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Mythology Eternity knows not what what death nor what it beholds

Updated on July 29, 2015



Crafted by Nkosinathi 2Pistols Ncala


It is an honor to be in your presence!

Your time is of an essence a blessing.

The play we are indulging into is named Mythology.

Based in the era of 900 BC .

The chief philosopher who propagated Mythology is Homer

Amongst his greatest work is the odyssey, a beautiful piece

Of literature you should get your eyes on it.

Thales is another chief philosopher in the creation of Greek

Mythology . Thales greatest contribution to philosophy and

Humanity is his theory on the origin of life.

Being that life originates from water, precipitation takes place

Clouds form and it rains dams lakes rivers form and eventually the ocean.

Stones and rocks form eventually mountains form.

Vegetation trees plants and trees grow and natural life as we know

Know it takes form.

Mythology in accord and relation to established religions


Around 547 BC Buddha’s teachings shaped the oriental as

Well as eastern philosophy.

The four principles of Buddhism (the 4 noble path fold)

Right speech

Right thought

Right motive

Right action
in the quest to attain nirvana (enlightenment a higher level

Of consciousness.)

The Socratic Era 469-399 BC

Although no writings of Socrates survived in the modern world.

Socrates thought through a method of questioning in order

To attain a higher meaning as well as reasoning .

One of Socrates students Plato went on to start a school of philosophy

His prominent student being Aristotle, who went on to tutor Alexandra

The Great who conquered two thirds of the known world by the age of 24 .

Mohammed and Islam

Before Mohammed passed on and became a saint Islam had 100 000 thousand

Followers today there are around 1 Billion Muslims.

One million Muslims attend a yearly pilgrimage to pay homage to Allah.

The Lord Jesus Christ and Christianity 0 BC

Christianity uses parables to teach in the new testament.

Jesus walked on water.

Turned water into wine Jewish weddings used to last for a duration

Of 7 days in ancient biblical times.

Jesus took 5 loafs of bread and fed 5000 people.

Jesus took 5 fish and fed 5000 people.

Latin and Hebrew

The law of good and evil.

Used by lords emperors and kings.

The Law of Good.

As long as I have breath, all else can fail me I will have hope in GOD.

The Law of Evil.

The Authorities in power cause chaos

Introduce new diseases, famine and poverty.

When the people citizens rebel, they introduce drugs sex alcohol prostitution

Money and create jobs to sooth their souls and let the masses indulge

In temporarily pleasure .

The cycle is repeated to keep those in power in control and in demand.

The contrast with Greek Mythology and other religions

The Muslims

See the pork as being unsacred not halaal.

As the pigs spine is horizontal and it cannot look up at the sun.


Jesus cast out demons into the pigs and the pigs would lose their minds

Become possessed and run off the cliff and meet their demise.

Greek Mythology

The pig is seen as a sacred animal the mortals human beings

Would sacrifice a live pig and drink the blood in honor of the various Gods.


Is the origin of all thoughts.

The primary God of Greek Mythology. Cronos had 12 primary children

Hades being his first born son and Zeus his second born son.

When Cronos ruled there was heaven and earth.

Yet greed was born and Cronos’s children wanted to be as mighty

As their father.

Cronos was castrated and he passed on as God immortal and human being.

It is believed that Hades castrated Cronos as he was the first born son.

Hades punishment was that he could have no children.

Evil and good now co existed. There was now heaven, earth and Hades.

Zeus ruled over the heaven and all pure souls rested in heaven.

On Earth our faith and loyalty to the Gods was tested before we could enter the

Kingdom of Heaven.

Hades become the lord of the underworld all souls which hurt other souls

And were dishonest were welcome into his kingdom.

Metaphysical Poem

What are Thoughts?

Images that form in the mind

Which are a mirror image of our deepest desires.

In time thoughts transpire into our motives and actions.

The genetic make up of the soul is made up of our feelings and emotions.

Weather an individual soul is kind, loving and generous.

Else conniving calculating conspicuous or deceptive.

To please to serve to give without any expectation of a particular reward,

Calms the soul.

To believe in a higher power suffocates the ego, giving birth to pureness

In thought motive and action.

To seek the light

To seek darkness

To seek pleasure, dimes our light,

And propagates mischief.

To hate another scares our inner beauty,

With reference to magnitude to the pain felt

Due to a particular event experience or circumstance.

By Nkosinathi 2pistols Ncala

Ancient Greece

In ancient Greece when your soul had passed on they would bury you

With a coin in your mouth.

Bronze coin

Resembling that you were lazy and did not work hard for the material

Matters on earth.

Silver coin

Resembling that you were a hard worker and you accumulated a reasonable

Amount of wealth.

Gold coin

Symbolizing that you were of royalty extremely wealthy a king a ruler as

Well as a member of government .

A chariot once your soul has been separated from the body would collect your

Spirit at the valley of Hades, depending on your stature your ride to the gates of

Hades a 1000 mile journey would unfold.

You pass three streams the Sphinx.

The stream of judgment.

The stream of redemption.

Once you reach the gates of Hades and you have been forgiven for all

Your sins.

You get the honor of meeting Cerebus a three headed dog with a tail made

Of six female snakes.


The three heads stand for the following:

The head facing to the left resembles the past.

The head facing the right the thinking eye resembles the future.

The head facing you directly resembles the current the present.

The six serpents on his tale resemble patience

Thus the serpents being female

An Arabian Asian and African female serpent

Is patient and studies the energies around you before it strikes you.

Unlike the male serpent which hunts on instinct it is not as cunning

As the female serpent.

When your soul has not been deemed virtuous to go to heaven with

Zeus you soul is sent to Hades in the kingdom of Hades, even then

Your soul depending on the evil you did on earth your soul may be haunted

And doomed to roam the earth for eternity when it does not get access into the

Valley of Hades.

Once you have met Cerebus the guardian angel of the Kingdom of Hades

Then your spirit is allowed into Hades and you meet Hades.

Yet as he is Gods oldest son you get to look him in the eye yet you do not get to speak to him on your arrival and acceptance into the Kingdom of Hades.

You are assigned a home for eternity.

Without paying a bond.

This one of the legends that fascinated me on Mythology

By your mere acceptance into Hades you are assigned a home for eternity.


In the bible is described as a place where you burn for eternity.

Yet in mythology the authors go into great depth into describing the daily

Activities such as the places of tutor.

Places where water and wood are collected

And how the food is prepared on a norm.


God of the heavens and Earth when Cronos was castrated .

His primary children Hercules

The god of strength.


The goddess of love and wisdom


The goddess of Beauty

Medusa was so attractive that no man could resist her.

Her Beauty would intensify as she aged.

Zeus saw the threat of her presence that he cast her To Hades

As even he could be enticed by Medusa.

In her new role in Hades any spirit which would rise up against the demons

Medusa would be sent out to that soul and on eye contact their

Soul would turn into stone and their spirit would cease to exist

For eternity.


The god of music.

When he played music the streams would stand still.

The trees would grow leaves

And plants flowers.

Animals that were injured would be healed.

In Christianity Lucifer

Was Jehovah’s favorite angel he worshipped and composed

Music when the sun sets and the moon rises.


Distressed at the reality that there was no famine poverty and wars on Earth

He abducted Passidin’s wife and went with her in the Kingdom of Hades.

Passidin was depressed and searched all four corners of the earth for his wife.

When he was about to subdue to his distress he approached his father Zeus

And pleaded for his help.

To his avail Zeus told him that Hades abducted his wife yet he could not get

Involved as the matter was too close to home.

Yet passidin was given a 3000 mile map to the kingdom of Hades

On that day he embarked on his journey.

Upon his arrival to the kingdom of Hades

He subdued and seduced Cerebus into a deep sleep using

His musical genius thus entering Hades.

When Hades realized what had happened he told Passidin he can take his

Wife back to Earth on one condition.

If he should look back she will turn into salt and he will never see her again

In any realm of reality.

Passidin was pleased and he embarked on the journey back to earth.

As he was reaching out into the hole that leads the gods back into the earth.

He turned around to hold his wife’s hand and lead her safely into earth.

She turned into a pillar of salt he never ever saw her again and Passidin was deeply saddened.


Is when what we love has been taken away from us without our consent.

Without our acknowledgement. Enslaved by our will .

Why is it that we Cry?

Where do souls go when we Die?

When we hurt we cry!

When we laugh we are happy!

When we are in denial we lie!

When we feel lonely we feel as though we are

Surrounded by darkness .

What brings us closer to pain?

Our attraction our affection to a worldly desire

Which sets our heart on fire.

Our innocence is all we have in this world

Yet we corrupting our peace of mind daily.

Our children do not get a cognitive education

Let alone are their stomachs fed on a habitual


We seek JOY

Yet we abandon Love for Lust

Will there ever be Peace?

Composed by Nkosinathi 2pistols Ncala

Final Chapter

Democracy is failing us as South Africans although the masses believe

Democracy was born in 1994 when RSA gained independence from the apartheid government .

The origins of democracy can be traced back to 300 BC when Plato wrote his master piece the republic which stipulates what is a government.

How the government should be run and how to control please and satisfy the subjects of the government .

Here as we stand in 2013AD the republic of South Africa is still a third

World country.

We have world class facilities such as our universities private schools private hospitals Highways national roads Nature Reserves and Stadiums.

Yet too many Africans do not get a cognitive education when they matriculate let alone do the majority go to university or get a decent job that will support them and their immediate family.

There are many slums without proper sanitation and roads.

We need to search deep within and find truth for self.

Who do you believe in while you still breathing?

Do you see your dreams coming to life on a daily


Find self.

Find the Higher Spirit within you.


What came first?

The wings?

The bird?

Or the angels?

The darkness turns into light

Or the light is a shade of the darkness?

The thought?

The motive?

Or the action?

Joy comforts happiness!

Reality our Demise Destiny or Hell?

We treasure what we can not keep for eternity!

We take for granted what is ours eternally!

The attraction, the chemistry?

Which lays the NEST of LOVE?

What came first the Soul or the destiny?

Life heaven or hell?

Greed or money?

The stars or the moon?
the sky or perhaps the earth?

Was it the soil or is it the rock?

Could life exist without water?

What came first petrol or oil?

What came first dreams or reality?

Ambition and will could be cousins?

What comes first danger or the fear?

What came first?

The home love or security?

What governs what lies in our hearts pleasure or pain?

What is freedom in relation to living in a world where there is poverty?

What is the fine line between thinking the conscious and the

Subconscious mind?

We as human beings believe in God , does he believe in US?


Thank you for your time energy and presence

Nkosinathi 2pistols Ncala


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