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Top RV Solar Panel Kits

Updated on July 2, 2014

RV Solar Panel Kits

Have you ever thought about taking an RV vacation and just going to wherever the mood takes you? Just imagine not having to be concerned about where you're going to stop overnight or if there will be a power hookup so you can run your RV's light and appliances, watch TV or listen to some music.

Yet many RV'ers plan their journey to the last mile so they can stop off at certified camper sites along their carefully planned route. They want a vacation that speaks freedom while planning their journey in such a way that totally restricts their freedom of choice about where to go and where to stop.

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Some RV'ers have seen the light. Literally. They installed solar panel kits and enjoy absolute freedom from the need to be someplace close to a power connection. They can stop wherever they find themselves (local laws permitting, of course) and enjoy all their RV's conveniences because they are powered by their own supply of electricity that they generated with solar panels and stored in batteries.

Does this sound like a good idea to you? Well this lens takes a good look at RV solar power and brings you the why's and wherefore's as well as providing a selection of examples that you can really buy online from trusted sources like Amazon, or get great deals on items from eBay. Now that's some good ideas!

Using Solar Power for an RV

The whole concept of being able to generate your own power during the daylight hours and storing it in batteries for use when the sun goes down is one that has animated enlightened people for decades. Now that modern technology has enabled us to do this with greater efficiency in a more portable and compact package, more people than ever are turning to solar power to run their RV lights and small appliances.

It's the perfect way to transform the commonly held idea of a "free from shackles" RV vacation that still had you tied down to stopping overnight where there was a power connection to total freedom of the road. You become your own mini power station generating clean, sustainable and renewable electricity that costs nothing apart from the initial cost of buying the hardware.

Once you get your photovoltaic panels, inverter (to run standard voltage appliances) and battery to store the electricity, you have the ingredients to make your own electricity while the sun shines. You use it later when the sun goes down, taking the charge from the battery and running your electrical equipment like TV, DVD, radio, stereo and any RV kitchen appliances you need to use to prepare meals etc.

So stop dreaming of that upcoming RV vacation and having the freedom part spoiled by having to plan stopovers along the route. Start taking action and free your RV from mains power. Then your dreams of a truly free and easy vacation where you get to go to places most other folks can't go can become a reality!

Do You Have Solar Panels for Your RV?

Do You Have Solar Panels for Your RV?

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RV Solar Kits
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