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TED Global

Updated on February 29, 2016

Welcome to TEDGlobal

Welcome to my Hub Page about TEDGlobal, The sister conference of the American TED conference held in California each year in February. "TED" stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design an annual conference devoted to innovation and social change, its motto is "Ideas Worth Spreading" . Since its beginning in 1984, TED has grown into a global movement and is famous for its short 18 minute style presentations and the high calibre of its speakers and audience it attracts. Past speakers range from ex-presidents like Bill Clinton and presidents' to be Al Gore, environmentalists Jane Goodall, leaders in science, Ray Kurzweil, Director James Cameron, Bono from U2 and many entrepreneurs and even Nobel Prize winners.

I have been a fan of the TED conference now for a number of years, so i wanted to share the interesting TED talks i have found, here you will find an introduction to TEDGlobal and related links.

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Top TED talks

Or the official TED homepage @

Image from TED

About TED Global

TEDGlobal, is essential TED UK, a version of the TED conference for Europe, This companion conferences started in the summer of 2009 and was held in Oxford, in the UK and also in 2010 during the July. However in 2011 the TEDGlobal moved to its new home in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Below are the past and present themes for TEDGlobal.

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