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Microscopes for Science Enthusiasts

Updated on September 27, 2014

Top Rated Microscopes

I remember being thrilled when my Dad bought my first microscope for me. I was only nine years old, but I loved it! I quickly became involved in making up new slides and examining them for signs of life. I looked at rainwater, muddy water, grains of flour, ants and I even pricked my finger to take a look at blood. Biology became my favourite subject in school and from an interest in all animals it quickly turned into an obsession with a world that the naked eye cannot see. Of course biology is the study of all forms of life and a microscope is the perfect gift to get kids interested in it - or just science in general. Tactile learners need hands-on science and these are just what kids need to grasp science quickly. Having a microscope sparks interest and excitement. Have you ever thought about buying one for your child? This is your shopping guide for Top Rated Microscopes. What better educational gift than a microscope!

Image My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope

courtesy of Amazon

Under the Microscope

A Bee's Head Under the Microscope

I was fascinated by this picture of a bees head! It looks like ferns!


Top Rated Microscopes - My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope

My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope - MFL-06
My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope - MFL-06

This inexpensive starter microscope is an ideal first microscope. It comes with an extensive 50 piece accessory kit, and features 40x, 100x; 400x magnifications, real glass optics and 6 hole disk diaphragm. The dual light system is battery operated


Robert Hooke's Invention - Robert Hooke observed his "animalcules" or microbes through an early Microscope


Best Rated Microscopes - My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope

Celestron 44340 LCD Digital LDM Biological Microscope
Celestron 44340 LCD Digital LDM Biological Microscope

LCD Digital Microscope is a unique device that replaces the traditional eyepiece with a high resolution 3.5" (88mm) LCD display. This bright screen allows for clear viewing of microscopic worlds by individuals and groups alike.

The LCD Digital Microscope's three objective lenses provide 40x, 100x, and 400x optical magnification levels. This combined with 4x digital zoom allows you to view objects at up to 1600 times their original size.


Discovery of an Invisible Enemy

The invention of the microscope allowed scientists to see another world that had been previously invisible. Just as children today are fascinated to see the mini-beasts in a drop of pond water under the microscope so were the scientific men in Victorian times. When the "animalcules" became visible for the first time it ushered in the era of modern medicine. For the first time doctors could observe microbes and over time they became associated with the diseases they caused. This led to better hygiene and to new treatments for previously deadly illnesses. It was effectively the start of the modern era.

Prepared microscope slides for the beginner

My first microscope came with a collection of ready made slides. There were about half a dozen if I remember right from all that time. I found them fascinating to look at but soon wanted to make my own of course. If you buy a microscope for a young child then a collection of pre-prepared slides is a great companion gift.

Do you have a favorite top rated microscope? Do you enjoy microsopes?

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    • profile image

      JamesDWilson 5 years ago

      Well done, but Hooke didn't invent the compound microscope, though he was responsible for making it into a useful scientific instrument... go back to Wikipedia and take another look at the microscopes wiki!