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importance of mathematics in schools

Updated on January 15, 2016


Mathematics is a subject taught in most learning institutions and has been widely used across the globe for ages. It is defined as the science of numbers in a way that we experiment with different numbers like decimals, fractions, integers, natural and whole numbers using the four operations (+,-,x,/) to get a desired solution. The teaching and learning of mathematics is very importance and the following are the reason why it is important in schools.

1. Problem solving

Problem solving is the heart of mathematics. Therefore mathematics should be taught in schools because it develops problem-solving skills which are the ability of working through the details of the problem by discovering and analyzing to get a solution. Moreover problem-solving skills is emphasized and encouraged in the teaching and learning of mathematics has its plays in the mental development of the leaners and it equips them with different techniques of addresing an issue.

2. Creativity and Critical analysis

Mathematics is important because it stimulates creativity and encourages critical analysis in the learners (Ahmed, 1987). This enables the learners to develop the skill of modifying ideas and coming up with new inventions . In addition when learners develop good critical thinking skills they know how to separate facts from opinions and examines issues at all angles and avoids prejudice and are able to provide educational arguments.

Fosters speed and accuracy

Mathematics is important because it enhances speed and accuracy (jones, 2005). When learners are taught mathematics they develop the ability to work fast in an orderly and accurate manner example at home when cooking a meal they apply of the skill of accuracy when measuring ingredients and working at a constant and steady speed while saving time to do other things.

Confidence with numbers

Mathematics is important because it enables the student to confidently work on bigger figures and easily manipulates them. When learners understand calculations and numeracy they will know how to confidently apply the skill correctly in their everyday life situation example learners can easily apply mathematics during shopping, compare prices of things and calculate which one is more expensive especially with prices likes $65.99,$19966 found in many leading stores. It also helps them learn not to fear calculating big numbers like 12548 x 3455.8 of which they find in college and universities (Francis, 2016).

Foundation of broader mathematics concepts

Primary school mathematics develops an understanding and appreciation of the basics of mathematical concepts (Kalejaiye, 1982). It also lays a foundation for broader mathematical field like calculus, geometry and is mostly applied by people studying in the following fields actuary, computer programming, economics, statistical analysis, construction and engineering in colleges and university. Therefore it is important that learners are taught the basic level of numeracy and competence of dealing with numbers.

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Develop positive thinking and inquiry

Mathematics also serves as an ideal platform to the development of a spirit of inquiry and positive mental attitude toward achieving high goal in life. It is important that learners acquires this skills has it helps them to develop abilities to research for information related to the given question and also to find valid answers to questions. In addition mathematics also serves as an avenue to logical thinking and promotes positive thinking, which is a process by which learners who have acquired mathematical skills take conscious control over there thought in order to eliminate negative attitude.

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