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The Impervious Impossibility Of Time Travel Backwards

Updated on March 8, 2012

Fact Or Myth?

There have been many a story of the possibilities of time travel. Numerous accounts of science fiction give us glimpses of those likely situations involving traveling back in time and the advent of those accounts having drastic effects that rewrite history. Although time travel into the future may still be a theoretical possibility, I believe there is enough factual information to say for certain that time travel into the past is completely impossible.

There are many factors that prove this, both fictional and non-fictional, technically, even these very words you're reading now. Let us delve into the possibilities and their solid proof of time travel backwards being absolutely fiction.

Fictional (or, more preferably, science fictional) Accounts of Backwards Time Travel

Although wonderful in their interpretations, stories involving the instance of traveling back in time prove inconsistent with factual proof. Among the many great interpretations, stories like The Time Machine, Back To The Future, and even Superman, though seemingly consistent, show factual flaws in their stories.

In The Time Machine, we experience time travel both into the past and the future. The story has been rewritten several times, but all have accounts of backwards time travel. In the most recent version, the main character uses backwards time travel in an attempt to save the woman he loves from certain death. In his pursuits, one of the fictional "laws" of certainties, although somewhat unrelated, involve him realizing that her death happened no matter what action he took to alter her demise. This is related though, due to the fact that he is attempting to change the events of the past. In this instance, even though his attempt is inevitably failing, he is still altering the past slightly, which, even slightly, should have an impact on what transpired from that point onward in the "written" history.

This is evident in our next example, the Back To The Future stories, where a scientist and a boy are involved in very detailed and drastic effects of altering the course of history. In these stories, the drastic "rewrites" of history seem to materialize into the altered future of events. The coersion shows the abnormalities in the story, most evident in the third installment, where the boy sees the scientist's grave is already in place due to him having altered events from the times of the old west era of history. A picture is taken of the tombstone and, as the story progresses, the boy alters events to change the reading on the tombstone in his quest to stop the scientist's demise.

In the Superman story, the hero also attempts to rewrite history, theoretically turning back time to prevent disasters that happened, including the instance of his lady counterpart's demise. Again, the inconsistencies are self evident, as I will explain below.

Non-fictional Accounts of Backwards Time Travel

The inconsistencies in the fictional stories above are a result of the very real consistencies of reality. The most major factual proof of this is thus - if history -could- have been rewritten, then it would already -have- been originally written that way. The past would not alter the future out of thin air, it would just be and have been from the point of the actions taken to have been transpired.

Inevitably, this article could not have held water to be written, the fictional stories would be deemed ludacris by factual proof of their inconsistent points, and we would all already know everything and anything that will transpire in time already. Read correctly, this is stating that time travel into the past would have been proven already.

Another fact is that many of the unexplainable circumstances of reality would have their explanation already - we would be able to prove, with utmost certainty, how any crime happened, or even have prevented any crime from happening to begin with. Wars would be, not only inconsistent, but not even fought, or had they been, the results already accounted for. Questions surrounding real world instances, like the myths surrounding Stonehenge, wouldn't still be a mystery. Also, proof of the future, should time travel into the future and the past alike ever exist, would be evident now in the present.

What's more is, the further proof of never being able to travel back in time is that of our nature as human beings - corruption would see to it that the past wouldn't survive to our present time. Ultimately, the present would not exist.


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    • Christopher Dapo profile image

      Christopher Dapo and S. 4 years ago from Havelock, NC

      I loved hearing your thoughts on this, DR. I think the past is just that, what's done is done, and it'll never happen again.

      - Christopher

    • Darrell Roberts profile image

      Darrell Roberts 4 years ago

      Great Hub Christopher,

      I agree with all of your points. They are logical.

      -For example Superman tried to spin the planet backwards to turn back time. In actually, he would have to spin back, the moon, planets, stars, etc, backward as well, because of how things are interrelated.

      -My thoughts are, there is only one absolute time and that is "Now". As I write this I am in the "now" and as you read this you are in the "Now". These time can never happen the same way again.

      -Even the thoughts in our minds have come to use in a very specific sequence that cannot be altered because, they have come and gone and we are in a particular "Now" because of our thoughts and actions. Absolute Reality is cannot be reversed, that is my conclusion.

      Good luck with your writing.

      I wish you the best,


    • Christopher Dapo profile image

      Christopher Dapo and S. 6 years ago from Havelock, NC

      Thanks for reading, Eddy!

      Actually, this story and the one about the Haley's Rocket guy both stem from the same subject - the theories of time travel! I'm working on one more that goes into my own theories on how to attempt time travel that I'll release shortly.

      I do dare to explore where many fear to venture! :D

      - Christopher

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

      So very interesting Christopher;I really enjoyed it and have a vote up up and away here.

      Take care and enjoy your day.