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How Did the Ancients

Updated on September 19, 2014

How Did the Ancients? - Asking Questions Through Poetry

I wondered how the ancient peoples learned to harness the world around them and pass the knowledge on through the generations.

In the 21st century, we take so much for granted that was unearthed or understood in our collective human history.

Through poetry I ask the questions ... What was it like during the days of discovery?; of trial and error?; of invention? of the ancient peoples of the world? I also offer you supportive reading materials to help answer these questions.

All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) - Reprint with Permission

One of the Towers of the Ancients by Steve Hamblin - a Photographic Print


Steve Hamblin One of the Towers of the Ancients

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How did the ancients figure what to eat

To know what root was poison

And what was just a beet

Using poetry I bring up questions to commence our understanding of the Ancients


How did the ancients learn what was a cure

To pass it down through shamans

To keep the knowledge pure


How did the ancients learn to sow and reap

To know what seed to gather

What to cull and what to keep


How did the ancients decide a justice fair

Keep order in the kingdom

Mete punishments with care


How did the ancients learn to tan the hides

Weave the wool from sheep

Protect their lengthy strides

Domestication of Animals?

How did the ancients learn to ride a horse

To raise cattle and tame wolves

Keep lions wild, of course

Sailing The Seas?

How did the ancients learn to sails the seas

Be safe in times of storms

Hoist sails to catch the breeze

Feel free to ask a question of the Ancients and I may just put it to rhyme!

Let's Learn About the Ancients Together - Thank you for your visit

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    • Linda BookLady profile image

      Linda Jo Martin 5 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

      You ask a lot of compelling questions! I too have wondered how the ancient people learned to heal with herbs. In my own practice as an intuitive herbalist, I've received knowledge from the great beyond (generally hear voices of my guides and angels and relatives gone before) and when I am told a certain herb or substance can help, I research that (in books, and on the internet) and am amazed at how accurate these intuitions are. For example, once I prayed to Quan Yin for help with my eczema, and was told to include more oil in my diet. After I started doing that, the eczema went away. This may not be the best solution for everyone, but it worked for me. So I believe that the ancients may have learned about herbs intuitively, as I do.