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This is As Good As it Gets: The Purpose of Real Relationships

Updated on June 5, 2011
Clinging Vines of Insecurity
Clinging Vines of Insecurity

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Email O-Gram Invitation: Esoteric Psychology

Relationships are funny creatures; designed to elicit the best and worst from the individuals involved in them. Although it appears as if you are involved with another distinct person, you are, in fact involved with an underlying obscured part of yourself which needs identifying and relating to.

With appropriate understanding and recognition, you can ‘see your way clear’ to an insightful experience.

Once having subjected yourself to the nebulous involvement, you will no longer need to refer to your actions with dread of ‘doing the wrong thing’ or suffering unnecessary hurt. You will comprehend that it is impossible to avoid anything and there is no guarantee associated with the leap into the depths of your own foreboding abyss.

The fact of the matter is that you will emerge unscathed and filled with unmistakable self-knowledge and power attached to the plummeting into the relational depths of tense despair.

By facing both the dark side and light side of your vehemently nervous fretful mind, you will be freed from the bonds of panic and contentious worry that forever plague you.

 Your undisclosed insecure personality (as revealed in the other) is laden in criticism, negativity and lack of confidence based upon the premise of unawareness.

The guilt, anxiety, and duty you have attached to personal responsibility in the outcome of the relationships are nauseating. You are not that important in the material scope of things.

Things happen as they do for reasons you have no way of comprehending or appreciating. But, because of the ill-defined sanction you have attached to self-importance, problems ensue. In other words, you luxuriate in the ‘victim role’ in the relationship realm.

When will you finally realize how the ‘ego victim drama’ of emotional superiority affects others {which is mirrored back to you} and the exaggerated lengths you go to produce the solicit effect you think you desire, you will cease to drag around its overburdened contents.

Really, the entire scenes are shown for what they are: boring childish antics. You will also come to realize how the unpleasant apprehension you exhaust is felt by everyone who comes within 15 feet of you. {No, it’s not enjoyable}

Also, your false need to ‘fix’ the relationship is so blatantly dramatically apparent that it’s almost funny if it wasn’t so sad. What can you fix? What do you think needs fixing? Who do you think needs fixing? [Red alert: sign on the wall look deeply into it] What words? “Why?”

Say the word slowly aloud facing east. What’s there? Can you see the unobvious clues facing you? Certainly not, as long as you are blinded by the betrayal of your own eyes of despair and hurt. How can you possibly hurt yourself with full conscious intent?

The irrational incident is merely a self-designed play to cure your incessant need of self-importance.

Time to heal. Steps and ladders are offered in increments IF you want to walk the plank over the barren soil of non-vested interest in order to receive the truth locked within your deepest mental caverns. What is it you really really really want more than anything else in the whole wide world? You can have it. It’s staring you smack dab in the face.

 But, you must not look to the obvious but what lies beneath. Remember: in order to discover what lies underneath, the soil must be disturbed and the plants of decay must be uprooted.

Yanked up and stripped clean of the thorns of dismay. What plants? They would be in the category of disappointment, fear of time running out before you realize your most cherished goals, and past betrayal.

 Of course, the dreaded culprit of impending loneliness provides the ongoing nurtured manure for these thriving plants. Shake loose the binding force and so shall you breathe deeply for the first time in your current involvement.

Fear of changing direction/communication (ways of doing things) without a clear cut decision-making controlled plan is another crystal clear indication of a breakthrough. Follow suit without knowing what’s to come.

No need to compare or speculate what’s better or worse. Another sign: What are you trying to avoid? Do that first! And, what are you trying to buildup as a means of security? Get simple. Shred the ribbon of pretense.

STOP all striving and competing for affection. IF you are the least bit jealous, envious, or concerned over what someone else is doing, then another round of debilitating patterns in emotional depression will be needed before you are released from your current entanglement.

 If you are trying to impress, you are in the prickly throws of Depression! Forget about it. Get back to uncomplicated, ordinary speaking as quickly as possible. Stop being so secretive. It’s making you sick.

Relationship is the domain where you ‘gag at a gnat and swallow a camel’. Stop sweating the insignificant things. Who cares how fast the race horses ran at Belmont except for the ones betting and the owners?

Get your mouth, mind, eyes, and comments out of what does not directly concern you. Let the other be. No one is keeping anything from you and there’s no way for you to know something before the exact moment you need to be aware of it. In other words, be present in this minute.

What’s going on right now? What’s the flavor sensation in your Mouth? What do you face when you turn 180 degrees to the right? “State the facts, mam; simply the facts.” Turn the radio on: What song is playing? It’s all here in the ‘ordinary events” not in the would be future. Remember : this is as good as it gets.

It is here where the outer circumstances of your life will unfold according to a very specialized and detailed ‘order of the ethers’ that you and only you called into existence. Who else on earth do you think did it? That’s you’re the real reason for your current involvement.

It’s your call: every single bit of it. Nobody’s giving you the shaft. You created the story and the characters in the exact manner in which they play their well defined roles. Stop berating their influential actions. Cease with your constant irritating interference.

Your incessant need to be heard, seen and praised for being so loving and understanding, patient and tolerant is really rather ridiculous. Give me a break! It’s your ‘soap opera’ day time affair. Do you honestly believe you do so much?

HA!!!! Think again or rewrite the script. It’s your esoteric call.

In The Twilight
In The Twilight


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