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AnomalyMan's Heavy Stuff

Updated on September 10, 2014

Heavy Esoteric Ideas - The Blog Of Esoteric Author H. R. Phillips - The Heavy Stuff

IF you have an interest in the `unknown' things that occur within the outer edge of our mutual reality - things such as life after death, UFOs, doppelgangers, time travel and other mysteries - then you have come to the right place on Hubpages. This page explores those unknowns, and much more; and will challenge your mind into thinking about your own positions on these matters and possibilities.

So, go ahead, be brave - dig into this page - and bookmark and return too - as there is much to explore. My special thanks to all those who are `pinning' this webpage. (Make Sure To Vote Too On This Page)

By the way, more of my `AnomalyMan' branded websites can be found - just look for the AnomalyMan Creature.

One caveat , some of the essays that you will find below are now not at The Heavy Stuff blog anymore, but are a key part of my Kindle Books - which you will find on this page too. One of the books that you will find below is named, Beyond The Great Beyond; it is made up of 13 previous GREAT posts from The Heavy Stuff. (So, please make sure to read a sample chapter. Beyond The Great Beyond also `won' an Award from the website Freebooksy.Com) My namesake book - The Heavy Stuff is also below.

Again, thanks for your visit to my Hubpage - your time and thoughts are appreciated.

The NAMESAKE Book - The Heavy Stuff - Released In 2013

I've taken many of the first 50 posts you just looked at on the list above and put about 30 of them into this Kindle E-Book called..... The Heavy Stuff.

Please read a sample of the book as I've given it a great pre-write up and you can see the amazing chapter titles. This may be the heaviest book you will ever read.

The Heavy Stuff
The Heavy Stuff

When was the last time you read about the phenomenology of Doppelgangers? Or, thought about the philosophical implications of mutual hypnotic landscapes with real ontology? Yeah, I thought so - give The Heavy Stuff a portion of your mind.


My Blog Called ------------ The Heavy Stuff - *Over 100 Direct Links To Posts On The Heavy Stuff

Chasing Down The Elusive Side Of Consciousness

* Many of these posts have now become chapters in my Kindle book offerings and are no longer available for free on the internet.

Heavy Gift Ideas - For Your Mind - Splurging on YOUR Consciousness

Help to find the way to altered states with these alternative methods

Mindplace Sirius Light & Sound Mind Machine
Mindplace Sirius Light & Sound Mind Machine

Product Features

Quickly Achieve Deep States of Relaxation

23 Built-In Sessions Created To Guide Your Mind Into Different States

30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed Return Policy & Lifetime of Technical Support

ColorPulse Mode Synchs the Beat of Your Music Into Flickering Geometric Patterns Behind Your Eyelids

MicroPulse Mode: Built-In Microphone Synchronizes A Light Session With Sounds in Your Environment


Heavy Videos - Ghost Videos - None of the Fluff - I Only Select the BEST For This Page

Most of these videos came straight off my anomaly lens on Squidoo or from my blog. All are worthy of a click.

My Phenomenology Blog Called - Whatisnotabletonotbeis - What Is Not Able To Not Be ----- IS

Is this the nets only phenomenology blog?

MY Personal HEAVY Bookshelf - Over The Top Mind Books

Again, these are MY absolute favorites for being `heavy' books. Books that I'm positive will influence you too. Give them a quick sample read at Amazon to find out more.

BTW, `Heavy' was one of my favorite words in the 70's.

All the book descriptions below are by THS (meaning me, Rick Phillips - Editor and Writer for The Heavy Stuff - THS).

The Inflationary Universe
The Inflationary Universe

Is this the heaviest book written in the last 50 years? I'd say it could be. What else could possibly be heavier than being the first person to actually `figure out' all the most perplexing astronomy data -- and then to --- `explain it' to the rest of the scientists in the world. Yes, this is the man who figured out the `problem' with the BIG BANG -- and thought of the solution. The solution was INFLATION. Those amazing moments next to creation that included the notion that `space' can expand `quicker' than the speed of light. Indeed, if Guth is right (and one experiment after another has confirmed inflation) the universe we live in is huge in a manner that you have probably never even considered. For example, you may know that the `edge' of our VISIBLE universe is about 13.7 billion years away -- however, BEYOND that `visible edge' lies OUR SAME UNIVERSE -- we simply can't see it (and never will) -- but it is there with stars and worlds just like `here' in our visible portion. But, get this, that `unseen portion' of our universe is TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS times the size of our `visible' portion. Yes, you need this book -- how can you say NO to the heaviest book of the 1900's? Heavy Rating 10+.


Beyond Absurd Anomalies - Has To Be Fortean, Right?

If you have NOT seen the below clip, you haven't scratched the surface of how Fortean 9-11-2001 really was.

Personal Heavy Bookshelf TWO - Mind Expansion - Not - Mind Decay

How have you treated your mind lately?

I have read EACH of these books and suggest that mind ideas are inside all of them.

Critical Path
Critical Path

Many folks feel that `Bucky' Buckminster Fuller was the greatest thinker of the 1900's. If you have never seen his world map without distortion - you haven't seen the world in true proportion. Bucky was such a great thinker that a type of CARBON is named after him -- is there a greater honor than that. You must be familiar with this book and some of his greatest ideas. Heavy Rating - 10.


Spooky House Picture

Look Around For More

Personal Heavy Bookshelf THREE - All Books Fully Read with Review By The Heavy Stuff

Books Make Wonderful Gifts

The End of Time: The Next Revolution in Physics
The End of Time: The Next Revolution in Physics

Physics taken to the new limits of the 2000's -- this version saying that `time itself' does not exist. This version says that only `space' exists. And, that `that' space -- is `chosen' via a method that compares one moment to another by selecting the `next space' that is the `most similar' with the least intrinsic difference from the previous `space'. Wonderfully heavy book by a renegade Physics writer. Heavy Rating - 10


Heavy Mind Perceptions And Heavy Thinking - Only the Best

The range of possibilities for links about Mind Perceptions is beyond HUGE - it could be the only thing that exists - literally. But, of urgent realization is that `we all don't see the same things' -- even right down to `what color' represents something in OUR mind -- and I'm writing of more than `color blindness' and such -- I'm literally contending that we have no basis for saying the Green I see is the same as the Green you see. But, heavy mind perceptions will go beyond that - will go beyond the fact that everything we see comes into our retina `upside down'(and that our brain coverts it to the reality we `see') -- will go beyond the fact that I will have links below to 3-D pictures on a 2-D screen -- or that some will be able to see such images and others will NOT see them. No, this section will go beyond seeing the UFO in the sky or Ghost on the staircase -- BUT, will touch on it all.

Heavy ParaNormal - Only the Best

What's the BEST ParaNormal event of alltime you ask? Well, to me, one of the greatest mysteries to humans is `do we survive death' - as you know, the world religions are predicated on having the answer. So, in a way, paraNormal will be the `special consensus' area of where consciousness can truely occur --- an idea worth a second look indeed.

Majestic Art - Great Screensavers

Huge Pictures Of Heavy Scenes

Personal Bookshelf Number Four - Again, my personal favorites that twisted my mind.

When the Impossible Happens: Adventures in Non-Ordinary Realities
When the Impossible Happens: Adventures in Non-Ordinary Realities

I just finished this book (1-24) and found it very interesting. Dr Grof is certainly one of the worlds leading investigators of LSD (when it was legal) and other substances said to teleport one into a different `level'. He literally has been doing research for 50 years and when doing the research has had events occur that seem and read beyond belief. That said, for me, only an event or two rose to the `Impossible' - in my opinion. Also, if you have an interest in the esoteric and consciousness issues from karma onward - this may be a book of interest to you. Finally, if Carl Sagen is a hero of yours - do not read the chapter about him.


Heavy Science - Only The Best

The speculative edges of science Theory on the cosmology of the universe reads like fiction - BUT - it is the one we must all use in this era of reason. See where reason has gone; how the univese is explained; and more. Time, Space, Consciousness - science has something to say about all of them - it is here that you will find the best HEAVY links for that focus.

The Heavy Stuff - Let Me Know What You Think

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