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Teen Challenge-Reading

Updated on July 15, 2017

What is reading?

The Oxford Advanced Dictionary defines 'reading' as words/symbols, somebody's mind and thought. Often times, to grow, we must not only feed on our own ideas, we need to replenish our diet by having intellectual intercourse with superior and mature minds ,through their books and other publications. In this information driven age, men that will stand out are those with an insatiable quest for knowledge- men and women who can read. Daniel in the Holy Bible, caught the secret and summed it up in just four words. ''I understand by books''- (Daniel 9.1) -King James Version. He implied that reading gives knowledge, while knowledge breeds understanding and naturally as they say,''none is taller than his or her depth of understanding.''

Battlefield of the Mind for Teens: Winning the Battle in Your Mind
Battlefield of the Mind for Teens: Winning the Battle in Your Mind

This book is teen friendly. It equips the Teens in need of guidiance with means of winning the war raging inside them.


Advantages of Reading

Henry Ford encourages us to keep reading and learning. He believed that our minds grow younger the more we read and learn and older if we stop. Reading helps you to be knowledgeable about the world around you, your circumstance, GOD and about yourself. Knowledge comes from reading . It can preserve you and help you to make great decision in life. The Holy Book says you must have knowledge -Proverbs 14:6 Understanding comes from reading and it gives birth to knowledge. ''Knowledge is easy to him that understandeth.'' and '' it is not good to be without knowledge.''-Proverbs 19.2 (King james Version).

In a nutshell, you discover by reading. Teenagers need to build a daily habit of reading if they want to pursuit intelligence. My father never went to High school but he was able to educate himself through reading - it was one of the best things he did for himself

Teen challenges

The decline in the reading culture amongst the youth calls for a total re-structuring of the school curriculum and society's dependence on the use of the internet. The youths have become so obsessed with computer games, television and pornography pictures displayed on the internet. All these are seducing and pose as a distraction for the teens. It deters them from sitting down to read and thirst for true knowledge.

Everyone seems to need a manoeuvred success with double effort to cheat and beat the due process. Internet has made information so easy and accessible to the extent that most teenagers would rather browse instant answers on the internet than taking time to resource and read a book. They no longer place premium or value on reading.

Reading contributes to the development of teenagers because it makes them independent. Many parents make so much sacrifice to put their children through school and make a lot of investment on them to enable them to achieve success. However, the teens have to make sure they apply themselves diligently to reading and studying to achieve academic success.

Some smart kids acknowledge this fact but others at the lower levels do not understand the essence of reading. They perceive it as routine and punishment. They hardly read anything unless they have homework to do. The result is that such kids lose attention in class and if ,they are not corrected on time they become failures. The teens in this category complain that reading is boring and would rather join their friends to play than pick a book. Playing to them is more rewarding.

Way out

Have you discovered that it takes extra will power to retain good information, but immoral and defiling ones flow with effortless ease. Therefore as youths, you must cultivate and nurture reading habits. You must be able to consciously fix the borders . This is necessary because while many have been built, enlightened and elevated by reading, the same reading has lured , misguided and destroyed many youths. There are books that the contents are destructive to the mind while some are positive, informative and educative. I recommend that you read books that contain valuable materials beneficial to the advancement and prosperity of your mind, career and spirit. When you read the right books, your mind will be more broadened. You will discover in depth truths that can lead you to success and prevent you from making deadly mistakes that can lead you to destruction. Lack of true knowledge implies ignorance. People perish because of lack of understanding.It is very expensive to be ignorant. The root cause of sickness, disease and problems could be traced to lack of knowledge which is caused by insufficient reading. Ignorance is a disease! Try and take a book today to read.

Bad friends and peers can tempt you or deviate your mind from the true path of knowledge. I advise that you avoid wrong circles.

Dedicate two hours a day to reading privately or in a library.

Reading is so powerful that it can make or mar you depending

on which side of the divide you partake,edifying, reading or

defiled reading. You make your choices and your choice make


May GOD in his mercy guide us aright. Amen

Please Parents Help!

There are so many barriers we have to break in our lives and that of our children - mind barriers and sound barriers.

We must be barrier breakers and line crossers.

The television, computers and all forms of gadgets in the home are distractors and should be kept away if we really want our teenagers to embrace good reading culture.

As good parents, we should all have a library room stacked with relevant books where teenagers can spend time to read daily. Classic books are good, they'll help you to be a better reader and writer.

Children and teenagers learn by example - you can set the pace. Read a book daily and your teen will follow the same habit. We are creatures of habit. Give them a reward - weekly,when they choose to read daily.

It is our duty as parents to protect our teenagers from bad influences that can lure their minds astray into evil vices.

Replenish their diet by having intellectual intercourse with them. We must try to discover ways of capturing their interest.

Relate positively with their teachers because they usually believe what they say.

Special attention and work each day will be beneficial.

With all these interventions children can be encouraged to read by receiving mentoring, guidance from the teachers and most importantly from the parents.

All things considered

What is taking away your attention from reading? Expose and reject it. You must challenge yourself. Life is a choice. Once you make up your mind to improve your reading habit, no man or force can stop you.

See you at the top!

Notice & Note: Strategies for Close Reading
Notice & Note: Strategies for Close Reading

This great book has been perfectly organized and perfectly written for you and your students. The skills in this book are vital for strugglers to gifted children.


Do you challenge yourself to read a book a day? - Do you stuff your mind with good or defiled knowledge?

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    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 5 years ago

      I can't read book everyday because of works. But i like reading and read book when i am free from work :)

    • BuckHawkcenter profile image

      BuckHawkcenter 5 years ago

      Reading is an important factor in everyone's life, but books that challenge the imagination are the best.

    • nicenet profile image

      nicey 5 years ago

      @Jogalog: Yes, you're right. All humans should never stop reading and learning.

      Thank you for the comment.

    • Jogalog profile image

      Jogalog 5 years ago

      I think everyone should be encouraged to read more.