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The Blue Whale is The Largest Living Creatures on Earth

Updated on December 17, 2014

Blue whale deep in the ocean

blue whale
blue whale | Source

The blue whale is the biggest living creature in the world today. The size of the blue whale is even bigger than the biggest dinosaur that ever ruled the earth. So, blue whales are considered as the largest creatures that ever lived on the earth. The largest blue whales ever measured was a female blue whale with length about 27 meters (around 90 feet) and have a weigh about 171.000kg (around 376.990 pounds). The female whales are able to grow larger than male whales. The female whales are able to reproduce her offspring once every two or three years. After birth, the offspring will be carried by their mother for around six to eight months, after that, the mother will stop feeding the offspring and then the offspring will follow their mother until around one year. Blue whales can reproduce when their age has reached about 10 years. Blue whales can live around 35 to 40 years but some of blue whales are able to survive longer than 40 years, the estimate time they can live are up to 80 years. Blue whales are categorized in the group of mammals, a family of rogual called baleen whales.

Blue whales have been categorized in the group of endangered animals because since the 19th to 20th century. Many blue whales are hunted by humans for all sorts of interests especially as food consumption until it eventually banned. Today, the blue whales population currently estimated around 12,000 only. Blue whales color specifications are brown with blue and gray spots. Blue whales have a small dorsal fin at its lower back. Blue whales populations can be found in every ocean all over the world. Blue whales are migrated from cold to certain places where the weather is usually warm, such as in tropical areas during winter seasons. Blue whales are like to eat shrimp, krill and plankton. Blue whales do not chew their food, in one swallow, thousands of lobsters, krill or plankton are filtered through a plate inside their mouth that called baleen. Blue whales are capable consuming average of 4 tons of shrimps, krill or plankton every day, mostly during the summer season.

Blue whales communicate with each other by using small moans, clicks, or noise buzzes sounds. Blue Whales also categorized as the loudest creature in the world because they can make noise up to 150 decibels that can be heard up until hundreds of miles from deep of the ocean.

Large blue whale
Large blue whale | Source

See the largest creature on the planet ever: the blue whale


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