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The Benefits Of Cyberschooling

Updated on March 23, 2011

The Benefits Of Cyberschooling

Why you may want to cyberschool your child

Today there is a new option available for parents who would like to homeschool their children but think that they lack the knowledge or the "know how" to do so. There are now online homeschool programs available, which are more commonly referred to as "cyberschools."

These cyberschools are a great way to ensure that your child is learning what they need to know. This can provide you with a little help if you need it. At the same time you will also be able to place your values into the hands of your child. However, you will not be able to teach your child what you believe that she should know. So, as you can clearly see, there are both benefits and drawbacks to having your child attend a cyberschool.

A lot of parents who have chosen to cyberschool their children have done so because of what they cyberschool is able to offer them, besides ensuring that their child knows what he needs to know. Some of the other things that you can expect from an online home school program include:

1.The curriculum has been well thought out and it has also been tried in order to ensure that it will benefit the child. However, you should know that this is not the same curriculum that is being taught in the public school system. While a cyberschool will always cover the main subjects, which include English, math, history, geography and Science. If you are a Christian parent, you will be glad to know that your child will also have Bible as a part of his core lessons. With these cyberschools you also have the ability to choose electives. So, if there is something that you would like to see your child learn, you can choose an elective from here for him to take. The electives include such things as college prep courses, history on any of the 50 states, etc.

2.With a cyberschool you will be able to download all of the software that your child will need to use. You can also make backups of your child's work. In fact, there are a lot of cyberschool programs that will actually ask you if you would like to make a backup of your work. You would make sure that you always answer "yes" whenever you see this question.

3.You can allow for special projects that you come across and think that your child would enjoy. You may also choose to have your child do an oral presentation for you of what he has learned. This will be very beneficial for the both of you as he will be able to demonstrate what he is learning and you will be able to see where he really needs you to give him some extra help.

4.Most cyberschool's lesson plans are also customizable according to your child's needs or the way in which they learn the best. This is one of homeschool's many pluses: You can have the curriculum be based upon your child's own personal needs.

The Benefits Of Cyberschooling


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    • ljmatt profile image

      ljmatt 9 years ago from Hereford

      Hi Brenda - this is a very interesting hub. I wonder if you are aware of a new system that is about to be launched. It is called Magnum IQ and they have devised what they are calling Interactive Online Learning Channels. There will be live, one to one tuition and homework help for children, as well as sessions/lessons in all manner of subjects for all ages children and adults alike, all brought to you live and interactive. Please visit my hub on Webucation. The company site is worth a visit at Feel free to contact me for more information