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The Advantages Of Using A Computer In Homeschooling

Updated on March 23, 2011

The Advantages Of Using A Computer In Homeschooling

Why you should use computers when homeschooling

Today there are a lot of educational CD-ROMS, DVDs and disks available. There are a lot of great advantages to using educational software, including:

1.Using a computer will save you time in the homeschooling day because you will not have to do old-fashioned flashcard-style drills with your child.

2.Computers can also reduce your stress level when it comes to teaching material that you yourself do not understand. This is because there are a lot of web sites available that you can use to supplement your lesson plans.

3.If you are teaching music or art the computer can be used not only to tell you information but also to show you things as well.

4.There are also a lot of colorful illustrations available online that you can use in your lesson plans.

5.The computer is able to interact with your child and thus provide immediate feedback. This is especially true of computer software. Regardless of how fast you are, this is something that you simply cannot do.

6.If you are trying to explain to your child how something works, you can easily locate animations and other 3-D teaching modules.

7.Children really enjoy using computers. This is probably because the majority of computer software has a high "fun factor" to it.

8.When your child gets older, they are going to have to learn good research skills. Of course, in today's society, the majority of research is done online. Therefore, it is important for children to learn how to do this.

9.Computers are able to encourage children to do more writing. This is especially good for boys who have a tendency of hating handwriting. While this is true, most boys will be a lot more positive when it comes to learning how to type on the computer keyboard.

10.Children have a tendency of becoming absorbed in the computer. This can be a good thing whenever it is used constructively because it means that they are willing to spend more time doing their homework on the computer than they would be if they were using a workbook.

While all of these things are great benefits for children who are using computers to do their schoolwork, there are also great benefits to children being online. Of course, you are going to have to truly supervise your child here but the benefits are so great that they are well worth your time. Some of the benefits that children will reap from going online include:

1.If you choose to send your child to a cyber school, your child will have a real live teacher who knows the subject matter that is being taught. Your child will be able to interact with this teacher.

2.While you may not have ever thought of this, if you send your child to a cyber school they can make friends with their online classmates and develop a sense of "school spirit."

3.There is a lot of great information and educational software available on the Internet today that your child will surely enjoy.

The Advantages Of Using A Computer In Homeschooling


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    • profile image

      loren 4 years ago

      amazing am I right

    • profile image

      fortune 5 years ago

      using a computer has helped me a lot an am proud 2 say tht even 2day am stil using one.

    • profile image

      trina 5 years ago

      computer is really very helpful to us just imagine the world without a computer? so boring :)

    • profile image

      allisa 7 years ago

      i think using homeschool computers have benefited me alot and saved me alot of time.

    • profile image

      faye 8 years ago

      what are the advantages using computer

    • profile image

      Arthur 8 years ago

      Man Brenda u really helped with my Project u are very smart thnx again

    • profile image

      billy  9 years ago

      imagine this world without the computer... very tired of living i think

      live let live TAU GAMMAY PWE..1968 ANG MGA BAKLANG LION.