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The Best in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology Humor Products

Updated on August 26, 2013

Science Products can Be Funny

I love starting my day with a good dose of any type of humor but science product humor is my favorite. Some of the humor is for everyone and some you need to know a little something about the actual mechanism behind it. Do not worry if you spent your time sleeping through biology, chemistry, or physics. You never know when something will strike you as hilarious for the first time. Plus, it may be time you found the perfect humorous gift for the science lover in your life.

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Welcome to the World of Biology Humor - One of the Greatest

A little background: In biology, we perform western blots to check for levels of protein. The textbook version looks like THE GOOD, the more realistic result looks like THE BAD, and we had one western blot in Molecular which turned out like THE UGLY.

Biology Humor in Books

You would be surprised at how much ridiculous research has been undertaken or just how many lab mistakes have resulted in producing life-saving medications. You know the wonder drug penicillin? That was actually discovered when Alexander Fleming accidentally left a petri culture dish out overnight. He discovered his plate culture of staphyloccocus to be contaminated by a blue-green mold. This mold, actually the penicillium fungi, would go on to save millions of lives. Pretty amazing mistake.

Quirky Biology Products Ranging From Coffee Mugs to Coasters

If you find humor (like I do) in so many things biology, than check out some of these picks. I love my 'if I'm not listening, than blame my neurotransmitters' coffee mug. Every time I look at it, I have to laugh. Add some humor to your life the biology way.

Where do you find your biology humor?

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Love Biology? Hate it? Totally Confused? - Share your thoughts (but not your microbes)

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    The World of Chemistry Humor

    I laughed when I saw this cartoon. For those of you who are completely confused, the cartoon depicts two atoms. Inside each atom there are neutrons (no charge), protons (positive charge), and electrons (negative charge). When you have the correct number inside an atom, there is no charge. If you lose an electron, than the charge becomes positive. Get it? Are you positive you lost an electron?

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    Chemistry Humor in Books

    I must admit, chemistry was never my forte. Organic chemistry first semester was fine but those IR and NMR readings...yep...looked like squiggles to me. Even if it was not for me, we owe a lot to the field of chemistry regardless of whether organic, inorganic, or biochemistry. Thanks to Chemistry we have so many different medications, can preserve our food for years to come, and don't have to feel pain when the dentist wages war on our mouths.

    Chemistry Shot Glasses? Yes! So Many fun Chemistry Products... - To Little Time

    Chemistry has even better life accessories than biology. It's sad but so true. Who would not want a chemistry cocktail set for drink mixing? Or an erlenmeyer flasks for salt and pepper shakers? Think of the chemical reactions you could start with these awesome conversation pieces.

    How do you celebrate the world of chemistry humor?

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    Love Chemistry? Hate it? Still lost about the cartoon? - Share your (nonchemical) reaction!

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      The World of Physics Humor

      Physics was a class which always had me torn between loving and hating it. I loved discussing the original works of Galileo and Newton. I absolutely loathed the labs. When I saw this picture, it reminded me precisely of those painful four hours of lab which seemed to consist of calculations, harder calculations, and then being left in complete confusion.

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      Physics Humor in Books

      I loved reading the real works by Galileo, Newton, and Einstein. As long as no math is involved, I do not even need humor to enjoy them. However, I promised humor and so I have searched Amazon for the humor in Physics for my squidoo readers.

      Magnetic Decision Makers? Physics Wall Clocks? Physics Humor for Your Whole Life

      Physics may not have a cocktail drink mixer but it does have quite the option of humorous items to fill your house and office with.

      How do you celebrate the world of Physics

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      Time for the Debate

      Do you find the humor in science?

      No. You guys are weird

      No. You guys are weird

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        Yes. I love it

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          • SavioC 3 years ago

            For sure .

          • Elizabeth Braun 3 years ago from Sheffiled, UK

            Finding humour in anything is healthy!

          • TanoCalvenoa 4 years ago


          • John Dyhouse 4 years ago from UK

            I love it the way you have depicted it here, as a scientist of course I would

          • L. Olson 4 years ago from Northern Arizona


          • anonymous 4 years ago

            Glad to be an inspiration.

          • anonymous 4 years ago

            Glad to be an inspiration.

          • indianz32 4 years ago

            I love this lense! I have some background in mathematics and physics and I enjoyed every part of this lense. Bookmarking this lense so that I can purchse these books you have recommended.

          • RoadMonkey 4 years ago

            Science can seem so serious at times. Adding some humour really makes it memorable and the sort of fun that it ought to be.

          • Leah J. Hileman 4 years ago from East Berlin, PA, USA

            Yes, thanks in large part to The Big Bang Theory on television, I get a kick out of this stuff.

          Enjoyed the World of Science Humor? - Comment at the speed of light! or just comment

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            • profile image

              JeffyDurden 3 years ago

              Nice stuff. A lot of these would be great gifts.

            • KathyZ1 profile image

              KathyZ1 3 years ago

              Interesting lens. Thanks for your sharing.

            • SavioC profile image

              SavioC 3 years ago

              Trust me I saw no humor when we studying these subjects in college specially chemistry (organic chemistry) . Today I can surely enjoy the humor . Every dog has his day .

            • profile image

              TanoCalvenoa 4 years ago

              My favorite humor about scientific things is in the comic strip The Far Side.

            • John Dyhouse profile image

              John Dyhouse 4 years ago from UK

              Enjoy humour in science, of course I did! And I am positive!

            • Glen Kowalski profile image

              Glen Kowalski 4 years ago

              science humor is great. Actually, any type of intelligent humor is great. Very tired of the same raunchy crap you see all over TV today.

            • kmhrsn profile image

              kmhrsn 4 years ago

              Love it!