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The Great White Pine a Native American Sharing

Updated on August 9, 2015

Native American stories are a handed down tradition.

For thousands of years the Native American Indians did not have a written down language in writings, but did have the Tradition of sharing stories told and repeated around the Winter Fires. Almost every tale tells a mixing with Creator and Mother Earth, and sometimes like this one have a direct connection with Christianity as we know it today.

Nevertheless, the sharings are real and no one can deny they have existed long before the printed page which book printed for the first time: The Bible!

Native Americans saw the wonder of Creator's Hand in all the things around them. This wonderful photo is a prime example!

Art painting shared is a Native American Artwork by Bob: Titled "Ruffled Birds" and we hope you enjoy viewing it.

It has been stamped to protect Copy Printing. It was one of his very early water colors.

Please share the article if you enjoy it with family and friends. Thank you!

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We share them because that is the thing to do and make nothing from our sharing.

The Great White Pine

A sharing by Wha-O-Chee

Many thousands and thousands of moons ago one Tribe of the First People Nation were called the Ojibwa and lived in the cold country along Thunder Bay and in Minnesota and among the people was a great Chief who had wisdom and knowledge because he traveled long ways in his hunting years and while he learned to Walk Silent among the trees and upon Mother Earth following his vision to collect only certain seeds that spoke to him. He was from a great birth that many whom were there still remember to this day.

He was a respected Warrior and a Great Hunter. When his time to be named arrived: He was named Thunder Hawk from the area he was born and the Hawk which flew and sat then watching his birth upon the World.

Many moons passed and Thunder Hawk aged as all people do in the passage of time upon Mother Earth. Thunder Hawks once jet black hair was now white as the snows of winter that appears each year upon the people. His bow hung upon his teepee and the arrows appeared well worn. In the corner stood his Great Staff and that is one more story of a tale?

He had aged into the years of about 99 as counted by the moons of passing and his eyes watched the coming of the Owl which would for tell his time of passing had come.

Knowing time was closing Thunder Hawk called his son Nighthawk to his teepee and asked him to sit and listen to that which Thunder Hawk had to say.

With hands a bit shaky and lacking the strength of a young Warrior the very wise old man reached under his ground bed and brought out a well worn and very old deerskin medicine bag which he had carried from his 12th year to To-Day.

Thunder Hawk placed the well worn bag with frayed edges and signs of wear into the right hand of his son Night Hawk and spoke Ti-Baki-Enane which means my days are few. My son take my medicine bag and when you are out of my site and beyond my teepee sitting in the woods of the land: Open it!

Thunder Hawk continued speaking to his son and stated,

In this medicine bag my son you shall discover special seeds which through my vision Mother Earth brought me to find when they spoke to me. From distances beyond the eyes and farther than the crow flies I have fulfilled my Vision Quest as required by Creator. Now I need you my son to take care of them and do now that which I tell you to do in Honor of my Memory within your heart.

From this day every time a new child is born upon the People you shall plant one of my vision seeds into Mother Earth. Then great gift trees will come to pass and The People shall build their abode from the great trees and wood from these in moons further shall become vessels that flow upon waters as I have seen in my Vision and The People shall prosper in this great gift if you do as your Father requests?

My Father, I shall follow what you ask and I shall honor thy word. And, I shall plant the seeds you have gathered to complete your Vision Quest granted by the Creator and guided by Mother Earth.

Night Hawk watched as his Fathers eyes closed for the last time, and Night Hawk wept as only a warrior can weep.

Night Hawk left his fathers teepee and went out into the world going camp to camp of the tribe to see when a child was born. For each child born he planted a Vision Seed in Honor and Respect of his Fathers Word.

Soon giant and wonderful Great White Pines filled the landscape as far as eyes could see. Night Hawk watched them grow and when they reached the sky each formed new pine cones and he now gathered them and kept renewing the vision seeds in Honor of his Father and this went on for many many moons beyond count ability for the numbers soared as new babies were born upon the Nation.

Many moons passed and Night Hawk aged as all people do in the passage of time upon Mother Earth. Night Hawks once jet black hair was now white as the snows of winter that appears each year upon the people.

Night Hawk was sleeping one night in his teepee when he was shaken and awakened by the sound of many thunders rumbling in his ears. Opening his eyes he saw a glow and bright light shining down upon his face of 500 years upon Mother Earth. And then he saw them!

Standing next to his bow he saw the Spirit of his Father and next to him were two other Spirits of Warrior Chiefs.

Night Hawk listened as he heard a soft voice from his Fathers Spirit speak words spoken unto him.

My faithful son Night Hawk has kept his promise upon the Honor and Respect requested by me, and we are all well pleased in your Silent Walk planting the seeds of the Great White Pine. We are aware you gave all to accomplish this task and have not known the joy of sons or daughters or even a single place to hang your bow.

Hear me now my son! We three have come to give you a great work to do and ask you to once more Honor and Respect the words of your Father.

Tonight upon Mother Earth the Greatest Child ever born will be born in a far away land where only the wood vessels shall one day travel that I saw in my vision and shared with you 500 years ago.

Now pick the finest seed that you have and travel in speed to the highest hill you can discover and plant it immediately in Mother Earth so that all men of the Nation and all women of the Nation may see the tree that grows from that seed and then the world itself shall wonder. The words of Thunder Hawk are ended!

Night Hawk watched as all Three Spirits walked out of his teepee and it became dark and silent inside the teepee.

Then he arose and started walking to Thunder Hill which was the tallest hill he knew of in all of his years Walking Silent. And, upon this hill he planted the finest seed he had!

The seed started to grow immediately when covered with some soft earth, and it grew 20 times faster than any tree can grow and in days had become taller than any Great White Pine upon all of Mother Earth. In fact, it was so tall that even the night stars hung upon its boughs and the moon seemed to always make it glow as waters and wind tendered it the things of life.

Night Hawk watched this thing, and when the tree was as tall as it could grow: Night Hawk closed his eyes for the last time while sitting his back upon the tree.

Our story does not end here?

Many moons passed and people cut down the tree into wood beams for vessels to sail the great salt waters to far away lands. The vessels arrived and sold the wood to the traders. The traders sold the wood beams to the Romans who then one day made a cross for a Child that had become a man!

This story was told long before any Bible was ever written and is what it is and what it was told around the Winter Fires. Believe it or not?

We are on the internet: Annlee Cakes

Pondering thoughts!

By pabear48


The way of life is in the Power of the Tongue:

And, life lends it's everlasting hand unto all languages:

For life is the shadow of knowledge hidden in the ages;

But, breaking forth by virtue of the Light:

Hold thy tongue and learn the secret of ALL LIFE:


Exploring beyond our Earth into the Galaxy is a most remarkable thing.

Yet! So few even have explored the tiny bit of world they live upon.

So few have even explored their very own city or town itself........

So few have yet to see any remarkable things surrounding them.

Yet! Every single living thing has the right to explore and view daily.

So walk forth and see what you can see TODAY.......................


Rather would I like the bare necessities of taking potluck over two birds in the bush for gain..........

For one may own the world and still have nothing

Or, one could pretend to have something and yet,

NEVER HAVING A THING: Do you understand?

From the start of Heritage handed down...Some knew the simple bare necessities of life were the greatest aspects of life itself from the Creation of Time. Yet! Even the simple became complex when the bare necessities were left behind.

And, replaced by the haves and must haves of want attached to not needed or not necessary for the bare necessities of life.


Native American Cultural Tales and Stories

May Wakan Tanka encircle you and yours with faith to believe, hope for the future, and love for all....

Blessings Annlee

Ponderings by pabear48

Whom is also known as Wha-O-Chee

Everyday as the World changes:

We each also change!

Sometimes the changes cannot be seen or felt,

but nonetheless have occurred within and shine out.

Change is a human growing process!

May you discover your changes..........Amen


Life is like a Carnival ride:

Everyone has ups and downs.

Some are fun and exciting, and others bring fears.

Learning to reject the fear is the key of Wisdom!

Find it and all fears disappear forevermore......Amen

Magic of Life:

The magic of life is the beginning of understanding within one's own self by looking for that which others see of them. Which simply means...Learning to view yourself as others see you every day. And, making the changes so they view you as you desire to be viewed.










Native American Bone Chokers

How to find a Real Native Craft Artist

From the beginning of The Great Cedar:

Native Americans crafted and wore jewelry carved from bone and horn parts. The bone choker provided physical protection of the neck and the jugular vein during battle and fighting in the hope to deflect an arrow shot at them by an enemy during war parties.

Bone chokers are also believed to provide spiritual protection of the voice which was a gift from the story of the Bears Berry. By wearing a bone choker, the spirits of the animal they come from were believed to provide spiritual protection from all kinds of troubles and even disease.

It was said that the Spirit shall also provide a great speaking ability when wearing a properly made bone choker that always speaks the truth and guides the warrior to speak from the heart. Warriors that had been to battle always wore a bone choker which showed they were in battle with enemies of the tribe.

In many tribes the Medicine Man would create powerfully made types of bone chokers to protect the Spirit of the warrior. And some Native Americans even had vision dreams about a certain type of bone choker and then asked their tribe's Medicine Man to make it for them. Rarely would a Native American make his or her own bone choker as it required the spiritual power of the Medicine People so the bone choker would have the great spiritual powers and protections while being worn. Most were crafted from buffalo bones and a few from deer bones and very special vision dream ones could be from any animal even birds. Some bones were dyed and colored by using plants like the blueberry and raspberry or wild strawberries and even cranberries. They experimented in dying bones and sometimes even hides.

Originally they used real animal Sinew used to string bone chokers were usually from Deer or Buffalo and were cut usually with a sharpened stone or a piece of harder bone scrapped upon rocks until razor sharp. When they could they adopted porcupine quills as needles and for making holes. Spacers were crafted from bones, rocks, quills, wood and leather before white man brought metal and beads for adorning the chokers. They also used precious stones like turquoise or shells and feathers and using beads when they arrived. And even carved designs and finally adding sliver and/or gold on the chokers.

It was believed that the number of strands a choker was made in held a greater meaning to the original Natives than it does To-Day?

Or another tale states they increased the strands for more protection during battles. A larger choker deflected more arrow hits? This also influenced the protective bone breast plates created also for arrow deflection while in battle.

By the fires we have been told the number of strands meaning when created?

1) Creator

2) Mother Earth

3) Spirit Walking

4) The Four Wind Spirits Protection

5) A Great Warrior

6) Tribal Leaders and Medicine People

7) Spiritual Unity

8) Peace and Totality of Spirit: Silent Walking!

Bone Chokers To-Day are made commercially and in great numbers and yet there still are some traditional Medicine People who do hand-craft and create cultural styled bone chokers which are not commercially mass produced.

How can you find them?

You can find them at Pow Wows by simply asking if they can craft YOU a Special Order item with the bones and decorations YOU PICK. If they can you discovered a real traditional crafter and not a mass produced seller.

It is like a REAL SEED BEAD ARTIST who can create a Special Order design of YOUR CHOICE of colored seed beads to use in the finished pattern item. Mass produced people whom are simply sellers cannot do this simple test? Hand-crafting is a learned skill and it is an art of Culture and Traditions. And, please remember just as you go to work expecting a living wage in these days: So does a genuine traditional crafter deserve the same concept and respect of their Mother earth gifted abilities as Medicine People.

You have found one To-Day!

Come visit Annlee Cakes

Animals Once Talked?

Told by story teller Wha-O-Chee

Animals Once Talked ?

Many moons ago and long before the two-footed beasts appeared upon Mother Earth, the animals of the earth had voices and could talk in wide ranging conversations with the Creator of all things and of course with the Four Winds and Mother Earth.

Of all the animals the most gifted in knowledge was the turtle, and more specific the turtle called "Nodder". Now nodder was a medium size green back turtle that lived along the Great White Pine and enjoyed sun bathing upon the crystal rocks that poked from the waters. He had a good friend named "Wahtonka" who was a very fat white buffalo that roamed the Giant White Pines now and then when not eating the green grass of the plains. Wahtonka had a great gift of humor!

Many other animals lived around the waters and the Great White Pine also.

One day "Sneaky" who was a reddish brown and short haired fox was down around the waters getting a drink. He saw out on the crystal rocks sitting the wise Nodder. "Hey Nodder" he called out.

Nodder replied: "Morning Sneaky" as he raised his head to take a peek. Now Sneaky always had many reasons to converse and most of them were quite sneaky to get something he should not have? For Sneaky always thought of himself as quite the fox.

Sneaky called out: " Have you seen Mother Earth this day?" and Nodder replied she was by and by the Great White Pine talking with Wahtonka about going forth into the grass lands and not playing under the Great White Pine. He is so stubborn at times?

Sneaky spoke up saying: "Well I wanted to see her and ask what it is that I found just below the needles of the Great White Pine and is it good for me to eat?"

"What did you find?" asked Nodder.

" I do not know? That is why I wanted to talk with Mother Earth." stated Sneaky. "However, it is round and dark and even pink and makes funny noises? And it wiggles and crawls all around the Great White Pine. And, it smells like it would be good food to eat."

Nooder agreed it was a good question for Mother Earth.

It was then both heard the trees rumble and the ground shake and leaves were falling all over the waters. They knew it had to be Wahtonka heading on down for a drink of cold refreshing water.

As he entered the clearing Wahtonka bellowed out: "Good day Nodder and also you Sneaky". Both replied almost together to Wahtonka, "Afternoon".

Sneaky spoke up first to Wahtonka: "Is Mother Earth still around for I heard she was talking with you this day?". In response Wahtonka stated: " She was, but now she is gone to the far far place where the Moon sets along the Great Waters and will not be back this day."

"Nuts" said Sneaky for he had a question for her. Sneaky spoke up saying: "Well I wanted to see her and ask what it is that I found just below the needles of the Great White Pine and is it good for me to eat? And, it is round and dark and even pink and makes funny noises? And it wiggles and crawls all around the Great White Pine. And, it smells like it would be good food to eat."

Wahtonka broke our with a rumbled laughter. "You foolish fox always thinking of your stomach and not of the greater things upon our lands, I know what you discovered and found for I found it yesterday and also wanted to know what it is from Mother Earth but never did I consider it to be eaten or as food and fodder".

Nodder spoke: " So you do know what Sneaky also found?"

"Yes" said the deep voice of Wahtonka. "She explained it to me." And, immediately Sneaky broke in and said " Can I eat it? "

"No, No you cannot eat the dark and even pink thing that crawls. For Mother Earth told me SHE JUST MADE MAN.

Just the beginning and never the ending: Wha-O-Chee

Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts

Designs all Native American Indian pow wow and dance style items, including

seed beaded earrings, and regalia jewelry hand-crafted in traditional styles to the Native American Nation.

My seed beaded crafts are not an assembly line, and most you will find offered here are a "LIMIT OF ONE" simply because they are "hand assembled" and not mass produced. My earrings are for the distinctive addition to personal Native Regalia. Our beading is for the wearing in the Dance Circle or for personal choice of the buyer.

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Hray-Mah! The Earth is Gone? (Hraymah Jesus Christ is Coming! Book 4)
Hray-Mah! The Earth is Gone? (Hraymah Jesus Christ is Coming! Book 4)
Kindle Reader Edition. Hray-Mah is the Word of God shared unto mankind. Behold: Jesus returns quickly: What does that mean Today? What are the SEVEN PRAYERS Jesus asked those following Him to pray? Who wants all the World "NOT TO READ THEIR BIBLE"? Hray-Mah is A WARNING TO CHRISTIANS ! No one is left to remember why the Earth as we knew it ended that day and all life was extinguished from its face: But, the signs were all around long before it happened. The problem was no one believed the signs? Simply, they forgot to read?

© 2011 Trulee Ann


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