20, or putting them in order with this puzzle. This is also a favorite number toy at our house.


Number 2 Worksheet

Number five with mice
Number five with mice | Source

Number 6 Worksheet

Number six with sharks
Number six with sharks | Source

Toys for Teaching Numbers 1 to 10

Learning Resources One To Ten Counting Cans Toy Set, 65 Pieces
Learning Resources One To Ten Counting Cans Toy Set, 65 Pieces

This is a good already made toy to practice the game above if you don't want to take the time to make a game of your own.


Number 7 Worksheet

Number seven with turtles
Number seven with turtles | Source

Number 8 Worksheet

Number eight with crabs
Number eight with crabs | Source

What is the Most Difficult Numeral to Teach?

Is there a number that seems to be harder for you kids to learn? What is it?

See results

Matching Numbers to Quantity Activity

  1. Write numbers 1 to 5 on the outside of plastic baggies. (Later, when a child can easily match numerals 1 to 5 with the correct quantity, use numbers 6 to 10.)
  2. Place a bowl of snack food on the table, such as pretzels, raisins, crackers, apple slices, etc.
  3. Have the child read the number, then place that many items in the bag.
  4. Variations of this Game:

    *Use recycled cans labeled with numerals to count out the correct quantity of straws, sticks, etc. This is a reusable version of the game.

    *Make "garages" out of milk cartons by covering them with white contact paper. Label the top of each garage with a numeral and have children practice driving the correct number of cars into each garage.

Pizza, Pizza Activity

Practice counting numbers with this pizza game.

  1. Cut out felt in the shape of pizza slices. Cut out felt in the shape of pepperonis. Make the felt pepperonis small enough that you can fit several on a slice of pizza.
  2. Have a child play waiter and ask how many pepperonis you would like on your pizza.
  3. Tell the child the number of pepperonis, for example, 3. Have the child place three pepperonis on the pizza slice and then serve it to you.
  4. Reverse roles and let them play the customer, while you play the waiter or waitress.

Flap Book Activity

  1. Make a flap book by labeling index cards with numerals 1 to 5 (later 6 to 10).
  2. Have the child place stickers on a sheet of construction paper to match the numeral. For example, if you are making a page for number 2, have the child place two small stickers on the page.
  3. Bend over the top of the index card and make a flap to cover the stickers. Tape it in place. Kids enjoy peaking under the numeral 2 flap to see the 2 stickers they placed on the page.
  4. When you have made a page for all the numbers desired, 3 hole punch the pages. Tie them together with yarn. Set aside time for the kids to look at the pages of their number flap books.

Numbers 1 to 10 - Meet the Numbers

Each of the numbers introduce themselves and suggest rhyming methods for remembering their names.

Numbers 1 to 10: Meet the Numbers

Fruity Numbers

Learn the numbers by seeing the number displayed with its equivalent quantity of fruit. Number 1 = one apple, number 2 = 2 bananas, etc.

Fruity Numbers 1 to 10

Let's Count Sheep

Counting sheep 1 to 10. The song repeats several times in this 1 minute video.

Let's Count Sheep

Numbers to 10

Count 1 to 10 first by seeing the numerals and then by counting various objects including apples, sunglasses, dollar bills, cookies, and other objects.

Numbers to 10

The Numbers Song

This is a nice slow song to count the numerals as they are also represented to the right by marbles. It goes through the song several times and speeds up toward the end.

The Numbers Song

Ten Little Numbers

Count the numbers forward and backwards to the tune of "Ten Little Indians." The word for each number is also displayed beside it later in the video.

Ten Little Numbers

Wooden Number Train

In this short video, the train encounters the numerals around his train route and names them.

Wooden Number Train

Teaching Strategies on Facebook

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Teaching Strategies on Facebook

Teaching Strategies on Facebook

Teaching Strategies on Facebook
Teaching Strategies on Facebook | Source

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