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The Iceman Richard Kuklinski

Updated on November 4, 2013

Richard Kuklinski - Organized Crime Hitman

When we say people are a product of their environment, we aren't kidding. By this, I mean society as a whole. Kids just don't start killing animals for no reason most of the time unless they are sociopaths, a very small number in our population as people. Richard Kuklinski was molded for the job of hitman since the day he was born. With some of his fearlessness being inborn, and some bread by two horribly abusive parents, they created a killing machine. This killing machine killed cruelly, tortured, and murdered without conscience for profit.

Richard Kuklinski served the latter half of his life in prison. As a result of experiencing no love, security, or praise, Kuklinski became a paranoid, antisocial person who had no friends, and needed none. This served him well in a life of crime as a murderer for hire. With no conscience, and a lack of true friends, he was allowed to murder freely without witnesses. You know what they say. Dead men tell no tales!

Environmental Factors

The Shaping of a Killer!

Richard's father actually beat his older brother to death. The family covered for him and he went unpunished. He would beat his children just for the sake of beating them. He often didn't have a reason. Richard grew up in the New Jersey housing projects with his strict and severe Catholic mother after his father abandoned them when he was still a young boy. The damage had already been done, and continued, however. Richard was often beaten by his mother with a broom about the body anyplace she decided to strike her blows. Consequently, Richard also has a brother serving a life sentence for murder in the same prison as he is housed in. His brother threw a teen girl and her dog off a roof, killing both of them. This was after he raped her. She was about 12 or 13 years old. Richard often tied cats tails together and watched them tear each other apart and lit cats on fire in his incinerator in his basement as a child. He got sick of being picked on both at home and outside in the neighborhood. It is said that he killed his first victim at the age of thirteen. He has never felt bad about killing. In fact, he killed around fifty people before the age of eighteen. He doesn't even get a conscience pang in his stomach when carrying out the grizzliest of murders. When your father kicks your brother down the stairs, killing him, I am quite sure you become immune to almost anything. Richard died despising his abusive father. He was asked to comment on his brother's murder conviction. His response was, "We come from the same father.". His mother, I think perhaps he may have forgiven. He commented in the Iceman Interviews that she was a victim of her circumstances, but again reiterated just how much he hated his father.

Richard's Unique Family Life - Contract Killer Who Loved His Family

Unlike many brutal contract killers, Richard truly led a double life. He would commit these horrible murders for money, but spend most of his time with his wife and children, who he loved dearly. He was kind to them, and provided well for them with his lucrative career. He could become violent towards his wife, but enjoyed being with her most of all. He would just snap and go into rages. She couldn't believe it when she actually heard his voice on tape discussing murders he committed. It was just beyond her that he was actually capable of committing these horrific acts. For example, he let rats eat a person alive in a cave and taped it. The odd thing is that he wasn't a serial killer. He didn't commit these murders for purposes of satisfaction. He followed orders and collected his pay at the end. It was a job, and he went on leading his regular life at home with his wife and kids. He celebrated all the regular holidays at home with them, and probably ate Sunday dinner. His wife does say that if he got up quick to leave, you would just accept it and say goodbye and wait for his return. She knew never to question him.

Antisocial Personality Disorder & Paranoia - Charming Lawbreaker - Don't Tick Him Off!

Richard has been diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder. In this disorder, it is common that the subject has been beaten and abused, and in turn abuses animals. With an antisocial personality, the subject can be charming and even likable at times. Sometimes these people can have drug abuse problems. Richard didn't. He was a straight arrow in that department. These people are angered easily and get into fights. He also has paranoid personality features. These two disorders coupled together make a perfect killer!

Richard's Death - The Ice Man Movie in the Works

Richard Kuklinski died in prison of 2006. I believe this was of natural causes. There is word that there may be an Iceman movie coming out. Its anyone's guess who is up for the role of Iceman, Richard Kuklinski. Richard was a large man. He was about 300 pounds and six foot five. He was as big as he was cold blooded in his deeds. It is said that Mickey Rourke may land the role. We shall see what happens. I am sure he can pull it off. Mr. Kuklinski had a thick New Jersey accent, but not the typical mobster accent. He was Polish and Irish so he wasn't part of the actual mob. He wasn't Italian at all. He just worked for them very successfully, might I add.

The Iceman Confesses - Part One

See the Iceman himself, Richard Kuklinski in this exclusive interview with a psychiatrist.

Richard Kuklinski - The Iceman Part 2

Richard is born in Jersey City in the projects to a railroad worker and a meat packing worker.

Richard - And Mr. Softie - Assassin

He continues to tell his story.

The Iceman - Packs Victims on Ice

Mobster hit on ice!

Richard Discusses His Brother - Murder Runs in the Family

We come from the same father.

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    • amyrussell profile image

      amyrussell 4 years ago

      @alvin-trail: I saw that a couple of months ago, was it Very Bad Men or was it Who The Bleep Did I Marry? I can't remember. It think it was on Bio, though. I will have to think about that one for a few, lol!

    • profile image

      alvin-trail 4 years ago

      scarywoodwitch - which show had richard kuklinski's wife on tv?

    • amyrussell profile image

      amyrussell 4 years ago

      @Snakesmum: He certainly doesn't seem like a super guy, lol! I think him being locked up was a good plan. I watched a television show with his wife on it who said she wished him dead every day, crazy, huh!

    • Snakesmum profile image

      Jean DAndrea 4 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      What a charming person! I can't stand cruelty to animals. Prison was the only place for him.