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the DA VINCI code

Updated on February 24, 2016


As a kid, I loved when my mom read out loud to me. I wanted to read difficult books just like her or books with a twist or irony. When I was younger my grandpa got the book the da vinci code. For some reason the cover grabbed my attention. I can usually tell if I'll like a book by the cover. However, most times it's said that " You can't judge a book by its cover" for the most part its true.

Currently on chapter 21. I really like how deep this book is. I like how it describes art history and symbolism and the hidden symbols in certain Davinci drawings. I like that there's a hunt in this story. By hunt I mean I like when the characters hunt for clues and clues leading to more clues. I like the suspense in this book too. Honestly, back in art history in high school I don't remember symbolism within the readings it was more theology of the arts however since some theological art works were mentioned in this book I really wished we had a symbolism class or symbolism and art history mixed in one.

Symbolism is everywhere. Davinci was a smart man who knew art and hidden symbols very well. Honestly it makes me want to take an art history class again or a symbolism class. An admirable characteristic he possessed was that he created his own language called " mirror writing". I would really like to learn that since I do my own personal journling at home that way I can have my privacy even more so. Symbolism is everywhere yes. In the book they mention that they are hidden symbols in the famous art works such as the last supper and the vitruvian man. Symbols that one's eye can't see unless pointed out. It really makes me want to take a class and learn more about this subject. One day I will learn how to write backwards like davinci and study such subjects. I am truly inspired by this novel.

basic overview of illuminati


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