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Top 10 Spider Powers

Updated on October 26, 2013

Spiders are air breathing arthropods having eight legs and chelicerae. Chelicerae are featured with fangs that commonly inject poison. They are commonly found in almost every continent and place. When it comes to diversity then they are ranked seventh, so it clearly demonstrates that one can see more than hundred species of spiders all around the world. Just like other arthropods, spiders have some special methods, known as powers, with which they catch their prey, they travel around, and they protect themselves from predators. It is good to know that different species of spiders have different powers. Today, I would like to share top 10 spider power details with you. I’m sure that this article will enhance your general knowledge regarding spider powers to a great extent. It’s time to start exploring the spider powers.

10. Ant Mimicry

When you take a look at picture, you may think that it is an ant while your guess is wrong. Ant Mimicry is specie of spider, it resembles with ant in its look and shape but it is more dangerous and clever than ant. They are known as ant mimicking spiders because they pretend themselves as ants. There are two main purposes behind this pretending. First of all, they want to catch their target “ant”; thus, they pretend as ant, while they are not. Second, they don’t want to become a victim to predators.


9. Dummy Spiders:

There are many clever spiders that can make a dummy of themselves from a lot of junks, which are hanging in their webs. They create a row of fake spiders then hide themselves in this row. The main purpose of making these dummies is to protect themselves from the predators that may find it hard to locate the real spider from a row of dummy spiders.


8. Fake Poop

There are many species of spiders that are colored. Among them, you can find Calaenia excavate that can easily disguise itself. Actually, color of spider’s body is exactly matched with that of bird poo’s. This spider looks like bird poo and most interestingly, it decorates the body with the silk spray. When a spider-eating animal looks at this fake poop, he doesn’t like to eat it. However, flies often get attracted toward such fake poop and they easily get trapped.


7. Colonial Super Webs

Some social spiders leave in the colony; they catch prey together with other members of colony and enjoy meal together. They make web down and when insects get caught in the web, they come down and eat their targets. Eduador’s Theridion nigroannulatum is one of these social spiders that make web at downside while hanging up. When large insect entangle into this web, many spiders come down and wrap their target in silk.


6. Hang Gliders

Small spiders can often travel for hundred of miles by producing gossamer, special kind of silk and the whole process is known as ballooning. Actually, this silk suspends in the air and makes a parachute of triangle shape. This parachute remains suspended in the air for many weeks. Small spiders normally use this process for traveling to distant places in a short time.


5. Hand-held mini webs

There is specie of spider with net casting powers and it belongs to order Deinopidea. The Spiders that belongs to this order often make small and fuzzy web between their front legs while hanging upside down. They make this hand-held web for easily eating their meal. They can entangle a big and powerful insect by using little silk


4. False Advertising

The spiders that live in the garden often create webs having thick silk pattern in the center. This center web’s silk is reflective to ultraviolet rays of sun, so when this reflection occurs, this pattern of webs looks similar to flower pattern. When insect pollinators look at this web they think it is a flower, so they get entangled through this false advertisement.

3. Fatal Attraction

It is interesting to know that some spiders such as Mastophorea often make a surprising use of their silk. They produce thick, shiny and round glob of glue on fishing line. They try to attract males, of a different moth species, that come to see a lady-moth. This glue seems similar to lady-moth body, so they get attracted and get caught in the web of spiders.


2. Scuba Tanks

Argyroneta Aquatica is among those species of water spiders, which are well known as diving bell spiders. Actually, females of these species make diving well webs having air inside. They use this bell style webs for catching and digesting prey. In addition, they raise their offspring in these bells.


1. Web shooters

Generally, all spiders produce silk. However, there are some spitting spiders that can produce additional silk from their extra silk glands found near their mouth parts. When these spiders see insect, they spray twin layers of silks from their mouth and these layers have poison. In this way, they create fatal and poisonous web for their prey.

spider that shoots web
spider that shoots web | Source


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    • majida123 profile image

      Majida Liaqat 4 years ago from Pakistan

      I wish I could hang in the air just like a spider sometimes. :)


    • majida123 profile image

      Majida Liaqat 4 years ago from Pakistan

      Thank you for your comment. I am glad you liked my post, I am researching on some human-friendly species of spiders these days and I'll definitely put some good troves of information together for my new hub. It's kind of very natural for human to yell or scream upon seeing a spider lurking in or near home but there is nothing to be afraid of them. These little creations are not always harmful though they are considered nasty, I believe they have all the rights to live freely just like humans, so when I find a little spider anywhere in my room or in kitchen, I don't kill it or smash it at all.

      Thank you for reading my hub once again.

    • profile image

      R.E.Leadbitter 4 years ago

      Eight legged wonders

    • J.S.Matthew profile image

      JS Matthew 4 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      This was really interesting and I learned a lot from this. I am not a big fan of spiders but I do know that they are important in controlling bug populations so I never kill them and I welcome them into my garden! Great Hub. Voted up and sharing. Welcome to HubPages! You now have a new follower!